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Sexuality in older people

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Sex in older people and their problems

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Sexuality in older people

  1. 1. SEX IN THE RIPE AGE 60 years of age, sexuality continues to play an important role in life, despite the lack of opportunities for exercise and marginalization suffered by the population in society. If everything concerning human sexuality is very conditioned by a number of myths, they are especially made in our society when it comes to the elderly and their sex life. Philosopher M. Huhn even have listed: Myths about sexuality in the elderly (M. Kuhn) - Sex is not important in the elderly, it is assumed that the last years of life are asexual. - Interest in sex is an abnormal occurrence in old people. - Old people have no physiological ability that allows them to have sexual behaviors. - Sexuality weakens and disappears at menopause in the elderly. - Sexuality has to be productive. - It may be more acceptable couple young man and woman couple is ridiculous but an older woman and a young man. Against this, the research indicates that while a good health is maintained there is no reason for the interest and sexual practices disappear. It is, therefore, important to locate the sex lives of the elderly in their psychological and behavioral context. Thus, it appears that the way to exercise sexuality in old age is determined by the attitude that the subject has had about sex throughout their lives. Those who live their sexuality in bad stage of maturity are those that have been limited to a youth model, or even adolescent, romantic and sexual relationships. While good health is no reason to retain the interest and sexual practices disappear Sexuality in midlife has experienced wealth have delved into all aspects and possibilities of romantic charm. Are known to the smallest, own and partner details, each has a full experience of the other's body, knows exactly how to please. Just a gesture, a look, a smile to unleash the magic that brings the most joy. Misinformation and the belief that the practice of sexuality is unique to young people and disappears into senescence (asexuación Senior) significantly influence the sexual behavior of mature people. Other factors also make it difficult to carry out a good sexuality are lack of sexual partner, previous sexual history, economic and social difficulties, and physical conditions, without underestimating factors attitudes and personal beliefs. However, medical advances and longer life expectancy, together with the establishment of the belief that sexuality and emotion are inherent in the person and should only end with death, confirms that neither interest nor sexual activity disappears in the elderly. It is true that sexuality becomes with age, but according to studies, over 85% of people over 60 are enjoying their sexual activities. The problems of living sexuality in midlife The most common problems encountered and limiting or preventing the full development of the sex lives of mature people are: - Lack of a partner: most people 75 or older are widows or widowers.
  2. 2. - Lack of privacy: most live in homes or with relatives. - The limitation of their autonomy. - The dependence of the environment. - The physical difficulty sex. The changes produced by age in relation to sexual responses there is no need to see them in a negative light and seamless With age there are general changes in human sexual response, but not all have to be considered negative and unresolved. What happens is that misinformation and ignorance about sexuality are more common than you think. And not just in this stage of life, although this is where it becomes necessary to change attitudes and rescue the goodness of sexuality of older and claim it as a right that improves quality of life. To do this, we need to promote a series of transformations in social and personal level. From a social perspective it is necessary: - Banish the myths that turn at midlife sexuality as something nonexistent, impossible or objectionable. - Accepting positive attitudes that lead to see sexuality as something inherent in human beings. - Encourage professionals and institutions to develop specific programs, public and private organizations that address the sexuality of the elderly. From the individual perspective must assume that changes in physical and psychological level occur, but you need to transform the experience of sexuality. Ways of doing this are: - Primar quality to quantity. - Assess the extent and variability of sexual intercourse beyond expression. - Make less emphasis on goals and results and give more importance to the pleasure, fondling and feelings. - Use appropriate stimuli, and often practice each situation requires, eg see erotic videos and pornos mature or Milfs. - Convince that you should not turn off the desire to live and that you can enjoy with the same enthusiasm as before. - Claiming the clitoris as an important component for excitation and orgasm. - Know that the old man improved ejaculatory control allows a longer, before orgasm relationship, which can increase the pleasure of women. - Know that the old man requires more direct genital contact for arousal or orgasm.