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Social business models

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Social business models by Jemma Phibbs

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Social business models

  1. 1. WELCOME TO 2JEVENTS 2JEvents have proven to be a great success and is currently earning us several £1000’s extra per year Kevin Heritage, Wheatley Park School
  2. 2. CURRENT POSITION Customer impact School impact Financial impact
  3. 3. TEAM Jemma Phibbs Co-Director James Lloyd Co-Director Madeleine Day Administration Alina Stubbs Venue Manager Our super Community Connectors
  4. 4. County:20 Schools, 2 Venue Managers, 1 Admin, 1 Sales, 1 County Manager Community Connectors:3 per school ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE HQ: Leadership Team, Operations, Finance, HR, Sales and Marketing, Implementation
  5. 5. STRATEGY Drivesales Gain traction, build financialsustainabilityand prevent non-sociallyminded competition getting there first Automate and systemise Invest in off the shelf and bespoke programmes to supportgrowth and accelerate efficiencies Build the team Create a worthwhile board and bring in strong managers
  6. 6. Devi Clark Scaling Manager Zelga Miller Personal Mentor Shawn Jhanji Partnership and Strategy SUPPORT SEE CHANGE RECOGNITION AWARDS RUNNER UP Matthew Dearden CEO Clearchannel StrategicMentor Vinay Nair Business Advisor Lily Lapenna Founder of MyBnk Advisor and Mentor DEVI QUOTE2JEventshave been amongst themost engaged and most successfulenterprisesonthe Impact Hub Scaling programme. They are enthusiastic,fast-learnerswhotake action, and their operations and impact have shown dramatic growth as a result.With a organisational structureand plan to build furthergrowth,plus a scalable businessmodel, I believe theyare ready to take thenext steps. Devi Clark, Scaling Manager, Impact Hubs Scaling Programme