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For	  Immediate	  Release	  July	  27,	  2011	  	                        Michelle	  Ward	  Releases	  Rhyming	  Career	  W...
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Michelle Ward Releases Rhyming Career Workbook

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Michelle Ward, the When I Grow Up Coach releases her latest workbook Creative Career Cheer! Rhyme your way to finding your passion, skills, and new career!

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Michelle Ward Releases Rhyming Career Workbook

  1. 1. For  Immediate  Release  July  27,  2011     Michelle  Ward  Releases  Rhyming  Career  Workbook   “Operation  Creative  Career  Cheer!”   Creative  Career  Coach  Takes  Rhyming  Fun  To  A  New  Level  While  Helping  People   Find  The  Career  Of  Their  Dreams   Michelle  Ward,  the  When  I  Grow  Up  Career  Coach,  releases  her  latest  workbook  entitled   Operation  Creative  Career  Cheer!    With  chapters  such  as:  Super  Skills,  Vital  Values,  and   Personality  Pie,  the  workbook  is  designed  to  help  readers  define  their  skills,  personality,  and   career  goals  to  create  the  career  of  their  dreams.    With  rhyming  skills  that  even  Eminem   couldn´t  beat,  Michelle  encourages  workbook  users  to  “give  up  your  job  frustrations  and  trade   ’em  in  for  a  standing  ovation!”  Curious  creative  can  purchase  the  workbook  to  use  individually   or  paired  with  a  follow  up  session  with  Michelle  Ward  herself!  For  a  preview  of  Operation   Creative  Career  Cheer  please  visit  http://bit.ly/kF0hN6.     Michelle  Ward’s  quirky  and  honest  method  to  helping  create  your  dream  job  has  earned  her   coverage  in  Forbes,  Newsweek,  The  Career  Clinic,  Etsy,  the  Brazen  Careerist,  and  Going   Bonkers  just  to  name  a  few.  She  has  also  taught  several  workshops  for  such  outlets  as   SXSW  Interactive,  Blog  Out  Loud,  the  Etsy  Success  Symposium,  and  the  Creative  Souls   Teleseminar.  With  topics  like  “How  to  Achieve  Your  Goals  Sans  Fairy  Godmother”  and  “Come   Out,  Come  Out  Whoever  You  Are:  Finding  Your  Authentic  Self”  Michelle  steps  outside   the  typical  boundaries  and  helps  creative  devise  the  career  they  want  or  never  dreamed  of  to   begin  with!       To  learn  more  about  Michelle  visit  http://whenigrowupcoach.com.    If  you  are  interested  in   featuring  Michelle  or  having  her  contribute  to  an  upcoming  article  please  contact  her  publicist   Shennandoah  Diaz  at  sdiaz@brassknucklesmedia.com  or  at  512-­‐551-­‐4023.  Official  Press  Kit  is   available  upon  request.     Press  Release  Created  and  Distributed  By   ! Brass  Knuckles  Media   P.O.  Box  341821   Austin,  TX  78734   (512)  551-­‐4023   www.brassknucklesmedia.com