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Things to Do in Miami on a Short Weekend

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The amount of days you spend in Miami does not have to influence whether you indulge in the culture. Even for those visiting on short weekends, Miami has something for everyone.

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Things to Do in Miami on a Short Weekend

  2. 2. D R C O L I N K N I G H T . O R G MIAMI HAS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE It's no wonder that the beautiful city of Miami sees more than 10 million visitors per year. The weather is sultry, the water is inviting, and there's a lot to do. Miami offers a variety of sports, unique flora and fauna, the symphony and ballet, art shows, sexy nightlife, and incredible food. Even if one heads there on a short weekend, there is something for everyone in Miami.
  3. 3. D R C O L I N K N I G H T . O R G THE MAGIC CITY The Magic City extends a warm welcome to all, and its multiculturalism has become more abundant beyond the southernmost tip of Miami Beach. These days, Miami's rich fabric has unfurled across the neighborhoods where nightlife meets art galleries, shopping galore, trendy restaurants and more. Little Haiti and Little Havana now share the urban spotlight with Little Venezuela and Little Moscow, and Miami is booming across Biscayne Bay.
  4. 4. THE ART SCENE D R C O L I N K N I G H T . O R G The city has developed quite the art scene with notable museums to its credit. Two of their newest spots include the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami and the de la Cruz Collection. Contemporary art is displayed at de la Cruz and features works by Isa Genzken, Christopher Wool and Felix Gonzalez-Torres.
  5. 5. D R C O L I N K N I G H T . O R G CONTEMPORARY ART The Institute of Contemporary Art promotes an energetic calendar of exhibitions and programs of the most innovative contemporary art available.
  6. 6. D R C O L I N K N I G H T . O R G VACATION DESTINATIONS Another stop to make includes Miami Beach's Stiltsville Fish Bar in the Sunset Harbor neighborhood. It's a local favorite offering a laid-back attitude with quality seafood and Key West inspired drinks. The bar scene is a blast and can fit any budget. If chic $20 cocktails are in mind, the Delano Hotel's Rose Bar does it best, but when a famous dive bar will only do, Mac's Club Deuce is it.
  7. 7. D R C O L I N K N I G H T . O R G HEADED TO THE BEACH? Long stretches of white sand await at Ocean Drive from 5th to 15th Street. It's recommended to nail a blanket spot by 10 AM before the crowd starts filling in. For a more secluded seaside atmosphere, one can head north. There is also a beautiful boardwalk that extends up to 46th Street.
  8. 8. MISCELLANEOUS DESTINATIONS D R C O L I N K N I G H T . O R G The Little Havana neighborhood caters to good reads with two specialty bookstores, Libreri Mapou, and Exile Books. For exotic Greek/Turkish food and a romantic nightcap, the backyard patio under the stars at Mandolin Aegean Bistro is a must-see.
  9. 9. D R C O L I N K N I G H T . O R G THANK YOU! Presented by Dr. Colin Knight