Customize Your Pipeline Stages in Odoo CRM

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24. Mar 2022

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Customize Your Pipeline Stages in Odoo CRM

  1. Customize Your Pipeline Stages in Odoo CRM
  2. INTRODUCTION ❖ CRM in Odoo can be clarified as a progression of occasions that begin with distinguishing a Lead (a future deal probability) and goes through various stages like Opportunity, Quotation, Sale Order, and genuine deal (receipt age and installment). ❖ Odoo coordinates the Customer Management module alongside these procedures to achieve compelling Customer Relationship Management. ❖ The fundamental advances engaged with following a deal can be recorded as beneath. ❖ You can without much of a stretch make a lead from the CRM pipeline itself. ❖ A well-structured sales pipeline is crucial in order to keep control of your sales process and to have a 360-degrees view of your leads, opportunities, and customers.
  3. ❖ In Odoo CRM, leads are brought in at the left end of the sales pipeline in the Kanban view and then moved along to the right from one stage to another.
  4. ❖ From the Kanban view of your pipeline, you can add stages by clicking on Add new column.
  5. ❖ Click on ADD button after specify the name for adding new column.
  6. ❖ When a column is created, Odoo will then automatically propose to you to add another column in order to complete your process.
  7. ❖ If you want to change opportunity between stages, you can easily do so by dragging and dropping the opportunity.
  8. ❖ We will get newly added activity from kanban view.
  9. ❖ If you want to rearrange the order of your stages, you can easily do so by dragging and dropping the column you want to move to the desired location.
  10. ❖ To customise the changes click on this icon and we will get the options for fold, Edit stage and Delete
  11. ❖ Specify the details and then SAVE
  12. ❖ If we click on Fold option the stage will look like this. To expand click on the stage.
  13. ❖ And you can also directly create lead from pipeline by clicking ‘+’ icon and ADD. We can add more details by EDIT button.
  14. ❖ On each stage we can see color specification , ❖ Green - Planned activities, Red - Overdue activities, Yellow - Today’s activity. Click on one color and we will get the opportunity under that state.
  15. ❖ Odoo allows schedule activity from pipeline. For that click on that icon and schedule the activity.
  16. ❖ You can also create multiple schedule multiple activity.Suppose if you need to schedule a meeting set type as meeting and then OPEN CALENDAR.
  17. ❖ Now select a date and from displayed prompt you can change the subject then CREATE
  18. ❖ We will get calendar view like this after scheduling.
  19. ❖ Click on the activity on date and EDIT button for editing the activity details.
  20. ❖ You can add the participants , starting and ending time,meeting URL,reminders ,organizer etc then SAVE
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