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  2. 2. SM SAN MIGUEL WEB DESIGN PRINT LOGO & VECTORS CONTACTS Julant Pest Control Systems Inc Julant is the leading and preferred name in the pest control and construction industry for over 25 years. Julant is the leader in the pest control industry in innovations and safe pest management programs. The company utilizes only FPA/FDA-approved chemicals in all its projects.
  3. 3. SM SAN MIGUEL WEB DESIGN PRINT LOGO & VECTORS CONTACTS Kares International Kares International Group of Companies provides services for general trading of imported as well as locally manufactured goods. We specialize but are not limited to corporate giveaways, novelty items, uniforms, food supplies and other premium items.
  4. 4. SM SAN MIGUEL WEB DESIGN PRINT LOGO & VECTORS CONTACTS Global Strategic Proposed study layout for Company’s website WEBSITE - RESPONSIVE LAYOUT
  5. 5. SM SAN MIGUEL WEB DESIGN PRINT LOGO & VECTORS CONTACTS Holistic Jose Wellness In-Home Personal Training, Private Studio Personal Training in the GTA, Boot Camps, Exercise Program Design, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Home Gym Set Up.
  6. 6. SM SAN MIGUEL WEB DESIGN PRINT LOGO & VECTORS CONTACTS Basement Salon A Manila-based high-end Salon that caters to the hgher class public who needs professional hair needs.
  7. 7. SM SAN MIGUEL WEB DESIGN PRINT LOGO & VECTORS CONTACTS Updated homepage web banners to multiple websites.
  8. 8. SM SAN MIGUEL WEB DESIGN PRINT LOGO & VECTORS CONTACTS Digital Dealer Conference and Exposition The Digital Dealer Conference and Exposition is the premier educational conference and exposition dedicated to Internet and technology solutions for automotive professionals. WEB BANNER ADS
  9. 9. SM SAN MIGUEL WEB DESIGN PRINT LOGO & VECTORS CONTACTS Leo Burnett Brochure design for Leo Burnett website. BROCHURE
  10. 10. SM SAN MIGUEL PublicatioN of A Closer Look at St. Paul the APoStLe The PonTifical Mission socieTies of The PhiliPPines 824 DoN Quijote Street, SamPaloc, maNila WEB DESIGN n e w s l e t t e r entered as second class mail matter at the manila central Post office on may 1967. renewed on april 9, 2008, document no. 25 page no. 05 book no. 37 series of 2008 2008 • Volume 47 • No. 2 PRINT LOGO & VECTORS CONTACTS The Missions Newsletter Quarterly newsletter for the Pontifical Mission Societies of the Philippines Jubilee Year of St. Paul, the Apostle Profile: Saul was a Pharisee and a tent-maker by trade. Saul the Jew hated and persecuted Christians as heretical, even assisting at the stoning of St. Stephen the Martyr. On his way to Damascus to arrest another group of them, he was knocked off his horse and to the ground, struck blind by a heavenly light, and given the massage that in persecuting Christians, he was persecuting Christ. The experience had a profound spiritual effect on him, causing his conversion to Christianity. He was baptized, changed his name to Paul to reflect his new person, and began traveling, preaching and writing. Author of much of the New Testament books. He was martyred in Rome. Born: c.3 Tarsus, Cilicia (modern Turkey) Missionary Journeys: firsT Missionary Journey: Approximate dates: A.D. 45 - 49 Companions: Barnabas, John Mark Mission Field: Cyprus and Asia Minor (Turkey) Approximate miles traveled: 1,400 miles Sent by the church of Antioch, Syria seConD Missionary Journey: Approximate dates: A.D. 50 - 52 Companions: Silas, Timothy, Priscilla and Aquila, Luke Mission Field: Syria, Turkey, Greece Approximate miles traveled: 2,800 miles Sent by the church of Antioch, Syria Board of editorial Consultants Bp. Edwin A. De la Peña, MSP, DD Msgr. Pedro C. Quitorio, III Fr. James H. Kroeger, MM Why do we celebrate a year dedicated to St.Paul? THirD Missionary Journey: Approximate dates: A.D. 53 - 58 Companions: