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How to Web_Conference_Presentation_Nov11_miki_devic

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My Keynote at How to Web Conference, Bucharest,Nov 2011.

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How to Web_Conference_Presentation_Nov11_miki_devic

  1. 1. Bucharest, 9-10 November 2011 www.httpool.comMiki Devic / Entrepreneur / Co-founder httpool Group & CEO Germany„Online Advertising ®evolutions“ Miki Devic - mikidevic.com / Twitter :@Miki_D / LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/mikid httpool Group - httpool.com / noovo.com / drmtm.com / unlike.net
  2. 2. Hello ;-) How To WebIntroduction•  Miki Devic / 34 yrs / Düsseldorf / Germany / Internationalist•  15+ yrs. international, Online Advertising & Marketing experience for leading international brands and agencies (WPP, Omnicom)•  “Agency Guy gone Entrepreneur ”•  intel, Mercedes-Benz, Apple, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa, Nike, Amazon , citibank, opodo and many more… LinkedIn : linkedin.com/in/mikid Twitter: @Miki_D Posterous : mikidevic.com
  3. 3. Agenda•  Introduction – httpool Group (video)•  Online Advertising – We have come a long way !•  Challenges•  Where is Online Advertising heading ?•  Cases – Mercedes-Benz & Samsung
  4. 4. httpool is a leading full service online advertising provider for international & emerging markets Company Overview  A full-service online and mobile advertising provider focusing on Emerging Markets  Leading CEE position & presence in Asia & LatAm  Global coverage - 50+ markets  Currently employs over 95+ professionals across 19 international offices  Markets: UK, DE, AT, SI, CZ, CRO, SRB, BaH, MK, BG, RO, UKR, RUS, MD, HK, SG, IN , ARG  Incorporating: MENA and LATAM regional officesMission:Becoming the central hub for international brands and advertisers trying to penetrate internationaland emerging markets.
  5. 5. A central point for local & international advertisers / publishers.Operating our global network through proprietary httpool Ad-Platform.Publishers Advertisers & Agencies Global Advertisers Publishers Premium Solutions on Premium Positions Premium Agencies Publishers $ $ CPM CPC CPX Httpool AdPlatform on Secondary Positions Ad- Long Tail & Networks Exchanges
  6. 6. httpool corporate video 2011•  Miki Devic / 34 yrs / Düsseldorf / Germany•  “Agency Guy gone Entrepreneur”•  15+ yrs. Online Advertising & Marketing experience for leading international brands and agencies (WPP, Omnicom)•  intel, Mercedes-Benz, Apple, Lufthansa, Nike, chrysler, and many more…•  mikidevic.com
  7. 7. •  Online Advertising •  We have come a long way…
  8. 8. Online Advertising – We´ve come a long way 1997 2000 Overture, launched in 1997 as GoTo.com, IAB introduces the pioneered the advertising model, known skyscraper format. as "paid search" or "pay-per-click". The birth of an enhanced 1995 The Internet gains broad commercial version of html, the 1993 Large acceptance as a sales medium. standard language forGlobal Network corporations and Businesses flock to the Web to create e- creating web pages, was Navigator brands such commerce sites, and content sites the key catalyst in the take-(GNN), the first AT&T, Saturn, (usually online versions of newspapers or up of Flash. Dhtml, which commercial Time and Proctor magazines) offer advertising space. As emerged at the start of website & Gamble begin advertising begins to saturate the Web, 2000, gave control over the launched in investing in both marketers try new tactics to gain layers within a page - cue August 1993 their own attention. By the end of 1997, pop-up and expanding banners, pop- websites and pop-under ads became common. ups, Skyscrapers and online Overlays. advertising. 25/10/1994 1996 1998 First graphical the first major change IAB Europe formed. web ad in UK. to online advertising. The industry releases a Modem Media Hewlett-Packard package of shapes Creates first embedded Pong (the first and sizes to extend internet banner video arcade game) into a the scope of online ad. AT&T and banner ad-creating one of with six new formats. Coors Brewing the first interactive ads on Company on the Internet, ushering in a Start of venture capital Global new era of interactive rich investments bought in Navigator media advertising. anticipation rather Network and then actual bottom HotWired. line – was the promise of what could be. Get Big Fast business strategy
