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Coaltrans East Asia Networking Forum

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Coaltrans East Asia Networking Forum

  1. 1. Hear from Akira Yasui Director, Coal Division, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Government of Japan Kentaro Doi Director, Low-carbon Society Promotion Office, Global Environment Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan Yuji Kakimi Senior Managing Executive Officer, Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. Hiroyasu Mizukami General Manager, Fuel Department, Hokuriku Electric Power Company Takashi Aramaki, Assistant General Manger, Coal & Fuel Purchasing Section, Kobe Steel, Ltd. Register by 9 August 2013 and save $150 Simultaneous translation provided in English and Japanese Platinum Sponsors Silver Sponsor Gold Sponsors Bronze Sponsor Mechel Carbon www.coaltrans.com/eastasiacoaltrans@euromoneyplc.com +852 2912 8038 25-26 September 2013 | Hilton Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan Join us in Tokyo to: • Participateinaseries of interactive round tables offeringtopical discussions andthechancetoshare your knowledge and experience • Developaclearunderstandingoftheeconomic position of Japan and South Koreaandwhatthismeansforthe countries'coal demand in 2013 and 2014 • Determinehow indices and futures marketshavethepotentialtoalter the procurement strategiesofthe EastAsiancoalbuyers • Debatetheexact specifications of coalsthattheregionpreferstopurchaseandhowthesuccessful introduction of blending technologiescanenablegreater diversification in suppliers
  2. 2. 2 About the Organisers Coaltrans Conferences organises large-scale international coal conferences, which attract delegates from all over the world. It also runs focused regional events, exhibitions, field trips and training courses. It has a reputation for employing the highest organisational standards. In 2013, Coaltrans is running events in Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Germany, India , Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Mozambique, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, UK, Ukraine and USA. For more information please visit www.coaltrans.com. Connecting the coal buyers with the c Coaltrans Conferences is delighted to announce the launch of the Coaltrans East Asia Networking Forum in Tokyo. The above figures demonstrate just how critical the region of East Asia, and most significantly Japan and South Korea, is in the global coal industry as well as highlighting the evolving development of spot trades within this region. The development of energy policy and the role of coal in both Japan and South Korea is becoming increasingly critical with both countries so heavily dependent on coal at the moment. The Coaltrans East Asia Networking Forum will combine a focus on how the traditional coal markets of Japan and South Korea are evolving and the launch of a new conference format that adds even greater emphasis to interaction and developing new business contacts by way of a series of round table discussions. Take advantage of this opportunity to visit your long standing customers and hear how their coal procurement strategies are shaping up for the final quarter of 2013, or alternatively introduce yourself to these large scale coal buyers as they look to diversify their range of suppliers. Source: *1 Howe Robinson Research *2 The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan *3 Korea International Trade Association (KITA) 1,085 Mt *1 Quantity of coal traded on the global seaborne market in 2012 Quantity of coal imported by Japan in 2012185 Mt *2 *3 Quantity of coal imported by South Korea in 2012 125.5 Mt *2 Number of FOB RB contracts into Japan from January to March 2013 51 *2 Number of actual spot trades for Newcastle into Japan from January to March 2013 54
  3. 3. 200 Historical steam and coking coal* consumption by Japan *National classification methodologies are reconciled by the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan Source IEA: Coal information 2013. © OECD/IEA 2013 Coking coal production Coking coal Steam coal production Steam coal 1978 1980 1982 1984 1986 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012E 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Get involved! Hear from Akira Yasui Director, Coal Division, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Government of Japan Kentaro Doi Director, Low-carbon Society Promotion Office, Global Environment Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan Yuji Kakimi Senior Managing Executive Officer, Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. Hiroyasu Mizukami General Manager, Fuel Department, Hokuriku Electric Power Company Takashi Aramaki, Assistant General Manger, Coal Fuel Purchasing Section, Kobe Steel, Ltd. 3 Register by 9 August 2013 and save $150 Simultaneous translation provided in English and Japanese Why attend the Coaltrans East Asia Networking Forum?Critical Government and industry keynotes Providing the future outlook for coal demand throughout Japan and South Korea Extensive networking opportunities One networking evening reception at Gonpachi, two networking lunches including a beer and sake bar, four networking refreshment breaks plus an array of hospitality suites ensuring you plenty of time to cement existing relationships and create new ones. A new conference format Benefit from this opportunity to shape the discussion and develop contacts with key decision makers Confirmed attendance from the following end users Chubu Electric Power Co., Ltd, Hokuriku Electric Power Co., Hyundai Steel, Kansai Electric Power Company, Kobe Steel, Ltd., Nisshin Steel Corporation plus many more Like us on Facebook Join our Linked In group www.facebook.com/coaltrans Coaltrans Conferences Community Follow us on Twitter @CoaltransEvents coal producers