Timothy, Luke, and other disciples Mission Field: Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, Judea-Samaria-Galilee Approximate miles traveled: 2,700 miles Sent by the church of Antioch, Syria fourTH Journey To roMe: Approximate dates: A.D. 60 - 61 Companions: Luke, Roman guards, others By way of Lebanon, Turkey, Crete, Malta, Sicily, Rome Approximate miles traveled: 2,250 miles Sent by the Roman Governor Festus. DieD: A martyr, beheaded at Rome, Italy (c.65) feasT Days: 25 January (celebration of his conversion) 29 June (celebration of Saints Peter and Paul co-founders of the Church) 18 November (feast of the dedication of the Basilicas of St. Peter and St. Paul) PaTron of: Authors, Journalists, Press, Publishers, Rome, Rope Makers, Snake Bites, Travel. editor Bp. Gilbert A. Garcera, DD researcher / Writer Mr. Anthony S.P. Dameg associate Project Coordinator Sr. Marissa G. Maraya, MSBS layout and Design Mr. Eric Jason C. Sarol Ms. Sheila May R. San Miguel Circulation Coordinators Mr. Jemcer L. Teng Mr. Benjamin S. Tulaña Ms. Herminigilda T. de Guzman Ms. Ma. Christine A. Cape Finance Officer Ms. Ma. Janil A. Uy I noitalibuJ nI I era eseht – hcruhC eht ni snotiarbelec lufyoj rof snoisacco ro snosaes era sraey eelibuJ .rehtona eno htiw dna doG ot resolc lufhtiaf eht ekam ot ecarg fo sraey Periodically, the Church sets aside an entire year to encourage all of us to focus on some particular and important aspect of our faith. The jubilee year of St. Paul gives us an opportunity to honor one of the great saints and founders of the early Church – the Apostle Paul on his 2000th birthday. ,tnediserp )senippilihP eht fo ecnerefnoC ’spohsiB cilohtaC( PCBC dna oraJ fo pohsibhcrA a deussi ,senippilihP eht fo spohsib eht lla fo flaheb ni .D.D ,oemadgaL .N legnA pohsibhcrA gnironoh raeY eelibuJ eht fo notiarbelec eht ni lufhtiaf eht ediug dluow taht tnemetats larotsap .luaP eltsopA eht fo yrasrevinna htrib ht0002 eht ot lufhtiaf onipiliF eht fo tnemevlovni dna evtiatiini eht setivni oemadgaL pohsibhcrA eht yduts ot emti ekat ot dna segamirglip latinetinep hguorht raeY eelibuJ eniluaP eht etarbelec detacided yllaicepse senirhs dna snotiuttisni ,snotiagergnoc suoigileR .luaP .tS yb nettirw seltsipe evol ,ssenerawa retaerg a ot doG fo elpoep eht dael ot pohsibhcrA eht yb dellac era luaP .tS ot .tsirhC ot detcerid yllohw saw efil esohw eltsopa taerg eht fo notiatimi dna emoceb lla ew taht ;notiarbelec siht fo noisnemid lacinemuce eht tuo detniop eh ,yltsaL lufyoj siht etarbelec ew sa taht seripsa eH .snatisirhC lla gnoma ynomrah dna ytinu fo stnega cilotsopa nommoc ruo ni su leporp ot yaw a emoceb lliw ti ,eltsopa taerg eht gnironoh ni noissacco .aisA fo tser eht sdrawot scilohtaC onipiliF sa noissim .luaP .tS ot detacided raey siht gnirud gnisselb tnadnuba s’doG ecneirepxe lla ew yaM ?lufGninaeM luaP .Ts fo raey eeliBuJ siHT eKaM eW naC WoH From a persecutor of the early Christians, St. Paul was changed forever when he met Jesus on the way to Damascus (Acts 9). At the time of his conversion, Jesus had said: “I will show him how much he must suffer for me” (Acts 9:17). St. Paul loved Jesus so much; all his life, during his many missionary trips, St. Paul met troubles and went through dangers of every kind. He was stoned, whipped, shipwrecked and lost at sea. For so many times, he was hungry, thirsty and cold. Yet he always trusted God. He never stopped preaching. He was always motivated by his great love for the Resurrected Christ that gave him great comfort in spite of every suffering. He was sentenced to death because of his tireless preaching about Jesus. He was beheaded in Rome in the year 65, during Nero’s terrible persecution. Paul called himself the apostle to the gentiles. He preached the Gospel to the non-Jews that took him to the whole known world. Our Holy Mother Church recognizes and celebrates