  9. 9. Online Advertising – We´ve come a long way 2003 Website owners launch universal 2002 advertising Google introduces package – four its AdWords formats that run program, which will across thousands of 01/10/2005 lead the text-based websites in the UK Video Overlay ads advertising and make media invented by movement. planning easier Brightcove 2001 2004 2009Flash Player is now the most Search advertising Social Media widely distributed piece of overtakes cinema (by Breakthrough software on the Internet - size and market share). Businesses move ahead of Internet Explorer, Online catches radio – their advertising Netscape Navigator, and rapid growth rate in the efforts into new Real Player. size of this market areas by makingTaskforces for standardizing suggests it is neck and wide use of socialand developing rich media neck with radio on media such as advertising formats. about 3.5–3.7%of total Twitter and UK ad spend Facebook. The "dot-com crash" leads A decade after the firstto a sharp decline in online online ads appeared, advertising spending. spending on Web advertising reaches nearly $9.6 billion. Source: IAB
  10. 10. Online Advertising – We`ve come a long wayThe First Commercial Website August, 1993 Tim OReilly GNN  News GNN  Magazine  (Issue  #1) The  Whole  Internet  Catalog GNN  Marketplace Navigators Forum
  11. 11. Online Advertising –We´ve come a long way First Banner - Hotwired October,1994 Hotwired October,1994 First graphical web ads AT&T and Coors Brewing Company on Global Navigator Network and HotWired. The very first banner campaign attracted a CTR of 42 % ;-)
  12. 12. Online Advertising – We´ve come a long way First Interactive Ad 1996 Hewlett-Packard embedded Pong (the first video arcade game) into a banner ad-creating one of the first interactive ads on the Internet, ushering in a new era of interactive rich media advertising.First Volvo Banner on Hotwired 1994
  13. 13. Online Media Planning 90`s•  Limited Eco-System - Very few choices•  No „real“ planning data available •  socio demographics ,insights, Behaviour•  No Targeting •  Point of Interest based planning•  Limited creative opps •  3-5 Formats Standard-Formats•  Limited efficiency metrics •  CTR, CPC & Visits
  14. 14. Since then ?Exponential Growth !
  15. 15. Global Ad Spend by CategoryMobile & Digital Advertising leading growth.
  16. 16. CEE Ad Spending
  17. 17. Germany : Ad Spending & Media MixGermany : Great growth but still under-represented in the Media-Mix ! Media consumption patterns and usage vs. Share of Online
  18. 18. What has CHANGED for us - as an industry ?
  19. 19. EVERYTHING !
  20. 20. CHANGE !•  Consumers & Lifestyles•  Media Consumption Patterns•  Media Landscape & Channels
  21. 21. Online Media / Consumer Centric Marketing Comms Today
  23. 23. CHANGE !•  Ad-Industry Transformation•  Mainly driven by: •  Technology •  Infrastructure •  Data
  24. 24. Online Media / Marketing Comms TodayIncreased complexity / Management & Organisational Credits : bridgetrack.com
  25. 25. Challenges for Service Providers / Agencies •  Significant investments required : •  Transformation of established Industry Models •  Technology & Tools •  Talent & Skills
  26. 26. Challenges for Media Owners / Publishers •  Endless monetization opportunities •  Finding right integration models and balance •  Content vs. Advertising •  Branding vs. Performance •  Standard vs Rich-media
  27. 27. Where is Online Advertising heading ?
  28. 28. Where is Online Advertising heading ? Slightly slower but steady growth.
  29. 29. Where is Online Advertising heading ? Significant Share in the Media Mix
  30. 30. Trends…
  31. 31. •  Trading •  Ad-Exchanges & •  Real-Time-Bidding •  SSP/ DSP •  Targeting & Data •  Mobile
  32. 32. Ad-Exchanges / Real-Time-Bidding/Trading
  33. 33. Ad-Exchanges / Real-Time-Bidding/Trading
  34. 34. Targeting & Data Aggregation
  35. 35. Mobile
  36. 36. Case Studies •  Mercedes-Benz •  The Avant/Garde Diaries MEC & httpool •  Samsung •  Samsung Galaxy S II Protein UK & httpool
  37. 37. Case Studyhttpool & MEC for Mercedes-Benz •  The Avant/Garde Diaries •  New Approach to brand comms •  online & mobile & events •  Strategic Media Partnerships •  Content Satellites & Microsites •  Creation of editorial environments Partners : VICE.com , unlike.net, highsnobiety.com
  38. 38. Case Study : MB - The Avant/Garde Diaries Media Partnership Strategy MEC & httpool for Mercedes-Benz
  39. 39. Case Study : MB - The Avant/Garde Diaries Media Partnership Campaign Mechanics MEC & httpool for Mercedes-Benz
  40. 40. Case Study : MB - The Avant/Garde Diaries Media Partners : VICE.com , unlike.net, highsnobiety.com
  41. 41. Case Study : MB - The Avant/Garde DiariesVIDEO/ MEC
  42. 42. Case StudyProtein London & httpool & unlike.net •  Samsung Galaxy S II •  New Approach to online & mobile •  Microsites, i-phone & Android App •  Video Guides •  Content Production
  43. 43. Case Study : Samsung Galaxy S II Microsite Protein Networks London & httpool & unlike.net
  44. 44. Case Study : Samsung Galaxy S II Video Guides Protein Networks London & httpool & unlike.net
  45. 45. Case Study : Samsung Galaxy S II Display Ads Protein Networks London & httpool & unlike.net
  46. 46. „ Thank You !“Miki Devic - Twitter :@Miki_D / LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/mikid Blog : mikidevic.com httpool Group - httpool.com / noovo.com / drmtm.com / unlike.net