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Future comms - the last will and testament of #ukhousing

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This is the fifth and last of the main sessions we hosted at House Party 15.
We are publishing a slideshare for each of the main sessions.
Once completed we'll be asking for participants to explore or test the models.

This session focused on: If we started communicating again - what would be the new rules?

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Future comms - the last will and testament of #ukhousing

  1. 1. The Reinvention of Social Housing 5: FutureComms - The Last Will and Testament of #UKhousing
  2. 2. On average, housing organisations have only 0.5% of the social and digital engagement rates of not-for- profits on Facebook and 3.4% of their followers on Twitter. Purely commercial brands and utility providers too, such as O2 or British Gas, far outstrip them in terms of social media popularity and engagement. Anne McCrossan What’s the problem?
  3. 3. Do we talk to each other too much - rather than seek out customers? How social are we – really? Do we really need another “sector campaign” or rebrand? How do we engage dissenting voices and include them? Do we need to talk less and listen more? What’s the problem?
  4. 4. We asked delegates to imagine they were the last #ukhousing comms team! What would be their gems of wisdom to pass on to the next generation? The last will and testament for #ukhousing– what would it say to start doing , and to stop!
  5. 5. Start Get over yourselves! We can use humour and have fun Keep it real – make it relevant Make trust the priority Make comms everyone’s responsibility Do with - not to. Engage customers and stakeholders in conversations Test more. Experiment more Just be a little braver
  6. 6. Stop Doing it for the sake of doing it (if you’ve got nothing to say - don’t say it) “HB, Voids, UC” - It’s past time to kill jargon Job titles and hierarchies- they reinforce role of comms as the only communicators in an organisation Being obsessed with digital – other channels are available Saying “You can’t say that” (yes, you can!) Thinking you know your audience. You don’t – and probably never will Obsessing over ‘viral content’