the contributions of St.Paul, the author of many New Testament books. He was much more than just a writer of the epistles. He was also a teacher and a traveler who brought the Good News to everyone. And above all, he was a courageous witness to his faith in Jesus Christ. “From St. Paul we draw a very important lesson: what counts is to place Jesus Christ at the center of our lives, so that our identity is marked essentially by the encounter, by communion with Christ and with his Word.” – Pope Benedict XVI, The Apostles .sgntiirw s’luaP .tS tcefler dna daeR n n .luaP .tS ot detacided sehcruhc gntiisiv yb egamirglip a ekaM ’stniaS fo tsaeF( 92 enuJ ,)luaP .tS fo noisrevnoC( 52 yraunaJ :luaP .tS ot detacided tsaef eht etarbeleC n .)sllaw eht edistuo luaP dna reteP ’stniaS fo sacilisaB eht fo notiacideD( 81 rebmevoN ,luaP dna reteP .htiaf ruo ot ssentiw ruo yb lepsoG eht daerpS n luaP eltsopA eht ot reyarP ,eltsopa suolaez tsom ,luaP .tS suoirolG ,htiaf peed a su evig ,tsirhC fo evol eht rof rytram ;droL ruo rof evol gninrub a ,epoh tsafdaets a tsirhC tub ,evil ohw I regnol on si tI“ ,uoy htiw mialcorp nac ew taht os seltsopa emoceb ot su pleH ”.em ni sevil ohw ytuaeb dna hturt reh ot sessentiw ,traeh erup a htiw hcruhC eht gnivres :rehtaF ruo doG esiarp ew uoy htiW .syad ruo fo ssenkrad eht tsdima ”.reverof dna won ,tsirhC ni dna hcruhC eht ni ,yrolg eht eb miH oT “ .nemA senippilihP – seiteicoS noissiM lacfiitnoP alinaM 8001 ,colapmaS ,teertS etojiuQ noD 428 0303-047 )20( .oN xaF ;8023-187 )20( .soN leT gro.lihp-smp.www :etisbeW ;0279943-1290 .oN eliboM St. Paul CroSSword How well do you know the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul? Answer the crossword puzzle and rediscover the great love of St. Paul for Christ and His Church. Puzzle aCross 1 Paul’s companion during his missionary travels 5 Paul surprised a soldier when he spoke this (Acts 21:37) 9 Pauline epistle sometimes called the “angry letter” (abbr.) 12 “…yet for your sake he became ___” (2 Cor 8:9) 14 There was no room here 15 Altar in the sky 16 “…when the perfect comes, the imperfect will pass ____” (1 Cor 13:10) 17 magic ____ 19 The ____ to Damascus 20 “____ the vine…”(Jn 15:5) 21 ____ of Songs 22 Merry 23 Condor’s home 24 People in Lystra proclaimed Barnabas and Paul to be these (Acts 14:6–13) 26 Vulgar man 27 Tank 30 Basilica of St. Paul Outside the ____ 33 “His mercy is from ____ to…” (Lk 1:50) 34 Exemplar of might 36 Brother of Jacob 37 According to Paul, the helmet of salvation is this (1 Tim 5:8) 38 Not well lit 39 Pauline letter. 41 The ____ at the Well 42 Paul, the ____ to the Gentiles 45 Longest of the Pauline letters. 46 In 1 Timothy 5:17, Paul tells us to do this constantly 47 Final stop for Paul, in Acts 49 St. Francis de ___ 52 Lettuce for a “Georgia Peach”? 53 “____ company ruins good morals” (1 Corithians 15:33) 55 Gnostic being 56 Number of missionary trips Paul made 58 Tropical tuber 59 Script conclusion? 60 Roman crowd? 61 Mourn 62 Not high 63 One-celled protozoa 64 Entwines DoWn 1 Paul said he would travel here after leaving Rome (Rom 15:28) 2 The Diocese of Des Moines is here 3 Rich soil 4 The end of a document? 6 Sign of papal office 7 “…world without ___. Amen” 8 Abstract being 9 London jail 10 Asian inland sea 11 Our ____ of Lourdes 13 “And take the helmet of salvation, and the _____ of the Spirit” (Eph 6:17) 18 Time or place designation 19 “On the third day he ____ again” 21 Galilee, and others 22 OT hist. book 23 Protectors of the first amendment (abbr.) 24 Club stint 25 Sweet suffix 27 Hiding place 28 Paul asked Philemon to provide one (Phm 1:22) 29 Soft lambskin leather 30 Marry 31 Paul left Cyprus with Barnabas and traveled here 32 You wouldn’t put one of these under a bushel basket 35 Understanding 37 Tarsus, to Paul 39 7th letter of the Greek alphabet 40 Wood starter 41 “Blessed is the fruit of your ___” 43 Paul asked the Corinthians to “____ your hearts to us” (2 Cor 7:2) 44 Female members of religious orders (abbr.) 45 Garments 47 Fish eggs 48 Paul was upset because of the number of these in Athens (Acts 17:16) 49 Paul, as he was known at the martyrdom of Stephen (Acts 7:58) 50 Air (prefix) 51 Early movie mogul 52 Creche 53 Alien god of the Exodus 54 Dry 56 Abbr. for two Pauline letters 57 Hasten 58 Number of years Paul was kept under house arrest in Rome (Acts 28:30) ansWer NEWSLETTER
