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Harnessing the Power of Managed Kubernetes Services - Manoj Ganapathi - CodeOps - CC18

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This presentation was made as part of Container Conference 2018 by Manoj Ganapathi, Chief Architect, CodeOps Technologies. www.containerconf.in

"It is a very exciting time for developers building containerized applications. In the recent months, several Cloud providers are offering a managed offering for Kubernetes. It is a service that completely takes away the headache of installing, managing and upgrading Kubernetes clusters, while still supporting upstream portability. This session talks about what the service offering is and what are key takeaways for developers building Microservices. Using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) as an example, a end-to-end CI-CD demo will be shown covering Kubernetes deployments, Container registries and more."

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Harnessing the Power of Managed Kubernetes Services - Manoj Ganapathi - CodeOps - CC18

  1. 1. Harnessing the power of Managed Kubernetes Services MANOJ GANAPATHI, CHIEF ARCHITECT, CODEOPS TECHNOLOGIES
  2. 2. What we hear? u Not everyone is starting Cloud-Native, many shops are retrofitting existing apps into Containers and Microservices u DevOps is driving container adoption, K8s is the defacto orchestrator u Kubernetes is great, but is daunting to setup and manage “It would be great to focus on our Microservices, leverage Kubernetes for orchestration, and yet not worry much about things like KubeAdm, Master node HA, etc.”
  3. 3. AKS – Managed Kubernetes on Azure u Azure hosted and managed control plane u Optimized for Azure – integrates seamless with services like load balancer, premium storage etc. u Pay only for agent pool resource consumption, control pane is free u Automated upgrades, self-healing and scaling u Ease in Kubernetes management, best practices built in u SLA of 99.5% availability u Upstream Kubernetes portability Ref: Kubernetes-Getting Started with Azure Container Service AKS - Janakiraman MSV
  4. 4. Demo AKS in action
  5. 5. Questions?
  6. 6. Feel free to connect: @manojgr manoj@codeops.tech https://www.linkedin.com/in/manojg/