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Cisco quantum policy suite

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Cisco quantum policy suite

  1. 1. Cisco Quantum Policy Suite Shape Subscriber Experience Beyond Billing Plan Create Value in an OTT-Dominated Ecosystem Software Solutions That Transform Your Network Quantum as a software portfolio Subscriber Experience & Monetization Cisco Quantum Policy Suite: Your Service Innovation Center Cisco QuantumTM Build and launch new services in days or weeks Manage experience throughout entire subscriber lifecycle Drive monetization by dynamically matching services to user, context and NW conditions Deliver a personalized experience at network scale Facilitate OTT partnerships Delivering Dynamic User-Centric Services Existing Services OTT Providers New Services Service Velocity Network Lets You Seize Your Opportunities 3-6 Months 1-30 Days New Service Time-to-Market Legacy Policy Quantum Policy Unmatched Scalability & Reliability 250K Transactions per Second 75M Concurrent Sessions 50K Session Set-ups per Second 14ms Average Latency Independently Veried in 2013 by EANTC Constantly Engage Users with a Personal Experience Visit the Cisco Quantum Policy Suite to Learn More: © 2014 Cisco and/or its aliates. All rights reserved. Stand Out from the Access Providers Crowd Automatic optimization and monetization solutions driven by real-time network intelligence Orchestrated to deliver complex use cases across multiple network functions, over any existing operator system Tailored by Cisco’s Advanced Services to answer your business challenges and seize your opportunities Dynamic Policy SON Gi-LAN Services Virtual Packet Core Analytics Network Optimization Service Orchestration Delivery Optimization Prole Services Segment Device Etc. Gi-LAN Analytics User Dynamic Policy Services Session SON Policy and Charging Enforcement Function Subscriber Id Access Type Location QoS Time Etc. Load http://www.cisco.com/go/mobilepolicy