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Viral Video Cinema Vol.18: In the Name of Fairy Tales and Magic

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This week's Viral Video Cinema is under the spell of “fairytales and magic”. In our dreams, toys can walk around, wolves love Oreos, dragons fill the skies, fairies and witches are everywhere, and you might be Hogwarts' finest magician. Today, we'll bring you to this wonderland and show you how brands can utilize fairytales and magic in their marketing.

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Viral Video Cinema Vol.18: In the Name of Fairy Tales and Magic

  1. 1. Bi-weeklyPowered by CICIf a fairy shows up at your door,please think twice before youmake wishes.What does the “big bad wolf”, the“shark” and the “vampire” have incommon?Do you miss the time when youand grandpa had little secrets?This looks like a preview ofHollywood movie about middle agebattle, but you never know theending…Living Teddy, electromagnetismrobot, clever monkey, If your childhas so much fun with these goodfriends, will you like IKEA’s kitchenas well?In viral video cinema, we collect all kinds of viral videos, creative ads and micro movies, covering Beauty,Sports, FMCG, IT, Luxury, Education, Auto, Food and Beverage, and many other industries and specialcategories.Up till now, more than 800 videos and 46 Playlists / Doulists have been stored in SEEISEE official videobank in Tudou.com and Youku.com. Meanwhile, we will keep updating the latest and best videos all thetime.Scan the Qrcode on the left to read on mobile devices.