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ProductCamp DFW 2013 Session Schedule

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ProductCamp DFW is a collaborative, user organized professional conference, focused on New Product Development, Innovation, Product Management, Product Marketing and Growth Hacking topics. It is know as the premier event for DFW thought leaders to learn and discuss the latest developments and trends in these areas. In addition ProductCamp DFW is a great venue for expanding your network, find a future employee or your next position.

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ProductCamp DFW 2013 Session Schedule

  1. 1. ProductCamp DFW 2013 Session Schedule. November 9, 2013. UTD Richardson, TX Session 1 5 Product Management Mistakes Startups Should Avoid Adopt your Sales team – Sales Enablement Essentials Stop Looking for Market Problems if You Want to Uncover Bigger Market Opportunities Presenter Darrin Keller Andre Piazza John Mansour Time 10:15- 10:55 10:15- 10:55 10:15- 10:55 Session 2 Engage Your Customers in Your Product Design — Product Innovation Games© Karie Starrett 11:00-11:45 How Gamification Can Help You Generate Ideas, Improve Product Design and Increase Sales Jose A. Briones 11:00-11:45 Co-creation: Uhmm, so FYI, sometimes there are a lot more smarter people outside of your company than inside Joyce Schofield 11:00-11:45 Room # SOM 1.110 SOM 1.117 SOM 1.217a SOM 1.110 SOM 1.117 SOM 1.217a Session 3 Combining Service Design, Innovation Games, Value Modeling & Agility The Great Innovation Within Genesis of the PrevaLeaf Compact Luk Lau 12:45-1:30 Andy Davis 12:45-1:30 Rebecca Posten MD MBA 12:45-1:30 SOM 1.110 SOM 1.117 SOM 1.217a Session 4 Strategic Roadmaps vs. Product Roadmaps – Why You Need Both Mayday! My Boss Doesn’t Think Usability Testing is Worth It John Mansour Joyce Schofield SOM 1.110 SOM 1.117 1:35-2:20 1:35-2:20