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Letter of Recommendation (TFG)

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Letter of Recommendation (TFG)

  1. 1. office 855.356.8550 fax 513.771.5009 email info@teamfitzgraphics.com 11320 Mosteller Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241 January 11, 2016 To Whom It May Concern, This letter is to serve as a personal recommendation on the behalf of Christian Salzmann. Christian Salzmann first joined our company in January 2015. We originally got connected through one of my client’s as a personal recommendation. Christian’s role at the company was as a production specialist. His main duties included sign and graphic manufacturing and finishing; preparing, receiving, and scheduling shipments; and helping to maintain proper inventory levels. Our first impressions of Christian once he started was that he was a very quick learner and very interested in learning all aspects of the company. Christian genuinely cared about his work and how his work would affect the business. Multiple times, Christian came to me with suggestions or ideas on improving processes or work flows, and then carried it into action by instituting change. Christian joined me on multiple sales calls and was always very professional, informative, and an asset to have in front of the customer. I feel that Christian would be a great asset to bring on, and I would give my full recommendation pending the opportunity is a good fit. Shaun Fitzgibbons Co-owner, Team Fitz Graphics