  4. 4. CONFERENCEAGENDA 4 Register by 9 August 2013 and save $150 Day One – Wednesday 25 September 2013 08:00 Registration coffee 09:15 Welcome opening remarks Henry Hely Hutchinson, Managing Director, Coaltrans Conferences Ltd 09:15 – 10:30 GOVERNMENT KEYNOTES 09:20 Chair’s opening remarks 09:25 The role for coal in Japan’s energy policy • Energy policy and energy security issues • Coal as a key part of Japan’s energy mix • Environmental issues Akira Yasui, Director, Coal Division, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Government of Japan 09:50 Japan’s climate change policies and its relation to the use of coal for electricity generation • The process of formulating the plans for Japan’s GHG emission reduction. • Technologies and systems to mitigate the impact of coal-fired power plants Kentaro Doi, Director, Low-carbon Society Promotion Office, Global Environment Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan 10:15 Questions and discussion 10:30 Networking refreshment break 11:00 – 12:45 SETTING THE SCENE DISCUSSION TABLES Pick your preferred topics of discussion – Inform us of your choice on page 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 The tables will be a combination of discussion and networking. Each of the industry specialists leading the discussion tables will present a 10 minute presentation before opening the tables into discussion. Half an hour will be allocated for delegates to remain at an individual table before the delegates will rotate and will be invited to attend a different table. In this opening session of discussion tables, the focus will be on the broader topics that cover the coal industry as a whole in East Asia, from supply and demand to the latest logistics developments. The best of both – Incorporating the new Asian paper markets into traditional fuel • Strategies for becoming comfortable with derivative markets • Managing the risk of entering the indices market • Opportunities to reduce exposure through greater diversity of contracts • Financial instruments currently available and suited to the coal market • Outlook on the preferred hedging options for the coal market Chair: Jon Cameron, Managing Director, RWE Supply Trading Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd New players supplying coal to the Asian market • USA, Russia and South Africa – Key features that make them favourable to the Asian market • Role of freight in introducing new coals to the blend • Canada’s advantages and disadvantages based on the lower tax regime and royalty system • Mozambique’s position as a future supplier • Russia and US as swing suppliers – How to become comfortable with the logistical distances that have to be covered • Analysis of coals that offer short term solutions versus those that require longer term relationships • New coal basins in established markets – The updates • Opportunities for Canada to take a greater presence in the Asian market Exploring the expansion of the Panama canal and how this will change trade routes • What will the actual costs be? • Which coal producers and markets are best positioned to take advantage of the expansion of the Panama Canal? • Insight into the Colombian market and how the Panama Canal can be successfully used when sourcing coal from this country Making a sound investment into an international coal asset • Key markets to consider when wishing to invest in a coal market • Significance of understanding the regulatory market • Role of coal supply and demand dynamics when deciding the appropriate time to invest in a project • Preparing for fluctuations in coal price when developing a new coal project • Knowledge of local business practice and how critical this is to developing a successful project • Demand for investment in the coal sector Infrastructure developments in key supplier markets • Westshore Terminal – Business as usual? • Vladivostock – What can this offer the East Asian market? • Abbots Point – How would the development of this port impact the cost of Australian coals? • Moatize project – What is the timeline for completing the full infrastructure plan Chair: Oliver Ramsbottom, Partner, McKinsey Company Coal versus gas • What impact is US shale gas having on US thermal coal and the Asian seaborne market? • Could Asia soon experience its own shale-gas revolution? • How much LNG capacity is expected to be added in key coal consuming countries? • What do the underlying economics reveal? Chair: Karim Awad, Freelance Consultant The role of indices and futures markets – Moving to a derivative market • Current role of spot tenders in this market – Are they expected to increase in the foreseeable future? • Demand for greater transparency in the existing indices • Role of financial players within the evolving market – Timeline for seeing greater use of futures markets • Position of coal markets if they were freely traded alongside oil and gas • Significance of Government in pricing end products – What restrictions does this impose on coal buyers? Chair: Ola Strand Andersen, Managing Director, Marex Spectron Asia Pte Ltd. Selling coal into Japan – Understanding the business model • Significance of security and guarantees when operating in Japan • Establishing your presence in the Japanese market – Key factors that the Japanese are looking for in a supplier • Financial factors to take into account when securing financing for a Japanese deal • Strategies for ensuring productive relationships in Japan Chair: Oliver Mauss, Managing Director, Asia Resource Partners “Always a valuable source of information” – A.H Osman, PT Carsurin No journalists allowed
