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Cass Morgan Lodge Presentation

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Cass Morgan Lodge Presentation

  1. 1. The Cass Morgan Lodge Pierpont Community & Technical College Charity Luzader APPD 2260/Spring 2014
  2. 2. Overall The Cass Morgan Lodge was previously a run down railroad station, that needed a face lift. The new business owners would like to renovate and create a rustic contemporary design. The first floor of the lodge will contain the lobby, restaurant and the gift shop. The second floor will have twelve guest rooms, a laundry room, a vending area, and a gym. We will use natural earth tones, such as brown, green, black, beige throughout the entire hotel to enhance the relaxation feeling. In addition, pieces of reclaimed wood, flat black and bronze finishes, with a twist of contemporary furniture will be used to top of the design.
  3. 3. BeforeRenovation
  4. 4. Lobby The lobby will be designated for checking guests in and out of the lodge. In this particular area, you will notice a exposed brick wall, reclaimed wood beams and stained concrete with contemporary furniture.
  5. 5. GiftShop Rustic Memories is the place to meet all your need throughout your stay at the Cass Morgan Lodge. Rustic Memories will sell items such as personalized gifts, extra pillows, blankets, fine wine, and other great souvenirs.
  6. 6. Morgan’sRestaurant Morgan’s Restaurant will be located to your right as you walk into the lobby. The restaurant will showcase dark, rich earthy tones, leather seating, exposed stone and wood.
  7. 7. GuestSuite The guest suites at the Cass Morgan Lodge will be set up with one queen sized bed, two night stands, a dresser for extra storage, and a sitting area where you can relax and enjoy your time at the Cass Morgan Lodge.
  8. 8. AfterRenovation
  9. 9. Quanity Manufacturer Product # Decription Dimensions MSRP List Price Listed Price 1 Broyhill Furniture 4990-280 BED Attic Retreat Queen Sleigh Bed W:42" D:18" H:54" $1,406 $816 2 Broyhill Furniture 4990-293 Rustic Three Drawer Nightstand W:30" D:18" H:30" $669 $388 1 Broyhill Furniture 4990-230 9 Drawer Dresser W:64" D:18½" H:42" $1,405 $815 1 Barclay Butera Lifestyle BB3008 Moore Button Tufted White Club Chair W:35" D:39" H:35" $2,716 $1,630 2 Kenroy Home 30110BLKP Simplicity Swing- Arm Wall Sconce H: 12.99” W: 15.99” $190 $130 1 Uttermost Company 07646 Nelo Wall Mirror W:46" H:41" $703 $482 1 Uttermost Company 12730 Demarco Round Wall Mirror W: 40" H: 40" $575 $394 1 Franklin Iron Works 08063 Oak Valley Collection 18" Wide Ceiling Light Fixture H: 14” W: 18” $199.99 FurnitureSchedule
  10. 10. GuestSuiteBathroom Each guest room will have their own personal bathroom, that will provide a toilet, a vanity, a tub.
  11. 11. Inspiration