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There's a shortcut for that! SSMS Tips and Tricks (Denver SQL)

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There's a shortcut for that! SSMS Tips and Tricks (Presented for the Denver SQL Server User Group on October 19th 2017)

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There's a shortcut for that! SSMS Tips and Tricks (Denver SQL)

  1. 1. There's a shortcut for that! SSMS Tips and Tricks Cathrine Wilhelmsen Denver SQL Server User Group · Oct 19th 2017
  2. 2. Cathrine Wilhelmsen @cathrinew cathrinew.net Data Warehouse Architect Business Intelligence Developer
  3. 3. once upon a time...
  4. 4. how I felt…
  5. 5. how I want to be...
  6. 6. SSMS 17.3
  7. 7. Tip #1: Visual Information
  8. 8. Connection Colors
  9. 9. Status Bar and Tab Text
  10. 10. Results in Separate Tab
  11. 11. Tab Groups - Vertical
  12. 12. Tab Groups - Horizontal
  13. 13. Split one query in two windows
  14. 14. Pin Tabs
  15. 15. Tip #2: Shortcuts
  16. 16. Query Shortcuts
  17. 17. Keyboard Shortcuts docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/ssms/sql-server-management-studio-keyboard-shortcuts Assign shortcuts you frequently use Remove shortcuts you accidentally click (no more "ooops")
  19. 19. CTRL R Show / Hide Query Results
  20. 20. ALTSHIFT ENTER Toggle Full Screen
  21. 21. TABCTRL Cycle through windows
  22. 22. CTRL U Change database
  23. 23. SHIFTALT Column / Multi-Line Editing
  24. 24. CTRL K CTRL C Comment Line CTRL K CTRL U Uncomment Line Comment / Uncomment
  25. 25. CTRL SHIFT V Last 20 text items copied are saved in memory Cycle through them to paste the text you need Clipboard Ring
  26. 26. Too many shortcuts? Use Quick Launch! …or just ALT + Keyboard! ALT Q
  27. 27. Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet am2.co/shortcuts by Andy Mallon (@AMtwo)
  28. 28. SSMS Shortcuts and Secrets SQLWorkbooks.com by Kendra Little (@Kendra_Little)
  29. 29. Tip #3: Templates and Snippets
  30. 30. Template Browser Create Templates CTRL ALT T Templates
  31. 31. Replace Template Parameters with actual values CTRL SHIFT M Template Parameters
  32. 32. CTRL K CTRL X Insert Snippet CTRL K CTRL S Surround With Snippet Snippets
  33. 33. Redgate SQL Prompt (Licensed) ApexSQL Complete / Refactor SSMS Tools Pack (Licensed) SSMS Boost Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter dbForge SQL Complete (Licensed) SQL Formatter SqlSmash red-gate.com apexsql.com ssmstoolspack.com ssmsboost.com poorsql.com devart.com/dbforge sql-format.com sqlsmash.com Advanced Snippets and Formatting
  34. 34. Your best tips and tricks?
  35. 35. @cathrinew cathrinew.net linkedin.com/in/cathrinewilhelmsen hi@cathrinew.net slideshare.net/cathrinewilhelmsen cathrinew.net