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Free Web Tools for Information Management

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Free Web Tools for Information Management

  1. 1. Free Web Tools for Information Management Kimberley R. Barker, MLIS Manager for Technology Education & Computing Claude Moore Health Sciences Library
  2. 2. In today’s session:  Level one  Learn how to make information come to you  Level two  Learn how to manage the information once it’s streaming in  Level three  Learn how to meta-manage the information
  3. 3. Level One Making the information come to you
  4. 4. Level One  RSS feeds  Search alerts  Social bookmarking
  5. 5. RSS Feeds  RSS Feeds/Atom  “Really Simple Syndication”  Takeaway vs. Delivery
  6. 6. Google Reader was my favorite
  7. 7. Some alternatives: Feedly NEWSBLUR The Old Reader
  8. 8. Setting up RSS feed through Outlook Outlook  Tools Account Settings
  9. 9. Click on the RSS Feeds tab
  10. 10. Let’s have a look at RSS readers in real time!
  11. 11. RSS feeds from journals
  12. 12. RSS feeds from journals, 2
  13. 13. RSS feeds from journals, 3
  14. 14. ToC email alerts from journals
  15. 15. ToC email alerts from journals
  16. 16. Search alerts  Available through most search engines and some databases  Allows you to save specific searches, and to receive notification via email when new content matching your search hits the Internet or database
  17. 17. Search alerts in databases
  18. 18. Search alerts in databases, 2
  19. 19. Social Bookmarking Storing useful information for future use
  20. 20. Social bookmarking  Social bookmarking  “…a method for Internet users to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks of resources online.”- Wikipedia (I call it excellence covered in awesomesauce!)  Accomplished through tagging, “… the process by which many users add metadata in the form of keywords to shared content.” (Golder & Humberman).
  21. 21. Why bother with social bookmarking?  Allows you to:  Access your bookmarks from anywhere (you’ll need a web-enabled device & internet connection)  Easily share information  Perform more focused searching (but beware the folksonomy!)
  22. 22. Social bookmarking sites
  23. 23. Delicious: my favorite for work-related links  Bookmark any site on the Internet, and get to it from anywhere  Share your bookmarks, and share others’ bookmarks in return  Discover the most useful and interesting bookmarks on the web  http://www.delicioius.com/help/about
  24. 24. My favorite features  Easy-to-use interface  Browser add-on makes tagging quick and easy  Ability to create tag bundles, tag subscriptions, and networks  Delicious is very popular (the more people who use a site and tag content, the more useful it is as a resource)
  25. 25. Level Two: managing the info once it’s streaming in  Evernote  Dropbox  Citation management software  Annotation software
  26. 26. Evernote  A program that allows you to:  Gather information (photos, emails, websites, notes, screenshots, etc)  Organize it (automatically processes, indexes, and makes searchable; you can further organize with tags and folders)  Retrieve info via tags, titles, and keywords- even within images  Share your information with others: all of it, or some of it
  27. 27. Evernote video  http://evernote.com/video/
  28. 28. Evernote  Three ways to access  Log in at Evernote.com  Download Evernote to your computer and open the program  On your mobile device  *Warning: the three interfaces are fairly different and not as intuitive as they could be
  29. 29. Dropbox Tour: https://www.dropbox.com/tour/0
  30. 30. Citation Management Software  “… software for scholars and authors to use for recording and utilizing bibliographic citations”- Wikipedia  Examples include:  Mendeley  Zotero  Refworks- Uva owns a site license; free account  Endnote- Uva offers a discount through Cavalier Computers  Papers
  31. 31. http://guides.lib.virginia.edu/refworks
  32. 32. RefWorks allows you to:  Use from off Grounds (must set up proxy)  Type references manually  Import data from saved files  Directly export references from databases such as OVID  Store your database in the cloud & on your computer/external hard drive  Share citations with colleagues via read-only access
  33. 33.  “…a free reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research.”  Allows users to:  Automatically generate bibliographies  Collaborate easily with other researchers online  Easily import papers from other research software  Access your papers from anywhere online  Read on the go, with the iPhone app
  34. 34.  Collects your research in a single, searchable interface.  Add PDF’s, images, audio and video files, snapshots of web pages  Automatically indexes the full-text content of your library
  35. 35. Papers: Citation Management App  “… allows you to search for them, download and organize them together with supplementary material, allows you to read them full screen, keep notes, cite them in your favorite word processor, share them with your colleagues, and much, much more.” http://www.papersapp.com/papers/  Both Mac and PC versions available  $79.00
  36. 36. Papers
  37. 37. For more great photos of Papers: http://bit.ly/ZKH6dQ
  38. 38. Comparison Chart  MIT has a nice chart that compares Endnote, Refworks, and Zotero: http://bit.ly/dX0h3X  Ignore the cost information for these, as they only apply to those affiliated with MIT.
  39. 39. PDF Annotation Software
  40. 40. Here are three:  iAnnotate- iPad  PDF Xchange Viewer- Windows  Preview- iOS
  41. 41. iAnnotate- $9.99 for iPad app  “iAnnotate is a complete annotation solution that gives students and other professionals the ability to take notes, highlight, and underline within documents and diagrams with the drag of a finger.”
  42. 42. iAnnotate
  43. 43. PDF Xchange Viewer  Free. Includes ability to:  Add comments and annotations  Mark up pages  Type directly on the pdf  Extract text  Send pdf’s via email from within viewer  Compatible with Windows 2000 & later
  44. 44. PDF Xchange Viewer
  45. 45. Preview  For OSX  “…offers essential editing capabilities, such as resizing, rotation and cropping, and even lets you use annotations to share your comments”.  Annotate, add keywords, and documents are automatically indexed- find with OSX’s Spotlight search engine  Comes standard on a Mac, just as Safari does (within Preview, Tools menu -> Annotate)
  46. 46. Level three Meta-management: Cue
  47. 47. Cue: “Find anything. Quickly”.  Indexes information that you create in places like Gmail, Twitter and Facebook, and provides a search engine for it  Keep everything in one place- no more multiple log-ins in search of a piece of information  Turn your email, contacts and calendar into an intelligent snapshot of your day.  Enhance your calendar by automatically connecting related emails, phone numbers, and addresses.  Let you change or cancel reservations, check into flights, track the arrival of packages, or text friends that you are running late with just a few taps  Show up-to-date contact info alongside recent communications and the contact’s latest posts on Facebook and Twitter.  Has an iPhone app
  48. 48. cue  Freemium version includes Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, GoogleDocs, GoogleApps, Google Calendar, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Twitter, and Facebook  Unlockable accounts include Delicious, Pinboard, Tumblr, Reddit, and Google Reader (ask someone to join)  Premium version ($49.99/year) includes all of the above plus tumblr, GoogleReader, Campire, Highrise, Basecamp, SalesForce, Yammer, and Evernote.
  49. 49. Any questions?
  50. 50. Interested in learning more?  We do consults!  Contact me if you’re interested in learning more about this or other technology- related topics:  krb3k@virginia.edu  Kimberley R. Barker