Odoo 15 PoS Gift Card | Odoo 15 Enterprise Edition

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14. Jul 2022

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Odoo 15 PoS Gift Card | Odoo 15 Enterprise Edition

  1. Odoo 15 PoS Gift Card
  2. INTRODUCTION ❖ Odoo implemented certain additional features. Pricelists, Loyalty Programs, Gift Cards, Promotion Programs, and Coupon Programs are some of the marketing strategies we utilize to attract clients. One of them is a Gift Card. we can use a gift card to deduct a specific amount from our final price. We can generate gift cards with various prices here, and if necessary, we can use these gift cards to make purchases. Which allows us to deduct the value of the gift card from our transaction. We can use this Gift Card on the Point of Sale sections.
  3. ❖ Gift Card in the Point Of Sale First and foremost, we must set it up to gain access to Gift Cards at the Point Of Sale (POS), we must set it. Go to configuration and pick settings for this. Then select the Gift Card option enable that and save your changes. Configuration > Settings > Gift Card > Save
  4. ❖ After that we can activate the feature for The Point Of Sale Session. So that, Go to Pos Settings > Pricing > Gift Card
  5. ❖ Then we have to see the Gift Card Settings that defines the way you want your gift cards.
  6. ❖ We can enable Gift Cards and choose the first option there, which is to Generate a new barcode and set a price. We'll start by creating a new bar code and settling a price for the gift card. After that, we'll use it to sell a product to a consumer.
  7. ❖ Let's start a new session to do so, go to the dashboard and select "Open Session" from the drop-down menu.
  8. ❖ Open a new window; there is a Gift Card option on the right side. When you select that option, a small window will pop up.
  9. ❖ On the left side, there is a Gift Card option. When you select that option, a small window will pop up will appear where there are three possibilities available to us. Generate a barcode, use a gift card, check a gift card, and cancel the transaction. Pick the first option, Generate a barcode.
  10. ❖ Then a new window appears. We can then enter a value for our new gift card. Setting the starting amount of the Gift Card to 1000 then Confirm it.
  11. ❖ The gift card is now added to the order line, and the price of the gift card is 1000, as we specified. By clicking on Customer, you can add a customer from there. From the list, we may choose our customers. Then we'll be able to add payment. Click the payment button to add a payment.
  12. ❖ From here, we can select a payment method for the amount owed. There are three methods of payment accessible here. Select the appropriate option and Validate it.
  13. ❖ A gift card has also been made, which may be downloaded. Copy the Barcode of the created gift card, which can be used in the next sale.
  14. ❖ Click New Order to create a new order, then add a customer and products. Then select the Gift Card option to use the newly created gift card. The same window will appear again.
  15. ❖ In this instance, we must use the previously created Gift Card. So, at this time, we'd want to choose the Use a gift card option.
  16. ❖ Then a little window appears, into which we wish to paste the Barcode from the previously made gift card. Then Confirm it.
  17. ❖ The gift card is added to the order line as a new product. The Gift Card amount is then reduced here. We created a gift card with a value of 1000, while the total value of the order is 295. As a result of redeeming a gift card, the total amount was reduced. Then, as previously said, we can make payment to finish the order.
  18. ❖ The receipt detailed every aspect of the transaction. From this, we can see that we sold two products for a total of $295. However, because I used a gift card, the sum was deducted. As a result, we paid nothing.
  19. ❖ So, let's look at the gift card under the product tab. The generated gift card is shown there. While opening that gift card, the balance amount and sale order ID are updated and displayed there. Partner is set as Azure Interior, so they can only use this card.
  20. ❖ 2: Scan an existing barcode and set a price We also can scan the barcode of an existing gift card and modify the value. This, in this case, means altering the value of a gift card; after adding a new amount, we can subtract the newly increased amount of gift cards while selling products. So if we want to add value to a customer's gift card, we can utilize this strategy. Each gift card has an expiration date. If the expiration date has passed, the gift card status will be changed from valid to expired. A gift card that has expired cannot be redeemed. We can add some value to the existing gift card in such circumstances. This strategy can be used in such situations as well.