  5. 5. CONFERENCEAGENDA 5www.coaltrans.com/eastasia Sponsored by 12:45 Networking lunch sponsored by Including charity auction and 'Donate to drink' beer and sake bar 14:30 – 15:30 CONCLUSIONS FROM THE MORNING DISCUSSION TABLES To summarise the morning's presentations and discussions, this session will include an international keynote on the supply and demand dynamics throughout the Pacific region and brief presentations from each of the moderators of the discussion tables which draw on the key factors to have been raised throughout the morning's discussions. 14:30 Supply and demand in the Pacific region • Overview of seaborne coal trade in the Pacific region – Who is supplying what quantities? • Analysis of the impact of higher costs and tougher regulations on existing suppliers – Focus on Australia • High utilisation in the East Asian market – Ensuring the market is able to continue providing the necessary support • Factors driving high production costs in Australia – Are they expected to be a long term trend? • Increase in labour conflicts around the world – How is this impacting supply? Neil Dhar, Co-Head, Hard Commodities, Noble Group Limited 14:50 Key points raised during discussion tables To be presented by the discussion table chairs 15:30 Networking refreshment break 16:00 Trading the physical coal markets – A globalCOAL workshop • This workshop is a hands-on opportunity to get comfortable with screen trading physical coal markets • Working in small groups, you will be given a number of real-life scenarios and objectives • Using a simulated trading environment, define strategies to deliver the optimum outcome • Supported and facilitated by globalCOAL experts Spaces available on first-come, first-served basis – Contact Louisa Pratt at lpratt@euromoneyplc.com to register your interest 19:00 Networking evening reception Join us at the evening reception that will be held at Gonpachi, a traditional country warehouse that first gained fame as the inspiration for the set of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Kill Bill’ movie. The evening will offer a taste of Japanese entertainment as well as extensive networking opportunities. Transport will be provided from the hotel to the venue. Day Two – Thursday 26 September 2013 10:00 Welcome and opening remarks Louisa Pratt, Conference Manager, Coaltrans Conferences Ltd 10:05 – 11:30 INDUSTRY KEYNOTES 10:05 Chair’s opening remarks Jim Nicholson, Vice President Asia, Argus Media Ltd 10:10 Continuing to meet Japan’s energy needs • Managing the energy mix • Opportunities to diversify coal sources and managing the qualities accordingly • Industry perspective – Perceived future for thermal coal demand in Japan Yuji Kakimi, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. 10:30 The future development of JPUs • Maintain competitiveness • What are the challenges to stable and economical procurement? • Situations of exporting countries • Domestic regulations (environmental regulations, tax, etc.) Hiroyasu Mizukami, General Manager, Fuel Department, Hokuriku Electric Power Company 10:50 Development of anticipated thermal coal market: Commitment and liquidity • Beginning of Asia/Pacific thermal coal market with commitment • Expansion of Asia/Pacific thermal coal demand (Change in quality requirement contract type etc) • Japan premium corresponding to brand coal with specific quality • Balancing commitment and liquidity: Overcoming quality restriction • Creation of new index at discharge port to expand liquidity (ex. CIF Japan) Atsushi Yoshida, Director of Energy Business Department, J-Power. 11:10 Procuring coking coals for a Japanese steel mill (JSM) – Addressing the challenges • Outlook for steel demand in Japan in 2013/2014 • Developing procurement strategies to maintain the competitiveness of a JSM • Potential for diversifying coal sources – What are the preferred options? Takashi Aramaki, Assistant General Manger, Coal Fuel Purchasing Section, Raw Materials Purchasing Department, Iron Steel Business Unit, Kobe Steel, Ltd. 11:30 Networking refreshment break Supporters Genuine networking platform for stakeholders of the coal industry. – Tejas Rao, Devendran Coal International (P) Ltd –16:45
