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Small Cells, Wi-Fi, and London oh my!

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For more discussions and topics around SP Mobility, please visit our Mobility Community:

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Small Cells, Wi-Fi, and London oh my!

  1. 1. Small Cells, Wi-Fi, and London oh my!Posted by Darshita Maniar on Jun 20, 2013 11:15:09 AMThe last two weeks in London have been filled with innovation in the wireless world.Two large industry shows were held back to back in London this year, the Small CellWorld Summit and the WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress.Key Takeaways from Small Cell World Summit The buzz in the room was around actual applications and proof of concepts for smallcells, specifically in the enterprise and small medium business space, not just thetechnology itself With the recent close of acquisition, Cisco and Ubiquisys were able to unite publicallyfor the first time, drawing a lot of attention to our expanded small cell portfolio Attendance was outstanding, over 740 attendees including 230 operators, you couldfeel the energy in the conference room, speaking sessions and evening events We won the prestigious Small Cell Forum Industry Award for the Cisco ManagementHeartbeat Server Small Cells and Wi-Fi are not mutually exclusive, bringing licensed and unlicensedtechnologies together to live in the same environment is our futureKey Takeaways from WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress Two major topics that were being discussed: Seamless Capability and MonetizationStrategies, seems like the industry is coming together to share the different waysdifferent operators are creating business models around Wi-Fi With the announcement of Hotspot 2.0 being available on Apple’s launch of iOS 7 in thefall of 2013, conversation of public access of seamless connectivity became louder Partho Mishra, VP/ GM of Small Cell Technology Group, presented how SP Wi-Fi goesbeyond offloading and is a Business Innovation, describing our Connected MobileExperience Solution Many conversations were around bringing Licensed and Unlicensed technologiestogether to create a seamless experience for the end userAfter attending both shows, it was great to see the Small Cell industry and Wi-Fiindustry really coming together. Each event had its own perspective on how the twotechnologies will work together, but there was a great amount of overlap. Thisunderscores that the seamless connectivity between licensed and unlicensedtechnologies is becoming the new normal. Both major shows were held in London thisyear, back to back, that’s already a good start!
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