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Customize and control connected devices

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"Customize and control connected devices" by Mirco Vanini
Avere una casa piena di serrature, luci, elettrodomestici e termostati in grado di comunicare tra loro e il cloud è fondamentale per ottenere valore dai dati acquisti. Sorge però un problema: a meno che tutti i device/sensori/gateway provengono dalla stessa società non è possibile farli parlare tra loro. AllJoyn è un framework open source che abilita l'interoperabilità tra dispositivi e applicazioni indipendentemente dal loro brand, categoria, trasporto, sistema operativo e senza la necessità del cloud. In questa sessione verranno illustrati i concetti fondamentali e la loro implementazione.

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Customize and control connected devices

  1. 1. Cutomize and Control Connected Devices Mirco Vanini ROME 18-19 MARCH 2016
  2. 2. Agenda • AllSeen and AllJoyn • AllJoyn Platforms and APIs • AllJoyn in Windows 10 • Building an AllJoyn Device & App for Windows 10
  3. 3. IoT Barrier: Proprietary Solutions IHV Transport ISV Schema OS API Closed System
  4. 4. AllSeen and AllJoyn AllJoyn is an open source communication framework that enables IoT device and app interoperability. The AllSeen Alliance is a non-profit consortium that oversees AllJoyn. Stated focus is to enable the “Internet of Everything”. The AllSeen Alliance is a cross-platform Linux Foundation Collaborative Project.
  5. 5. The innovative companies that support AllJoyn Premier Members https://allseenalliance.org/alliance/members
  6. 6. AllJoyn Enables IoT Device Interoperability
  7. 7. AllJoyn overview AllJoyn is an open sourced framework to enable proximity based peer to peer mobile networking. It provides an abstraction layer with a clean API to the underlying networks stacks (wireless, bluetooth) which is relatively easy to extend with new network implementations. AllJoyn provides service advertisement and discovery abstraction, as well as various application to application security mechanisms and a Remote Method Invocation abstraction.
  8. 8. AllJoyn Platforms and APIs
  9. 9. AllJoyn Platforms & Languages Bindings (15.04 Release)
  10. 10. AllJoyn Common Service Frameworks Send and receive device notifications Get devices onto wireless networks Manage and configure devices Discovery and app/device metadata
  11. 11. AllJoyn Software Roles Consumer (client) Discovers and connects to one or more producers. Controls thing and consumes data from thing. Producer (server)
  12. 12. AllJoyn Architecture The AllJoyn framework establishes a standard by which devices and apps can advertise and discover each other. AllJoyn devices describe their capabilities via service interfaces on a virtual bus. Routing Nodes (RN) - Also referred to as “Routers”, they can talk to any node. Leaf Nodes (LN) - Also referred to as “Applications”, they can talk to routing nodes or other leaf nodes via routing nodes
  13. 13. AllJoyn Architecture
  14. 14. AllJoyn in Windows 10 Optimized performance, full integration Reduced code size, integrated with Windows SDK Seamless AllJoyn device and app development Servicing, reduced code size C and UWP Samples
  15. 15. AllJoyn UWP App Development • Install Windows 10 and SDK/Tools • Identify and/or Define AllJoyn interfaces • Generate code • Implement and hook up AllJoyn functionality • Build for targets • Test and Certify
  16. 16. Windows.Devices.AllJoyn Overview
  17. 17. AllJoyn UWP Code Generator Consumer and Watcher Code (*.cpp, *.h) Producer Code (*.cpp, *.h)
  18. 18. Device System Bridge (DSB) Framework
  19. 19. Demo
  20. 20. Links • AllJoyn® Framework • Windows 10 IoT Core – AllJoyn • AllJoyn Explorer • Channel 9: Building AllJoyn Apps on Windows 10 (MSDN) • AllJoyn® Studio • Using the AllJoyn ® Studio Extension • AllJoyn Device System Bridge Template • Mapping Bridge Interface Objects to Alljoyn • Introspection Data Format
  21. 21. Thanks! ROME 18-19 MARCH 2016 Mirco Vanini Microsoft® MVP Windows Hardware Engineering (IoT, Mobile, and Desktop) @MircoVanini info@proxsoft.it www.proxsoft.it All pictures belong to their respective authors