  6. 6. CONFERENCEAGENDA 6 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 As we enter the second round of discussion tables, the focus will become more technical with the tables divided up into the challenges and issues facing the thermal coal markets and the metallurgical coal markets. The format of the session will remain the same as Day One. Influence of China’s coal market on the East Asian region • Change in China’s pricing structure • Current position of China’s coal markets and analysis of the strength of demand • Significance of China’s utilisation rates and logistics restraints on the international coal markets • Health and safety issues – How they are changing the way the Chinese coal market works • Factors that draw Chinese buyers to the international seaborne market Chair: Ian Roper, Commodities Strategist, CLSA Asia Pacific Markets* Thermal coal Coal qualities – Managing ash content, NOx, SOx and selenium • Presentation of where the preferred qualities of coals exist • Potential to reduce restrictions on nitrogen and selenium – How can this be achieved? • Handling ash appropriately • Taking into account existing penalties when sourcing coals – Treating coal versus buying alternative coals • Japan’s focus on qualities compared to the Chinese and Indian markets – What does this mean regarding availability of coals? • Significance of handling when selecting coals? • Quality and quantity – Understanding the relationship • Correlation of coals and indices – Getting the classification correct • Korea’s and Japan’s focus on bituminous coals – Where does Indonesia fit? • Specifics of what is required by Japanese and Korean cement producers Chair: John Rennie, Head of Trading, Chubu Energy Trading Singapore Pte Ltd Coal blending – Finally driven by economics, using long proven systems and technology • Availability and rise of off spec (LCV or high sulphur or high ash) coals - The new low cost coal basin • Managing the blend to improve efficiency and add value • Case study on how to incorporate off spec coals into the blends successfully • Technical, management or mind set constraints? Different impact depending on where/how blending is done • What can be done at the mine, at the port and with the buyer? Chair: Philip Gasteen, Head of Marketing, Sales and Logistics, Banpu Public Company Limited Indonesian coal – Regulations, outlook for export prices, domestic future consumption • How will domestic demand for coal within Indonesia impact exports from the country in the future? • Domestic experience of using Indonesian coals • Understanding the regulatory environment in Indonesia and its impact on coal exports from the country Chair: Haydn Dare, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP 13:30 Networking lunch sponsored by Including announcement of charity auction results and 'Donate to drink' beer and sake bar 14:30 – 15:30 CONCLUSIONS FROM THE MORNING DISCUSSION TABLES In the same format as Session 3, this session will provide an insight into the key themes and issues to have been raised throughout the discussion tables during the morning. Each of the chairs will be invited to summarise the discussions and present the principle messages to take away. This is to ensure the delegates are able to take advantage of significant comments to have come out of all the different discussions that they have not been able to participate in. 15:30 Closing remarks 15:35 Close of conference Potential changes to East Asia’s energy market • East Asia’s energy policy – Putting coal into context • Nuclear energy throughout the region – What is the outlook? • Potential for development of renewable energy – Example of Japan’s FIT programme • Overcoming the rising LNG prices in this region Chair: Anindya Bhattacharya, Energy Economist Working with boiler technologies to best manage efficient coal procurement • Opportunities to increase boiler capacity – What does this mean for the quality of coals that must be sourced? • Potential to improve the efficiencies of boilers – What are the costs and how effective are the most common technologies currently in the market? • Developing bed technologies of CFB boilers – How does this impact the combustion rates? • Latest drying technologies that allow the use of high moisture coals within the blend • New technologies that are enabling removal of NOx and SOx from the flues Metallurgical coal International demand for steel – Where is the growth? • Analysing the Japanese stimulus package and the expected infrastructure developments • Which key markets need to increase their steel production to meet their demand? • Domestic market versus international market for the Japanese and Korean steel producers – Overcoming the competition • Adapting the size of the blast furnace – What does this mean for steel production and raw material procurement? • Potential for Japanese steel mills to invest in the international markets to expand their presence Producing steel cost competitively – Managing the sourcing of metallurgical coal and iron ore • Contrast and correlation between the metallurgical coal and iron ore markets • Supply and demand outlook for the respective products • Development of pricing structure associated with these markets • Timeline for the creation of a paper market associated with iron ore and coking coal Chair: Matt Latimore, Managing Director, M Resources Pty Ltd* Value optimisation – How can this be achieved based on the coals currently available in the market? • Incorporating more semi-soft coking coal, PCI, anthracite and pet coke into the blend – How can this be achieved successfully? • PCI and its value – How to increase the injection rates • Competing with China as they see greater value in increasing PCI rates • Finding the right coking coals to get the best coke strength after reaction (CSR) Chair: Benedikt Sobotka, Director, Bryanston Resources Ltd *Subject to final confirmation 12:00 – 13:30 THERMAL COAL AND METALLURGICAL COAL DISCUSSION TABLES Pick your preferred topics of discussion – Inform us of your choice on page 10 No journalists allowed Source IEA: Medium-Term Coal Market Report 2012. © OECD/IEA 2013 “Coaltrans provides an excellent opportunity to share the views concerns of the coal industry in an interactive environment.” – S.K. Gujrania, NTPC Ltd.
