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#Digital #Marketing 2019 - Dig -it - al

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This presentation specifics how to leverage #Digital Platforms effectively to engage and empower and also about the potential opportunities it has to offer to a country like India

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#Digital #Marketing 2019 - Dig -it - al

  1. 1. Digital Dig - It - all Presented by : Rohit Kumar Cherukuri Vice President – Global Marketing Cloud4C notifyrohit@gmail.com +91 9989071326Rohit Kumar Cherukuri Rohitnotifies
  2. 2. Key Experiences:  National Strategic Marketing Manager for Mxit in India: Lead the Indian Strategic Marketing initiatives end-to-end in across all phases (ATL, BTL and TTL) required for successful launch of campaigns  Globally Launched Deloitte Analytics as a service offering across Digital channels: Launched technology driven strategies which helped in marketing offerings and programmes effectively  Corporate Speaker: Lead sessions across corporates and national forums on strategic approaches and processes related to Social and Mobile marketing and technologies  Guest Lecturer: Visiting faculty and lecturer across B schools and universities on topics related to Digital/mobile Marketing 2 Education Qualifications:  Certification in Business Analytics, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad  Masters in Business Administration - Finance (Gold Medalist/ General Secretary), Karunya University, Coimbatore  Bachelor of Commerce (Computers), Osmania University, Hyderabad Work Summary :  Rohit has over 12 years of experience, out of which 8 years was into Digital Consulting (Mobile/Web/Apps), Strategic Marketing, Product/Research and Business Development roles at IBM, Deloitte, Banks and Startups, and another 4 years was into Sales and Marketing.  Has experience working in Multinational and national banks such as HSBC and Kotak Mahindra bank across retail services  Was awarded “Best MBA internship 2008” for a Primary research based banking project - “Consumer switching behavior with respect to Banking services”  Involved in various Strategic Consulting, Transformation Driven and Business Improvement roles in B2B and B2C businesses across US, Europe and APAC based Services/businesses  Advised clients across sectors including TMT, BFSI, IT and Healthcare about aspects related to Technologies (Digital/Mobile), Marketing (Product Launch and Process efficiencies) and Analytics (Mobile/Apps/Web) Rohit Kumar Cherukuri, Vice President – Global Marketing @ Cloud4c (Strategy Consultant - Management and Digital)
  3. 3. 13
  4. 4. Contextualization & Word positioning
  5. 5. Balance Context and Content effectively 
  6. 6. Spacing matters the most
  7. 7. Be Aware of the kind of language spoken
  8. 8. Mobile - Does it keep you mobile ?
  9. 9. 28
  10. 10. 30
  11. 11. 31 India - Nations within a nation
  12. 12. 32
  13. 13. India has the lowest data rate in the world 33
  14. 14. 34
  15. 15. Mobile Data Consumption in India: 11 GB Per Active Smartphone Per Month By 2022 35
  16. 16. 37 Tools  2 most important free tools which you always have with you.  Your head  Your heart.
  17. 17. 38 Tool – 1: Hashtagify
  18. 18. 39 Tool – 2:Ritetag
  19. 19. Tool – 3: Trendsmap 40  Helps understand the live trending topics for a specific country /Region
  20. 20. How these avenues can be leveraged 41 Engage –to Learn Educate –to Grow Empower –to Share
  21. 21. 42 Approach Exist Listen Promote Engage