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  1. X.D. Network Inc. XD.COM
  2. 2003年 2009年 X.D. Network(NEEQ: 833897)is located in Shanghai, China. Starting from only several people, to over 400 people now, X.D. Network has been spearheading internet industry in China for over 10 years. We established the biggest file sharing websiteVeryCD in 2003, which was among top 50 on Alexa back then. In 2009, we established Xindong Games and officially started browser game developing and publishing. Some of our web games were said to be the milestones in gaming history in China. In 2012 we started mobile game developing and publishing.We gradually move our focus from browser games to mobile games, and the results are good. X.D. Network Inc. XD.COM
  3. Browser Games from us
  4. Accumulated Global Revenue 500 Million USD Operation for over 5 years Browser Games from us
  5. Browser Games from us
  6. In 2015, publishing self-developed or 3rd party mobile games became our main strategy.
  7. - Got 300,000,000 impression - No. 1 in iOS Download Chart (paid), and No.2 in iOS Download Chart(free) - famous Japanese icon LadyBeard hired as the spokes person Mobile Games - in 2015 - over 3 million USD marketing fee - proudly showcase our ads on Wechat, from Tencent and we are the second game in China who could do that - Although launched for more than half a year, the game has been between #20 to #30 on top grossing chart, which is over 6 million USD revenue per month
  8. No.1 on iOS (Free) No. 2 on iOS (paid)
  9. We hired Japanese internet sensation LadyBeard as spokesperson for ⼝口⽔水三国, and did a successful stage event before game launch.
  10. - represented by famous actor Tang Guoqiang in China - over 3 million USD marketing fee, you can even see the game on cinemas and buses in big cities in China - proudly showcase our ads on Wechat, fromTencent and we are the second game in China who could do that Mr.Tang Guoqiang is a beloved actor famous by playing the roles of Chairman Mao, Kings and Emperors in Chinese films andTV series.
  11. User Acquisition Media US$ 9million Offline Events US$ 50millionOnline Ads US$ 100million Brand PR Viral Marketing US$ 9million Others US$ 50million Brand Ads US$ 120million Over 3 million USD marketing fee and reaching 1 million users
  12. Mobile Games to be Released in 2016 Hyper Heros -3D aim-and-shoot game Ragnarok Idle Game -RO authorized idle game Combo Steel -3D hardcore Kungfu game ShenXianDao the NewVersion -The Iconic ShenXianDao is back more to be announced in Q2… …
  13. Games in 2016 - Indie Game Publishing - Creative ink painting style game developed byTaiwan Sunhead Games - Numerous Prizes Awarded - Featured by App Store in over 154 countries worldwide for over 10,000 tines - Featured on NewYorkTimes as 说剑The Swords
  14. - Proudly showcased in Asia Press Conferences held by Sony Entertainment - Most Promising Game 2# awarded byTaipei Game Show 2016 Indie Game Festa - Soon to be released on Playstation 4 幻镜ICEY Games in 2016 - Console Game Developing
  15. With ShuheiYoshida 吉⽥田修平 during Chinajoy 2015, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for SCE Showcasing the trailers of our PS4 games <ICEY> and <Combo Steel> in SCEJA Press Conference inTokyo, 2015 and in Shanghai, 2015.
  16. Under Development Games in 2016 - PlayStation VR. We are proud to be one of the first developers in China who get PSVR dev kits
  17. And, there’s more…
  18. In 2015, we got mobile adaption rights for Ragnarok Online from the Dream (the license is originally from Gravity in Korea) at 10 million USD license fee, and started to develop MMO version.The launch date will be in Summer, 2016, and our budget for its marketing fee is over 16 million USD.
  19. 【real in-game screenshots】
  20. 【real in-game screenshots】
  21. Showcasing Ragnarok Mobile in the Shanghai Plaza 66
  22. In 2016, we got mobile adaption rights for the beloved pixel-styled PC game To the Moon from Canadian designer/composer Kan “Reives” Gao. It was rated Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam by 21,134 users. The mobile version will be released within 2016.
  23. In 2016, we got global publishing rights of the most anticipated China-made Steam game EASTWARD.
  24. Investments Our investments covers gaming, smartTV, entertainment and game media. You can see Xindong names as major investor in some well known developers in China, and also we invested in the popular Idol group ATF, one of the most watched China-made cartoon series NANO CORE, the top 3 downloaded SmartTV App SHAFA, and the top game media,, etc.
  25. Investments Idol Group ATF presented by X.D. Projects Trained by Avex Group from Sep.2015-Nov.2015 inTokyo During ATF’s first official appearance, Mr.Takehito Soeda, head of Sony SCE China sent 9 customized ATF PS4
  26. Investments