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Developers mindset

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Women Tech markers University of Lagos chapter 15th of September 2017.

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Developers mindset

  1. 1. WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining
  2. 2. A Developer Mind-set By Chioma James @chiomy0 WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining #WTMunilag#gdgunilag
  3. 3. A Developer Mind-set WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining
  4. 4. A Developer Mind-set WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining • The Bitter truth • Focus • Discipline • Growth mind-set • Work regularly • Celebrate your success • Do not be afraid to ask questions • Challenge yourself • Constant learning
  5. 5. Programmin g is h ard . “ A s i n H A R D D D D D ” ! Programming is requires lot of patience. It is required for beginners to follow their pace. Occasionally, when you are getting started, you will spend hours trying to find one missing semi-colon or one miss-spelt word that is breaking your code. But don’t give up The BitterTruth ADeveloperMind-set WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining
  6. 6. Growth mind is a concept that states, you have the ability to learn everyday. Your knowledge and skills are always not fixed entities you can grow them. You will always have challenges in life. You may not have the talent or skill you want today, but if you are willing to work at it, you can learn it. Cultivate a growth mind-set. When you take on a new job or project or task, see what you have learnt from it, irrespective of success or failure. WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining Growth mind-set ADeveloperMind-set
  7. 7. • When you hit a problem, check your thoughts. If they sound anything like “I’m so stupid, I’ll never get this” or “Everyone else is ahead of me”, change your thoughts to questions instead. For example: what can I learn from this? How can I improve? • Don’t equate your successes and setbacks Instead, focus on all the things that you learned that day and imagine all the things you will learn tomorrow. • Instead of comparing yourself to people who are farther along, think about how hard those people had to work to get where they are today. WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining Growth mind-set continued ADeveloperMind-set
  8. 8. Great software development does not happen without great focus. Use the Pomodoro technique to increase your productivity. Set a timer for 25 minutes, eliminate distractions, close email or any other messaging applications, and work intensely. Take 5 minute break and start again. When your teammates or others need your attention, politely ask them to wait till your pomodoro or 25 minute time period ends. Sometimes, this may not work. WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining F O C U S ADeveloperMind-set
  9. 9. Good software developers are very disciplined. • Learn to stop giving excuses. • Get enough sleep. • Ensure to program everyday. • Learn to start work early. It is very important to get to work early because the morning time is the period when you are most productive. • Spend time with your friends, family, loved ones, and on yourself. WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining DISCIPLINE ADeveloperMind-set
  10. 10. • Reward yourself with good sleep • Go out or take yourself shopping • Celebrate and share with others • Buy some ice-cream • Take your self to the cinemas Do anything that makes you happy. WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining Celebrateyour success ADeveloperMind-set
  11. 11. One of the biggest mistakes most beginners make when it comes to programming is that they think they SHOULD know how to do it all and wait far too long before they reach out for help. Stop that! ALL developers need help WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining Ask questions ADeveloperMind-set
  12. 12. • Set small achievable goals • Visualize how you will solve the problems • Collaborate with others • Take up projects WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining Challengeyourself ADeveloperMind-set
  13. 13. • Google is your friend, so also is GIT, Stackoverflow, Tech communities etc • Programming is hard and the best way to make hard things easier is having a good sense of humour! WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining Constant learning and Havingfun ADeveloperMind-set
  14. 14. 1. Write a letter to your future self using what you’ve learned. How will you solve your problem? What skills do you have now that will help you tackle challenges? How will what you’ve learned about having a growth mind-set help you reach your goals? 2. Write a brief statement sharing your goals as a developer with us. These goals can be project goals, career goals, or personal goals. Is there a dream job you’re working toward? Is there a project idea you’ve been itching to start? CHECK ON HOW TO SUBMIT ON THE WHATSAPP GROUP WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining ADeveloperMind-set:Project
  15. 15. • http://www.codeconquest.com/blog/how-to-navigate- the-up-and-downs-of-learning-to-code/ • https://www.thinkful.com/blog/my-first-month-coding- an-emotional-roller-coaster/ • https://www.vikingcodeschool.com/posts/why-learning- to-code-is-so-damn-hard • Read more on Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining A DeveloperMind-set
  16. 16. Questions?? WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining A DeveloperMind-set: Project Questions?? Questions??Questions?? Questions?? Questions?? Questions?? Questions?? Questions?? Questions?? Questions?? Questions?? Questions?? Questions?? Questions?? Questions?? Questions??
  17. 17. Thank you WTMUnilag WebDevelopmentTraining