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9 Months of Fun with SharePoint in Azure and Office 365

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My whirlwind experience migrating SharePoint for a customer with no it department into the cloud.

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9 Months of Fun with SharePoint in Azure and Office 365

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  2. 2. My Background • 18+ Years in Technology • Today: Office Servers & Services (Office 365) MVP and Independent Consultant • Previously: 12 Years Developing Software, IT Infrastructure Projects, Workflows, & Other Related Topics • B.Sc. in Comp. Sci. from the University of Victoria (BC, Canada) My Social Channels Blog: itgroove.net/mmman / Twitter: @MMMan_Colin
  3. 3. • I spent 9 10 months working on a SharePoint migration project • Migrated SharePoint sites from parent company to divested child company • Sites were destined for both SharePoint on premise (living in Azure) and SharePoint Online (Office 365) Or, more simply put… ** Lessons Learned **
  4. 4. • Major Pharmaceutical company • New spin-off company (We’ll call them “New Org”) • rhipe Solutions (the company I did this work through) • Several Other Contractors
  5. 5. • New York, NY, USA (rhipe Solutions office) • “Beautiful” Parsippany, New Jersey, USA • Parsippany has a lot of pharmaceutical companies located within and around it
  6. 6. • Migrate SharePoint 2010 & 2013 sites to SharePoint 2016 & SharePoint Online • No “on premise” IT (no server room) • A few parallel projects
  7. 7. • Originally just a 4 week contract (July, 2016) • Turned into a 10 month project (July 2016 – May 2017) (question asked by the wife often)
  8. 8. • New Org was able to utilise the parent company’s IT resources for a temporary period (ending EOY2017) • New Org needed to establish all their own IT services and applications before the above deadline • Office 365, Azure, as well as SharePoint all fell within the above parameters • Personally Identifiable Information needed to remain “on premise” (not under someone else’s control) • Complex workflows & custom applications also needed to remain “on premise”
  9. 9. • Setup Production farms and import DB extracts from parent company directly into Production • Maybe push some content into Office 365 (using a tool?) • Original design called for ~12 farms & ~46 servers to control ~100GB of anticipated content
  10. 10. • After test content was provided, adjusted expected size became at least ½ Terabyte of data • Introduced a Staging farm • Used Metalogix Content Matrix to move content to SharePoint Online and Production farms • This approach allowed us to move ~80% of all content into Office 365, and only required us to keep a minimal amount of data on premise
  11. 11. • Migration of data only – No Intranet • Branding (both on premise and SPO in Office 365)
  12. 12. • Parent company • A lot of politics & opinions led to some bad decisions • Trying to be helpful and friendly can backfire • Lack of knowledgeable IT staff caused major delays
  13. 13. • Could not have direct access to the source SharePoint sites / content • Getting details about the source SharePoint farms was next to impossible • Access to knowledgeable staff in regards to the custom applications was also exceedingly difficult
  14. 14. • Not all staff were cut over to New Org’s new devices • As such, we required a temporary Azure Application Gateway to expose on premise SharePoint to those individuals who did not yet have a New Org device (laptop) • Managed Metadata had to be removed in order to prevent files from being checked out to the migration account on the target
  15. 15. • Things for the most part actually went really well • Staging farm approach worked awesome • A solid QA team really helped mitigate issues • Permissions were a challenge, because of the approach • The custom solutions were more challenging than anticipated • Final numbers were in the ¾ - 1 Terabyte of data range
  16. 16. • Nintex had several issues • Not enough testing of custom apps prior to migration • Long window of downtime
  17. 17. • Not all tools are created equal • InfoPath is no longer Office 365 friendly (new sites) • Azure based server builds should be scripted
  18. 18. • Small Team = Good at most times, less good at others • Development Migration Requires Special Skills • You can’t fix stupid / inexperience (in a single project)
  19. 19. • As my contract came to an end, there were some remaining open items • All remaining items were passed over to a pair of colleagues
  20. 20. http://itgroove.net/mmman
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