  11. 11. SM SAN MIGUEL Vol. 20 No. 9 SEPTEMBER 2013 WEB DESIGN Vol. 20 No. 11 NOVEMBER 2013 Vol. 20 No. 7 JULY 2013 PRINT TOM LOGO & VECTORS DEFELICE Owner CIRCLE BMW CONTACTS SIMPLY USEFUL ADVICE CAN DRIVE CUSTOMERS & OVERHAUL MARKETING DEALER MAGAZINE Monthly Issue Jim Boldebook Jay Baer Page 10 SMITH Page 34 Page 18 Page 36 Page 38 COVER STORY EMAIL INBOX DELIVERY AND SENDER REPUTATION Neil Bibbins Page 56 PROFIT ACCOUNTING YOUR DMS Sandi Jerome Page 60 JOHN LEE Owner Lee Motors Co., Inc. Page 26 David Lewis Page 12 YOUR EXPECTATIONS FOR 2014 WILL DRIVE SUCCESS Doug Austin Page 23 10 THINGS TO STOP DOING ON FACEBOOK NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE Kathi Kruse Page 37 SMARTY PANTS PARTS PRICING Ed Kovalchick Page 56 With $5,000 in his pocket, World War II veteran James Lee bought a small Ford dealership in Elm City, NC in 1953. “Son, I want to tell you something. The reason that I bought this car from you is you didn’t act like I could not buy because I was wearing my overalls.” I was able to spend a lot of time there. I certainly had an interest from day one in the business. I liked being around a car dealership and being in back in the service department with the mechanics or watching how cars were sold. DEALER | NOVEMBER 2013 Page 68 THE SEVEN MOST IMPORTANT WORDS IN CLOSING MOTOR GROUP I was born about six years later in 1959 – the third of three children - and grew up in that small town. I could ride my bicycle to school. I would also ride my bicycle down to the original dealership -- Lee Motor Company. Truth is, it was a very small dealership – wasn’t even big enough for a showroom. My dad might have had 12 employees. 10 Charlie Polston LEE I grew up in the car business. Before becoming a Ford dealer, my father, James Lee, started working at a Ford plant in Norfolk, VA, after he got out of the Navy in 1946. A couple of years later, he had an opportunity to work for a couple of small dealers in the northeastern part of North Carolina -- this was in the late ‘40s and early ‘50s. In 1953, with $5,000, he bought an almost-closed small Ford dealership in Elm City, NC. It was a town of about 1,000 people, located between two fairly goodsized mid-markets, Wilson and Rocky Mount. He had a real good trade with farmers. He could talk to a farmer that had been in the field for 14 or 15 hours or he could talk to a local banker. And he always treated them the same. I had the good fortune to watch that growing up. He was somewhat old-fashioned – a World War II veteran. But for whatever reason, whenever I hung out there, he never told me to go home or go play ball somewhere. He was very happy to have me be there and to sit in his office to watch and listen to him, which was great because I just was very interested in -- enthralled you could say -- with the car business. Page 8 COVER STORY John, walk us through the early history of your organization, when you first started with your father and then the transformation to when you took over the dealership. My father had a great personality. People really liked him. People trusted him. He could talk to anybody. He treated everybody the same, which is, by the way, how I’ve always wanted to conduct my life in dealing with people. Dave Anderson ARE YOU MAKING CUSTOMERS OR MAKING MONEY? 