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Qlik Sense Software Partner - Inside Info

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Qilk Sense Software helps in analysing the business data for developing strategies for optimising the operational and financial procedures. They have a very strong portfolio and worked for leading companies like Orora, GWA Group, Reed Exhibitions and have played a key role in enhancing their business potential. Brief information regarding these companies has been offered.

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Qlik Sense Software Partner - Inside Info

  1. 1. Qlik Sense Software Partner - Inside Info
  2. 2. About Us Enable clients to view and study their business data. The main objective is to help in enhancing the operational and financial systems. For commercial analytics and performance applications leading commercial ventures select the services of inside info.
  3. 3. Our Clients
  4. 4. Orora Orora Limited is an ASX listed company which began its operations in 2013. This company started when Amcor, one of the world’s leading packaging companies, discontinued its Australian and North American packaging solutions ventures.
  5. 5. GWA Group Fixtures and fittings for residential & business premises. It also offers brands like Caroma and Dorf which offer home accessories, heating and cooling systems and the Gainsborough and Austral Lock brands.
  6. 6. Reed Exhibitions Reed Exhibitions are the world's premier producers of exhibitions, expertising in developing, selling, promoting and managing trade and consumer events across the world.
  7. 7. Contact Us Level 5, 2 Elizabeth Plaza, North Sydney, NSW enquiry@insideinfo.com.au 1300 768 110 www.insideinfo.com.au Click to View Larger Map