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How to Migrate from Drupal to TYPO3

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Drupal to TYPO3 migration looks like a next-to impossible venture? It's actually not true. This guide demonstrates how you can conduct your Drupal to TYPO3 content migration with no hassle and time losses using an automated migration tool. Find out more here: http://www.cms2cms.com/supported-cms/drupal-to-typo3-migration

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How to Migrate from Drupal to TYPO3

  1. 1. How to Migrate from Drupal to TYPO3 by CMS2CMS Team June, 2013 www.cms2cms.com
  2. 2. How to Migrate from Drupal to TYPO3? Automated Migration Service www.cms2cms.com
  3. 3. How to Prepare for Migration? 1. Back up your Drupal website. 2. Install TYPO3 3. Set up custom URL structure for TYPO3 4. Find FTP access details (for TYPO3 and Drupal) Find more info in this article www.cms2cms.com
  4. 4. Migration Setup Step 1. Create your account Visit www.cms2cms.com Register your CMS2CMS account or sign up via Facebook or Google www.cms2cms.com
  5. 5. Migration Setup Step 2. Set up your Source and Target sites 1. Select your Current and New CMS types 2. Type in the URLs of your TYPO3 and Drupal websites www.cms2cms.com
  6. 6. Migration Setup Step 3. Connect your Sites 1. Download Bridge file (zip) to your PC 2. Extract 'cms2cms' folder from the zip www.cms2cms.com
  7. 7. o Connect to your Drupal website via FTP o Upload extracted 'cms2cms' folder to Drupal root directory. o Connect to TYPO3 website via FTP o Upload 'cms2cms' folder to TYPO3 root folder index.php file Find more info here or watch the video tutorial. Migration Setup Step 3. Connect your Sites www.cms2cms.com Note. Root directory is the top folder with
  8. 8. Migration Setup Step 3. Connect your Sites Go back to Migration wizard and click "Verify Connection to your Sites" www.cms2cms.com
  9. 9. Migration Setup Step 4. Select Migration preferences Check the boxes to activate the following migration options: • Migrate Media - to have images moved • Make URLs SEO friendly - to have internal links formed according to the rewrite rules on TYPO3 website • Clear Target website data - delete all content from TYPO3 website before migration www.cms2cms.com
  10. 10. Migration Setup Step 4. Start Demo Migration You're all set to start your migration. It's recommended to start the free Demo migration to see how the service works. www.cms2cms.com Note. You can skip this step and start Full migration right away.
  11. 11. Migration Setup Step 5. Start Full Migration Only one mouse click separates you from the new TYPO3 site. After you click 'Start Full Migration', your Drupal website content will be moved to TYPO3 . You'll receive an email notification as soon as the transfer is complete. You'll be able to check the results and enjoy your new TYPO3 website! www.cms2cms.com
  12. 12. Migrate your site now - it's never been easier! Go ahead and start the new life of your website! www.cms2cms.com