  21. ❖ To add this option, we may either establish a new session or change an existing one. Then select the second option to scan an existing barcode and change the price after enabling the Gift card option.
  22. ❖ Then we can choose either an expired gift card or create a gift card with a date that has passed. To do so, go to the Product tab and look for the Gift Card option that we described earlier. From there, copy the gift card barcode. Product > Gift Card > Create
  23. ❖ For the customer Azure Interior, a gift card of 100 was created
  24. ❖ This gift card's barcode should be copied. Then, go to Dashboard and, from Shop, start a new session. ➢Then select our customer and, as previously said, select the Gift Card option.
  25. ❖ Choose the first choice from the small window that appears, Scan and set the price on the gift card.
  26. ❖ Then a new window appears, where we can copy the Barcode of a previously purchased gift card. Paste the barcode into the Point Of Sale session. Then confirm it.
  27. ❖ So there is a gift card with a value of 100, and the value of the existing gift card will be increased to 1000. Then, in the sale order line, a gift card worth $1,000 is placed as a product.
  28. ❖ We can sell the product Gift card, make payments, and validate. The gift card has now been downloaded. Let's have a look at it from the back end. Go to the product tab and select Gift Card. Choose the most recently scanned card. The sum has been revised to 1000,
  29. ❖ The value is $1,000.This newly produced gift card can be used to sell products. As a result, up to $1,000 will be deducted from the total sum. So we'll be able to use this gift card at the next sale. To ensure that we may make a new sale. Choose the same customer and the product that is required. Then select the gift card option
  30. ❖ Choose the option to use a gift card from the popup window.
  31. ❖ Then paste the copied barcode of our gift card into the specified place. To confirm, press the confirm button.
  32. ❖ With the chosen product, add the gift card as a product and deduct $1,000 from the order. To make a payment, click the payment button; from there, we can see that we only have $450 to pay. Make the payment. We placed a sale order for a product costing $1450; however, the gift card subtracted $1,000 off the total. Currently in possession of the receipt. From there, we can print the receipt. Let's look at the back end; the gift card balance is now 0 since we used the entire amount. And the field POS Redeems is updated with the sale order ID.
  33. ❖ 3: Scan an existing barcode with an existing price This approach ultimately depends on the existing barcode. The gift card we used in this situation had to have some value on it. We occasionally receive deals, which means we may sell gift cards at a reduced price, with the consumer redeeming the gift card at its total value. For example, during certain festive seasons such as New Year's Eve, Christmas, and so on, certain businesses offer special deals such as submitting a gift card worth $2,000 for only $500, and so on. This approach can be used by using this option.
  34. ❖ In the backend, create a new gift card. Here's how to make a 999 gift card. The expiration date has been added, which is not assigned to any partner, so it is possible to sell it to any customer.
  35. ❖ The gift card was then saved, and the barcode was copied. Then change the gift card strategy to Scan an existing barcode with a current price at the session point.
  36. ❖ Afterward, start afresh session. Customers and products should be added. Then select the gift card option. Choose the option to Scan a gift card from the popup window.
  37. ❖ Paste the previously copied barcode of an existing gift card.
  38. ❖ The gift card is subsequently entered into the sale order line. Then, by clicking on the payment icon, you can make a payment.
  39. ❖ Let's check the gift card from the back end. The starting value of the gift card is 999 and assigned to the partner Azure Interior
  40. ❖ - Checking the balance of a Gift Card There is another way to check the balance of the gift card from the session. So, before making a transaction, we can simply check the gift card balance. It helps us avoid misunderstandings about the balance of a used or new gift card. To check the balance of a gift card, click on it and select the option Check a gift card.
  41. ❖ Then, in the provided space, paste the gift card's barcode. When you click the confirm button, the remaining balance will be displayed.
  42. For More Details Check our company website for related blogs and Odoo book. Odoo Book V15 Check our YouTube channel for functional and technical videos in Odoo. Odoo 15 PoS Gift Card
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