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Boring boring boring

This is an example of my marcoms work

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Boring boring boring

  1. 1. BORING, BORING, BORINGSo I was right … it pulled you, didn’t it?Now here’s an example of how I put this idea towork for a B2B client.
  2. 2. BORING, BORING, BORINGAnd nothing to look at either …That’s us at Dialight –boring, boring, boring
  3. 3. 3DialightBORING, BORING, BORINGWe guarantee that we can bore you for a whole five years, ormaybe even ten years.Read more to find out what makes us so boring and why thelooks won’t matter.
  4. 4. 4DialightWhat makes Dialight so boringWe make LED lights for industry. They’re designed for bigspaces and especially those with dirty or hazardousenvironments.
  5. 5. 5DialightOur LED lights aren’t pretty - you’ll only see them in placeswhere reliability counts for more than looks,and that’s where the boring bit comes in.BORING, BORING, BORING
  6. 6. 6DialightThey don’t do anything.THEY JUST KEEP ON WORKING.BORING, BORING, BORING
  7. 7. 7DialightBORING, BORING, BORINGNo breaking. No fading. No shattering.They just keep on working, even when they’ve been in a fire.
  8. 8. 8DialightBORING, BORING, BORINGEven this sort of treatment doesn’t put them off their stride.Click here to see them in slow-mo during a 75G shake-upwhere they just keep on working without even a flicker.
  9. 9. 9DialightBORING, BORING, BORINGWhen you switch them off and on, LEDs just come back onimmediately as if nothing had happened,even in low temperature environments like your cold storewhere nobody goes unless they have to, so why not switchthem off when no one’s there?
  10. 10. 10DialightBORING, BORING, BORINGAnd they don’t even use half as much power as the lightsyou’ve probably got at the moment.Metal halides on the left drawing 208W and LEDs on the rightusing just 80W in a one-for-one refit
  11. 11. 11DialightBORING, BORING, BORINGOnce you fit our LED highbays, they can forget themfor at least five years – theyjust keep on working, sothere’s no maintenance toworry about.All our LED lights carry a five-year continuousperformance warranty, so ifthey’re not running 24/7,they’ll last even longer.5 years … How boring is that?But it gets even worse.
  12. 12. 12DialightBORING, BORING, BORING10 years … that’s our latest continuous performance warranty.If you can send it back in a box, we’ll take it back.10 years of No sudden failures No bulb changes No component replacements No lights out No flickering No hassle No problems!
  13. 13. 13DialightBORING, BORING, BORINGThis warehouse example shows you that the benefits of LEDlighting are in fact anything but boring.Lit by 150W LED high bays in foreground and 400W HPS to rear
  14. 14. 14DialightBORING, BORING, BORINGProject – two warehouses covering 20,000sqm and lit by acombination of 136 x 250W HPS and 100 x 400W HPS (actuallyrunning at 280W and 430W respectively). These were replacedby 126 x 150W LED high bays mounted at 13ms.236 lights replaced by 126 at lower wattage …For the results, see next slide
  15. 15. 15DialightBORING, BORING, BORING•Over 76% reduction in lighting energy use•Maintenance cost reduced to almost zero•Just over 1 year payback, 100% return on investment•Annual CO2 output down by 296 tonnes•Vast improvement in light quality•Instant-on ability enables switching off
  16. 16. 16DialightBORING, BORING, BORINGHPS v LED high bay – there’s no contest
  17. 17. 17DialightFinally – coup de grâce by bullet pointHPS•Voluminous body•Fragile•Total power consumption430W•Sensitive to voltage change•Slow warm-up•Accumulation of dirt•Contains dangerous andharmful gases•High CO2 emissions•Low energy efficiencyLED•Small and compact body•Resistant to shock and vibration•Total power consumption 150W•Non-sensitive to voltage changedue to its wide voltage range•Instant on/off ability•Doesn’t accumulate dirt, easy toclean•Contains no harmful gases•Low CO2 emissions•High energy efficiency
  18. 18. 18DialightFor more information about LED lightingwww.dialight.cominfo@dialight.comTCO calculator – try our calculator to find out what you couldsave by installing LED lighting.Still here? That’s good If you’d like to know what I couldcome up with for your product orservice, let’s have a chat.You can reach me atchristine @ guptapartnership . comor on 0131 476 3966uk.linkedin.com/in/christinegupta/