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Viral video cinema vol.16:6 sec viral video via vine

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Viral video cinema vol.16:6 sec viral video via vine

  1. 1. Bi-weeklyPowered by CICVine is a mobile app (iOS based so far) which enables its users tocreate and post short video clips with maximum length of six secondsand can be shared or embedded on a variety of social networkingservices, such as Twitter or Facebook.Users can record by holding their thumb against the screen, and stop by releasing.The Internet users in now days are lack of patient because of the explosive information and habit offragment. A long video advertisement really can’t touch the consumer’s heart sometime.The “Vine”, this “video Instagram” seems start to be a new marketing trends which could be utilized bybrands & film company, at least, we believe consumers will have the feeling of freshness for a while.In today’s collection, we listed 6 published “Vine video ads” by brands and 1 hot movie preview of“Wolverine”, please enjoy.View Youku ListCup disappear and come outwith a Rabbit!Magician bear makes cup andspoon fly.This is a bowling game by dovesoap and shampoo. You should tryin home if you are Bowling lovers.A cool 6 second preview of<Wolverine>Well…Does this mean it takes 6second to eat a piece of cracker?Trident is a Gum brand? We alllike chewing it with happy faces.Chew, Chew, Chew!Click the cover image to watch each video or watch all the videos here !If you want to discuss more about VINE, feel free to contact us. (mia.shen@cicdata.com)In this BANK we collected assortments of viral videos, creative adsand micro movies, covering Beauty, Sports, FMCG, IT products andServices, Food and Beverage, Luxury, Education, Auto and otherseven industries.Up till now, more than 800 videos and 46 lists have been stored inSEEISEE official video bank in Tudou.com and Youku.com. And wewill keep updating latest and best videos all the time.In viral video cinema, we collect all kinds of viral videos, creative ads andmicro movies, covering Beauty, Sports, FMCG, IT, Luxury, Education, Auto,Food and Beverage, and many other industries and special categories.Up till now, more than 800 videos and 46 Playlists / Doulists have beenstored in SEEISEE official video bank in Tudou.com and Youku.com.Meanwhile, we will keep updating the latest and best videos all the time.CIC is Chinas leading social business intelligence provider. CIC enables businesses tofully leverage the power of social media and (Internet Word of Mouth) IWOMintelligence across the organization.Website: www.ciccorporate.comWeibo: weibo.com/seeiseeBlog: www.seeisee.comIWOMmaster Platform: www.iwommaster.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/CICcorporateTwitter: twitter.com/CICDataCIC Infographics:www.huaban.com/seeiseepinterest.com/seeiseeWechat ID: seeiseeCHAT