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How to Rock Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

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.How to Rock Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

- Upload a Professional Picture
- Use Keywords
- Publish Content on LinkedIn
- Participate in LinkedIn Groups
- Make Frequent Updates

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How to Rock Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

  1. 1. How to Rock Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn Whether you’re seeking a job or you just see the value in always keeping an eye out for new opportunities, it’s important to consis- tently update your LinkedIn profile. It’s one of the best ways to show off your personal brand online – to everyone from current coworkers to potential new employers or clients. www.ladybugz.com
  2. 2. Upload a Professional Picture LinkedIn says profiles with a headshot are 14 times more likely to be viewed than those without one. So adding a profile picture is a good start for anyone who wants to be noticed on LinkedIn. Having a professional picture taken is ideal, but if you don’t want to make the investment, you can still get results by letting a friend or family member snap your headshot. Just avoid dressing inappropriately, including a distracting back- ground or adding any silly Snapchat filters to your LinkedIn profile photo. www.ladybugz.com
  3. 3. Use Keywords One of the best ways to be found on LinkedIn is to use keywords related to your industry or the job you’re seeking. Think of the keywords employers would use when looking for new employees, and then incorporate them throughout your profile. You can add them to the work experience, volunteer experience or education sections, as well as the summary at the top of your profile. www.ladybugz.com
  4. 4. Publish Content on LinkedIn It used to be that only professional writers could get published, but with the advent of social media and blogs, that’s no longer true. On LinkedIn, anyone can put together a brief blog post or even just an inspiring status update. Publishing new content regularly – such as every week – will grab the attention of readers, some of whom may be hiring for the field you’re interested in. Some of the most successful LinkedIn users craft blog posts about their indus- try, while others prefer to share images or videos that educate or entertain. Either way, make sure all posts are appropriate, professional and valuable to viewers so they have a higher chance of being read and shared. www.ladybugz.com
  5. 5. Participate in LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn has lots of groups for just about every industry. Join a few, and then visit them on a regular basis. Participating in discussions with others can make it easy to increase your connections on LinkedIn, and it can also help you learn new ideas and share your own. Plus, many groups feature job listings and notifi- cations about networking events, which are especially important during the job search. www.ladybugz.com
  6. 6. Make Frequent Updates LinkedIn is not a marketing tool you can set up and then forget about for months. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of checking it at least weekly, if not daily. You should be skimming posts from your connections, liking or commenting whenever possible. You should also be sharing content, updating skills and work experience, and adding new connections frequently. If you don’t stay on top of it, when you’re ready to look for a job or even hire someone, you’ll have to spend time shaking the dust off your LinkedIn profile first by making multiple updates and adding new connections. It’s easier to simply keep it updated and looking good at all times. You never know when your next employer, client or colleague will be viewing it! www.ladybugz.com
  7. 7. Love Your Website! We hope you find our tips helpful and inspiring. They have been put in to good practice here in our office. (978) 376-7878 lysa@ladybugz.com www.ladybugz.com www.ladybugz.com