prime numbers twin prime riemann hypothesis prime-counting function prime number theorem (pnt) yitang zhang number theory clay mathematics prime pair polignac hardy-littlewood zahlentheorie euler zèta function euler product riemann prime counting riesel mertens prime numbers counting probabilisti mathematical constant brun asymptotic law of distribution unsolved problems characters lionel shriver mandibles portfolio treynor undervalued risk sharpe jensen alpha capm investing math prime gaps zhang yitang; twin prime polignac's conjecture epr paradox heisenberg spooky action at a distance local causality determinism bohr bell's theorem bell inequality jordan einstein podolsky rosen quantum entanglement conjecture riele meissel odlyzko mertens pintz. erdos-borwein meissel-mertens embree-trefethen ramanujan-soldner landau-ramanujan euler-mascheroni viswanath prime decomposition catalan napier plastic constant fractal pythagoras feigenbaum golden ratio theodorus archimedes scanner photodiode medical imaging coating reflectance phototubes rontgen photomultiplier laser photometry integrating beam cylinder young entanglement algorithm prime factorization encryption goldbach conjecture; prime formula; mersenne ; pri zhang yitang; goldbach conjecture; twin prime polignac; carl pomerance; mersenne prime; euler; b lindemann weierstrass; pi (π); squaring circle; d goldbach’s conjecture; prime formula; twin prime trisecting angle; trichotomy; wantzel; ruler and c
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