5 HOT TIPS ON FACEBOOK PROMOTION TO DRIVE LEADS & SALES Kathi Kruse CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAIN WRECKS President and Co-owner of Russell & Smith Automotive Group TRADING-IN ON THE SUCCESS OF DIGITAL RETAILING Amit Maheshwari CHASE ADVERTISING’S GREAT EIGHT You can visit: dealer-magzine.com Page 28 The leading multimedia information source for the automotive retail industry. Connecting with franchised automotive dealers and managers over ten million times per year. What was your first real job at the dealership? Well, of course, I’ve done it all. After Elm City, we moved to Wilson in 1967, and about three years later, he had built a facility on a major highway, Highway 301, which is the main north-south route. To answer your question, I really did do everything. I cleaned commodes. I scrubbed floors. I swept. I said “Hello” to customers. I washed cars, changed oil, did tune-up jobs. You name it, I’ve done it. But the proudest thing I can say in my life, outside of my family, is that I can never remember not having a job. We lived in the country. I grew up “putting in tobacco,” which is what we called it. I worked in the tobacco fields and on a hog dealer-magazine.com farm. I bagged groceries. I know these jobs aren’t related to the car business, but you name it, I’ve done it. I’m proud of the fact that the good Lord gave me a drive to work, and that my father and parents were hard-working people. I saw that and it inspired me. If you want something, you have to work for it. And that’s exactly what I did. John, how do those lessons of work experience translate to your experience now as an owner? Well, I’m attracted to people who have a good work ethic. I’m able to recognize an individual who really wants to put in the time to make a difference. There are all sorts of clichés in our business. You can work smart, you can work hard, but I believe you have to work hard and smart. dealer-magazine.com This is a very demanding business. We have to be on our best game when people are getting off work, and we have to be prepared. I’ve always prided myself in being able to pick employees who have a strong work ethic and want to put in the time to make a difference and to improve themselves. Let’s fast forward from 1970 up to 2013 – 43 years later. You began as a single point Ford dealership with a family. You’ve grown to an amazing size. Tell us about the challenges you’ve had getting to this point. Let’s see. I had never worked in any kind of white collar situation in the dealership until my father became sick in 1979. He was only 56 when he passed away. NOVEMBER 2013 | DEALER 11 H is son John, born six years later, would ride his bike after school to the small dealership that didn’t even have a showroom. He fell in love with the business at age six. In those early years, he cleaned toilets, swept floors, worked in the tobacco fields for the local farmers, while learning from his dad how to work hard and treat people right. At age 20, while still in college, John found himself running the dealership after his dad died. At the time, the dealership had fewer than 25 employees and John had yet to sell his first car. He and his wife, Lynn, have turned that small business into Lee Motor Group, which now has 10 dealerships in four states, including one of the top-selling Hyundai dealerships in the country. Seven of the stores were open points awarded to Lee Motor Group. With the addition of a corporate airplane and helicopter, John and his President, Tim Varnell, are able to visit and manage the stores on a timely basis. Continuing a practice he began when he first took over the store, John still gives his personal phone number to every customer who buys from the dealerships in North Carolina. He credits hard work, integrity and treating people right for the extraordinary success he’s experienced through the years.
