What Is Dropshipping in Odoo 15

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4. Feb 2022

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What Is Dropshipping in Odoo 15

  1. Dropshipping - Odoo 15
  2. INTRODUCTION ❖ Dropshipping is an online sales management technique in which the supplier accepts orders from customers, however they do not keep products in stock. ❖ Instead of keeping stock, they transfer business orders and shipment details to either the dealer or manufacturer. ❖ This concept of selling products that you don't really own or keep stock is what is called Dropshipping. In his dropshipping business model a separate online store or location can be set up with mark up price but the products are not physically stored and at the time of sale, they are directly transferred to the customer. ❖ This technique can be applied for the products which have more customer demands even without keeping it in the inventory. Your organization can directly request your vendors to deliver the products to your customers.
  3. ❖ The Dropshipping aspect is more simple and more clear in the Odoo platform. First of all you can activate the Dropshipping feature from the Settings. ❖ To access this go to Purchase > Configuration > Settings
  4. ❖ In the Purchase Settings window, under the Logistics menu you can view the Dropshipping functionality.Enable it and SAVE your changes.
  5. ❖ Now a new route of dropshipping is applied. You can view the Dropship option under the Inventory tab of the Product creation window. Where you are able to activate the dropship option. ❖ Go to Products > Products
  6. ❖ Now let us discuss how Dropshipping works in Odoo. Before that you should keep in mind that you should install the Sales, Purchase and Inventory module for Dropshipping to work. ❖ First of all, we can activate the Dropship option for the respective product.
  7. ❖ Make sure vendor details are entered for the product under Purchase tab.
  8. ❖ Now let us create a Sale Order with products to dropship. For that we can go to the Sales module and CREATE
  9. ❖ Create a Quotation Order for the respective product. You can add the Customer details and add the details of the product under the Order Lines tab. ❖ Then you can save the details.
  10. ❖ After the confirmation of the Sale Order, a request for quotation is generated by Odoo to the respective vendor to buy the product. ❖ For viewing this you can click on the smart button Purchase
  11. ❖ When you click on this smart button you will be directed to the Purchase RFQ created ❖ You can send this quotation by SEND BY MAIL
  12. ❖ Click SEND button for sending mail to the vendor with RFQ
  13. ❖ Now you can confirm the Purchase RFQ into a purchase order by clicking on the CONFIRM ORDER button available.
  14. ❖ By confirming, there will be created a transfer from your vendor directly to your customer.
  15. ❖ The Dropship smart button as highlighted in the above image will allow you to Validate the dropship.
  16. ❖ When you click on the Validate button to validate the dropship, you can see that the stage changes from READY to DONE.
  17. ❖ Now come to the purchase order you can create bill for the purchase order created and make the payment.
  18. ❖ If you complete the validation of dropship, the product will be straightly purchased from the respective vendor and it will be delivered to that particular customer destination location which we mentioned in the Sale Order. ❖ From product move report we will get the transfer details to the partner location
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