  7. 7. 7 Sponsorship Hospitality Opportunities Join us and... • Showcase your products, services and achievements to end users • Generate new sales in a critical coal buying region • Strengthen your position in the Japanese and Korean markets • Feature alongside leading global coal producers • Network with the industry decision makers Benefits include: • Receive the delegate list one month prior to the event, ahead of the delegates • An array of complimentary passes included within your package • Logo visibility and brand exposure on the main stage, the backdrop for all conference sessions • Promotional corporate literature inserted into every delegate bag • Your contact details included in the conference documentation ensuring that delegates can reach you • Feature on the conference website, with a hyperlink to your corporate homepage and company description Join us as a sponsor at this novel event uniting producers and end-users! Contact Details For further information and to receive a detailed sponsorship or hospitality suite prospectus, please contact Hannah Lockwood, Commercial General Manager on hlockwood@euromoneyplc.com or on +44 (0) 20 7779 8185. Taking a hospitality suite ensures you have a private space to conduct your meetings and continue to enhance and develop business relationships. The price includes tea, coffee and water throughout the day plus logo exposure in the conference booklet and on directional signage. Packages can be designed for any aim, objective or budget! A limited number of suites are available Host private meetings in a professional and confidential manner ensuring delegates know where to find you!
  8. 8. $200 DISCOUNT £$400 DISCOUNT COALTRANS EAST ASIA NETWORKING FORUM 25 – 26 September 2013, Hilton Tokyo, Japan please quote this reference The easiest way to register is online at www.coaltrans.com/eastasia COAL PRODUCERS AND TRADERS: EARLY BIRD FEE $1,649 (by 9 August 2013) - STANDARD FEE $1,799 (after 9 August 2013) SERVICE PROVIDERS: EARLY BIRD FEE $1,749 (by 9 August 2013) - STANDARD FEE $1,999 (after 9 August 2013) IT IS IMPORTANT TO FILL OUT ALL THE INFORMATION BELOW Please add the number of the respective tables that you would be most interested in participating in. Select two per day. Please photocopy this form for multiple bookings 1st Delegate details Mr/Mrs/Ms _______ First name _ _____________________________________________ Surname _________________________________________________________________ Job title __________________________________________________________________ Tel _______________________________________Fax ____________________________ Email_ ___________________________________________________________________ Confirmation will only be sent to the e-mail address provided above 2nd Delegate details Mr/Mrs/Ms_______ First name _______________________________________________ Surname _________________________________________________________________ Job title___________________________________________________________________ Tel_______________________________________Fax ____________________________ Email_ ___________________________________________________________________ Confirmation will only be sent to the e-mail address provided above 3rd Delegate details Mr/Mrs/Ms_______ First name_______________________________________________ Surname_ ________________________________________________________________ Job title___________________________________________________________________ Tel_______________________________________Fax_____________________________ Email_ ___________________________________________________________________ Confirmation will only be sent to the e-mail address provided above BY COMPLETING THE DETAILS BELOW YOU ARE AGREEING TO OUR CANCELLATION TERMS AND CONDITIONS* CONFERENCE FEE PAYMENT All payments must be received by 18 September 2013, unless registering online at www.coaltrans.com/eastasia CANCELLATIONS Conference fees: By completing this registration form, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions whereby you are liable for the full conference fees. All cancellations must be received in writing by 23 August 2013 for a full refund, less a 10% administration charge. We cannot accept verbal cancellations. Cancellations received after 23 August 2013 are liable for the full conference fees and field trip. However, substitutions can be sent to attend in your place at no extra charge for the entire conference only with prior notice. Registrations received after 23 August 2013 are still liable for the full conference fee in case of cancellation. If owing to a force majeure, Coaltrans Conferences is obliged to postpone or cancel the event, Coaltrans Conferences will not be liable for any travel or accommodation expenses incurred by delegates or