  12. 12. SM SAN MIGUEL FEATURE WEB DESIGN PRINT LOGO & VECTORS CONTACTS First Drive: Audi R8 O n a rain-slicked night in Italy’s soaring Dolomites, that romantic attachment to Audi’s once-groundbreaking, damn-the-weather traction system is easy to understand. We’re driving the discreetly revamped R8 on a two-day northbound trek from a Moto GP track in Rimini, to a memorable seaside lunch in Venice and into the mountains of Italy and Austria, descending to take a beer-soaked checkered flag in Munich. But you don’t have to be living la dolce 20 DEALER | NOVEMBER 2013 vita to appreciate the oft-downplayed performance edge of Quattro. On a slippery morning in Toledo, or a downpour in Sonoma, Audi sports cars go all superhero while the weather Kryptonites rear-drivers like Corvettes, sapping their vaunted muscle, turning them into timid Clark Kents. A nice set of winter tires helps. With autumn snow already frosting high Alpine passes, an Audi engineer has prudently shod our R8 convoy of V-8 coupes, V-10 Spyders, and the V-10 Plus model with Dunlop Winter Sport tires. dealer-magazine.com That V-10 Plus model is new. This weight-watching, 550hp show-off replaces the limited-run GT coupe and Spyder atop the lineup when R8s reach showrooms in March. (These time-travelers skip past 2013 for a 2014 modelyear designation). For now, the Plus is available only as a hardtop. The Euro-market Plus we’re driving shaves 110 pounds from the standard V-10, in part via ceramic brakes and less sound-absorption material. American versions will weigh more, forgoing the Euro version’s fiberglass shell seats and clear carbon engine cover. Here, with the moon poking a hole in stubborn clouds, I’m climbing a 525-hp V-10 Spyder through northern Italy’s Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi. This national park’s spectacular, pink-hued granite walls and strange grassy peaks stand between me and Bolzano -- or Bozen, the town’s Deutsche name in this largely German-speaking province of South Tyrol. > NOVEMBER 2013 | DEALER dealer-magazine.com 21 FEATURE 2014 Audi R8 On sale: March Price: $115,000/$150,000/$180,000 (V-8/V-10/Plus, est.) Engine: 4.2L V-8, 430 hp, 317 lb-ft; 5.2L V-10, 525/550 hp; 391/398 lb-ft Drive: Four-wheel EPA Mileage: 13/21 mpg (est.) 22 DEALER | NOVEMBER 2013 dealer-magazine.com dealer-magazine.com NOVEMBER 2013 | DEALER 23
  14. 14. SM SAN MIGUEL WEB DESIGN PRINT LOGO & VECTORS Your Smart Colour All-in-One CONTACTS Copylandia Campaign flyers for new products As a compact multifunctional, the magicolor 1690MF is a perfect communication wizard for your office or small business: The magicolor 1690MF combines network printing, copying,scanning,and fax capabilities. It also features a standard automatic document feeder for easier handling of originals. Compatible with: COPY 20 monochrome copies (A4) per minute PRINT 1200 dpi x 600 dpi x1 bit,20 monochrome prints (A4) per minute FAX 3 seconds per page at it's V.34 modem SCAN 20 originals per minute, 600 dpi x 600 dpi x 1 bit All-in-one 5/20 ppm FLYERS
  15. 15. SM SAN MIGUEL WEB DESIGN PRINT LOGO & VECTORS CONTACTS Copylandia Campaign flyers for new products FLYERS
  16. 16. SM SAN MIGUEL WEB DESIGN PRINT  Every Office’s Dream LOGO & VECTORS CONTACTS Copylandia COPY FAX Campaign flyers for new products PRINT SCAN Proper document management is essential to every successful business. More time is lost locating documents than the time used for studying them, if ever they are found. This is why Copylandia has the DEVELOP Business Solution. With DEVELOP Business Solution, you will have the ease and convenience of scanning documents to be filed and indexed and retrieving scanned and electronic files for printing and emailing. These are complemented with controlled access to documents which can be further encrypted so that they cannot be printed or emailed, or viewed without authority. You can also track the user who created, modified, viewed, deleted, scanned, printed or emailed particular documents. Art Of Living Workshop For Kids From 8 To 13 • Fun And Laughter! • Easy Yoga • Meditation • Experiential Learning • Enhancement Of Creative Skills • Improvement Of Memory And Concentration • Healthier Emotions • Better Interaction With Others DEVELOP Business Solution guarantees return on investment as it is guaranteed to give huge savings on costs of document storage space and manpower time. DEVELOP Business Solution generates a complete accounting report on the usage of the Develop Multifunction Copier and billing reports of printing and copying jobs per department or individual user. Break free from your office walls as you can now access your documents through the internet from anywhere at your convenience with full confidence and security. Call Copylandia for a free demonstration of the Develop Business Solution! Call 535-8-535 www.copylandia.com sales@copylandia.com FLYERS
