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Digital Transformation in Transportation

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Learn more about the Internet of Everything and Digital Transformation: http://www.cisco.com/c/r/en/us/internet-of-everything-ioe/tomorrow-starts-here/index.html

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Digital Transformation in Transportation

  1. 1. Digital Transformation in Transportation #DigitalTransformation
  2. 2. Four of today’s top 10 incumbents (in terms of market share) in each industry will be displaced by digital disruption in the next five years. The stakes are high. #DigitalTransformation Source: Digital Vortex, IMD and Cisco
  3. 3. Here are six companies in the transportation industry disrupting themselves to stay ahead. #DigitalTransformation
  4. 4. Aegean Motorway Aegean leveraged the Internet of Everything to help them connect devices across hundreds of kilometers of roadway. • Established infrastructure to reduce traffic congestion • Reduced TCO through converged network • Connected 5000 devices for unified and central management Read more #DigitalTransformation
  5. 5. “Most drivers will never notice our IT investment, but our ability to divert traffic, make announcements, or route emergency crews efficiently can save lives.” Charalampos Kiorpelidis Systems and IT Manager Aegean Motorway #DigitalTransformation
  6. 6. Linz AG The Austrian company transformed public transit by embracing the Internet of Everything. • Increased tram efficiency and performance while reducing energy consumption by 10 percent • Reduced carbon dioxide output by 85 tons in just 9 months • Simplified maintenance on ticketing machines • Enhanced capacity management Read more #DigitalTransformation
  7. 7. “People regard the Internet of Everything as a certainty and are excited about it. Our leaders are actively involved in seeking new insights and innovation for the city of Linz, and the Internet of Everything is integral to their vision. It will change society.” Michael Langerreiter Project Manager LINZ AG #DigitalTransformation
  8. 8. Alaska Dept. of Transportation (DOT) The intrepid Alaska DOT embraced the Internet of Everything to help them connect in extreme circumstances. • Responded quickly to emergency situations • Expanded communications and connected roadside network to broaden reach and improve responsiveness • Ensured efficiency across equipment and maintenance Read more #DigitalTransformation See more on the Alaska DOT and how they’re making roads safer
  9. 9. “We could quickly dispatch vital equipment and people and communicate no matter where I was. The impact of this system has been amazing.” Jeff Russell Dalton Area Superintendent Alaska Department of Transportation #DigitalTransformation
  10. 10. Austria's autobahn corporation (ASFiNAG) Data is at the heart of ASFiNAG’s digitization. The Internet of Everything is keeping roads safe and drivers happy. • Reduced need for investment through better road-use • Connected roads, drivers and authorities nationwide • Exceeded EU standards for road transport Read more #DigitalTransformation
  11. 11. “We connected more than 70,000 sensors and 6,500 traffic cameras ... to help route emergency vehicles and provide drivers with up-to- date information.” Bernd Datler Managing Director ASFINAG tolling company #DigitalTransformation
  12. 12. DHL Internet of Everything solutions are revolutionizing business processes across the entire value chain, and particularly the experiences of DHL’s customers. • Improved operational efficiency • Captured and made sense of data generated from connected devices • Increased efficiency of warehousing operations Read more #DigitalTransformation
  13. 13. “To derive significant commercial value from IoT will ultimately depend on how well connected assets, such as containers or parcels, are networked along the entire supply chain.” Rob Siegers President Global Technology at DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation #DigitalTransformation
  14. 14. #InternetOfEverything Read more California Shock Trauma Air Rescue’s (CALSTAR) Technology is at the core of operational efficiency for California Shock Trauma Air Rescue’s – a non-profit regional air ambulance service. • Reduced lift time and expedited patient care • Systemized transportation operations • Launched a centralized communication hub #DigitalTransformation
  15. 15. “The Internet of Everything is connecting our people, processes, and data in ways that we couldn’t do before. The technology enhances operational control. Operations has greater peace of mind, because they know that our technology helps ensure safety and security.” Julie Hyde IT Director, CALSTAR #DigitalTransformation
  16. 16. Across all industries, the average time to disruption is just 3.1 years. Organizations that do disrupt themselves have a competitive advantage, and provide value to their customers. #DigitalTransformation Source: Digital Vortex, IMD and CiscoRead more
  17. 17. Learn about how the Internet of Everything is creating this transformation More Digital Transformations #DigitalTransformation