their organisations. Badge swapping with other registered/non-registered delegates is against our company policy and will not be permitted. Data protection: The information you provide on this form will be used by Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC and its group companies (“we” or “us”) to process your order and deliver the relevant products/services.We may also monitor your use of the website(s) relating to your order, including information you post and actions you take, to improve our services and track compliance with our terms of use. Except to the extent you indicate your objection below, we may also use your data (including data obtained from monitoring) (a) to keep you informed of our products and services; (b) occasionally to allow companies outside our group to contact you with details of their products/services; or (c) for our journalists to contact you for research purposes. As an international group, we may transfer your data on a global basis for the purposes indicated above, including to countries which may not provide the same level of protection to personal data as within the European Union. By submitting this order, you will be indicating your consent to the use of your data as identified above. Further detail on our use of your personal data is set out in our privacy policy, which is available at www.euromoneyplc.com or can be provided to you separately upon request. If you do not want us to share your information with our journalists or other companies please tick the relevant box.If you object to contact by telephone fax or email or post please tick the relevant box. Paymentmaybemadeinoneofthreeways-pleasetickappropriatebox 1.Tomakeapaymentbycreditcard,pleasevisitwww.coaltrans.com/eastasia 2.PaymentbyBANKTRANSFERshouldbemadethroughLloydsBankTSBplc, POBox72,BaileyDrive,GillinghamBusinessPark,KentME80LS, US$AccountNumber11127713,SortCode:30-12-18,SwiftCode:LOYDGB2LCTY IBAN:GB67LOYD30121811127713(allchargespaidbysender)Optiononly availablebefore18September2013. 3.CHEQUESshouldbemadepayabletoCoaltransConferencesLtd.Areceipted invoicewillbesenttoalldelegates.Optiononlyavailablebefore18September2013. Please ensure the invoice number and the company and delegate names are stated on the payment form. Pleasecompleteandreturnthisformtogetherwithacopyofyourbanktransferorcheque, payablein$toCoaltransConferencesLtd,andsendbypostorfaxto: Coaltrans Conferences Ltd, Nestor House, Playhouse Yard, London EC4V 5EX, UK, Tel: +44 20 7779 7222, Fax: +44 20 7779 8946, coaltrans@euromoneyplc.com, www.coaltrans.com/eastasia 8 Two other ways to register Fax: +44 20 7779 8946 Post: Coaltrans Conferences Ltd Nestor House, Playhouse Yard London EC4V 5EX, UK To enquire about the conference Email: coaltrans@euromoneyplc.com (quoting brochure ref:) Telephone: (UK) +44 20 7779 7222 (HK) +852 2912 8038 Fee includes: 1. Attendance to all conference sessions 2. Full conference documentation, which includes access to all available speakers' papers 3. Refreshments, lunches and evening receptions Organisation details Company Name ___________________________________________________________ Address __________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Postcode ___________________________Country_ ______________________________ Email (group contact) _ ______________________________________________________ Invoice will be sent to the e-mail address provided above. VENUE Located in the dynamic business, shopping and entertainment district of Shinjuku, the vibrant Hilton Tokyo combines dedicated, professional service with extensive fa- cilities. Relax in one of the 812 modern guest rooms including Executive, Deluxe and Suite options, and choose from eight restaurants and bars for local and international fine dining. HOTEL INFORMATION Accommodation is available at the Hilton Tokyo to registered delegates at the following special rate: Hilton double (single use) JPY 22,000. Rates are inclusive of service charge, taxes, daily breakfast and in-room internet. To book rooms please click on the hotel tab on www.coaltrans.com/eastasia Please ensure you provide your dates of arrival, departure and credit card details for guarantee. There are limited numbers of rooms so please ensure you place your reservation by 24 August 2013 to avoid disappointment. Please take note of the cancellation terms upon receipt of your confirmation from the hotel Discussion Table Choice Day 1 Day 2 1 2 Discussion Table Choice Day 1 Day 2 1 2 Discussion Table Choice Day 1 Day 2 1 2 COAL PRODUCERS AND TRADERS Delegate by 9 August 2013 after 9 August 2013 Discount 1st $1,649 $1,799 2nd $1,449 $1,599 $200 3rd+ $1,249 $1,399 $400 SERVICE PROVIDERS Delegate by 9 August 2013 after 9 August 2013 Discount 1st $1,849 $1,999 2nd $1,649 $1,799 $200 3rd+ $1,449 $1,599 $400