  17. 17. SM SAN MIGUEL WEB DESIGN PRINT Sales Champion of the Month Prizes: LOGO & VECTORS • Selling Unit with the highest sales revenue for the quarter. • The individual sales target for the quarter should be met to qualify. • Must sell minimum of 1 unit of any KIP model, 3 units Ineo Color, 4 units Riso or 1 unit ComColor, 6 units Magicolor. - Trip to Hongkong for 1 person + US$300 - Certificate of Recognition Prizes: Riso Champion of the Year Prizes: • Selling Unit with the highest revenue on Risographs sold. • Minimum of 24 Riso units to qualify. • Minimum of 12 units of A3 Models. *All qualifiers will receive a certificate of recognition and a gift develop champion of the year *All qualifiers will receive a certificate of recognition and a gift Prizes: • Selling Unit with the highest revenue on KM color printers sold. • Minimum of 60 Magicolor printers (not including MC1600W) to qualify. Copylandia Campaign flyers for new products - Trip to Hongkong for 2 + US$1,000 - Certificate of Recognition Production Machine Champion of the Year KIP Champion of the Year • Selling Unit with the highest revenue of KIP Machines sold. • Minimum of 6 KIP machines to qualify. • Minimum 2 units of KIP3000/3100 to qualify. Prizes: - Trip to Hongkong for 2 + US$1,000 - Certificate of Recognition Sales Champion of the Year Solutions Manager of the Year • The Branch or Solutions Manager whose team earned the highest sales versus target performance rating. • Must hit sales revenue and product targets. - Trip to Hongkong for 2 + US$5,000 - Certificate of Recognition Prizes: *All qualifiers are“Sales Quota Busters” and therefore will receive the following prizes: Branch of the Year Prizes: - Trip to Hongkong for 2 + US$5,000 - Certificate of Recognition *All qualifiers are“Sales Quota Busters” and therefore will receive the following prizes: - Trip to Hongkong for 2 + US$1,000 - Certificate of Recognition • The branch with the best BTIP x Sales Performance over Target Rating. • Must hit their sales revenue and product targets. - Trip to Hongkong for 2 for all members of the team + US$1,000 - Certificate of Recognition Enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of Disneyland Hongkong with your family by winning as many contests and prizes as you can. See you all in Hongkong! 000,1$SU + maet eht fo srebmem lla rof 2 rof gnokgnoH ot pirT noitingoceR fo etacifitreC . gnitaR tegraT revo ecnamrof reP selaS x PITB tseb eht htiw hcnarb ehT • .stegrat tcudorp dna eunever selas rieht tih tsuM • :sezirP raeY eht fo hcnarB raeY eht fo hcnarB noitingoceR fo etacifitreC - Campaign flyers for the City of Pangasinan - Trip to Hongkong for 2 + US$1,000 - Certificate of Recognition • Selling Unit with the highest sales revenue for the year. • The individual revenue sales target should be met to qualify. • Must sell a minimum of 3 KIP/Horizon/HSM 386.2 or higher, V-Press. • Must sell a minimum of 2 ComColor. • Must sell a minimum of 9 Ineo Color. • Must sell a minimum of 12 Riso. • Must sell a minimum of 24 Magicolor. htiw gnokgnoH dnalyensiD fo setsat dna ,sdnuos ,sthgis eht yojnE .nac uoy sa sezirp dna stsetnoc ynam sa gninniw yb ylimaf ruoy !gnokgnoH ni lla uoy eeS WOW Pangasinan - Trip to Hongkong for 2 + US$1,000 - Certificate of Recognition *All qualifiers will receive a certificate of recognition and a gift *All qualifiers will receive a certificate of recognition and a gift Prizes: - Trip to Hongkong for 2 + US$1,000 - Certificate of Recognition *All qualifiers will receive a certificate of recognition and a gift • Selling Unit with the highest revenue on Production Machines sold. • Minimum of 6 units of Production Machines to qualify. • Production machines include Comcolor, Ineo+6500/+6501, Ineo 1051/1200, BQ270, BQ150, HSM V- Press, HSM Central Shredders and Balers, and other similar products. *All qualifiers will receive a certificate of recognition and a gift Prizes: • Selling Unit with the highest revenue of Develop copiers sold. • Sell a minimum of 60 units of Develop machines to qualify. • Sell a minimum of 12 units of Ineo Color to qualify. - Trip to Hongkong for 2 + US$1,000 - Certificate of Recognition Konica Minolta Champion of the Year Prizes: - Trip to Hongkong for 2 + US$1,000 - Certificate of Recognition noitingoceR fo etacifitreC - CONTACTS Sales Champion of the Quarter • Selling Unit with the highest sales revenue for the month. • The individual sales target should be met to qualify. • Must sell at least 1 Ineo Color, 1 Riso and 1 Magicolor to qualify. POSTERS
  18. 18. SM SAN MIGUEL WEB DESIGN PRINT LOGO & VECTORS CONTACTS Multiple packaging designs for various products and/or services. PACKAGING
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