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BlockchainDefender by ReputationDefender

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There are many significant problems that your blockchain company can encounter due to a negative reputation. The industry attracts negative press on a regular basis that can be amplified during times of fear, uncertainty and doubt.

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BlockchainDefender by ReputationDefender

  1. 1. Who Are ReputationDefender? ReputationDefender is the global leader in the online reputation management and digital privacy space. Founded in 2006, we pioneered the industry - and we remain the largest, most trusted company within it. Owned by The Stagwell Group, ReputationDefender provides cutting edge online reputation and digital privacy solutions for individuals and businesses. At ReputationDefender we believe that everyone has the right to be empowered online. WHAT MAKES BLOCKCHAINDEFENDER THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOUR FINTECH COMPANY? • ReputationDefender has substantial expertise working for several instantly recognisable clients in the blockchain/ cryptocurrency industry. • Our knowledge and experience in the FinTech sector is unrivalled and our enthusiasmtolearnmoreisparamount. • We have first-hand experience of the impact a positive online reputation can have for a blockchain company, as well as the damage a negative one can have. BlockchainDefender by ReputationDefender
  2. 2. SOME OF THE KEY THINGS THAT ARE AFFECTED INCLUDE: • Investors – Potential investors may feel compelled to invest in a competitor based on due diligence performed casting an element of doubt due to negative material or lack of positive material. • Partners – Companies could be apprehensive about partnerships, potentially limiting future growth and development opportunities. • Client base - Due to potential negative spread or lack of positive visibility, existing investors may withhold further investment, potentially leading to a withdrawal from their position. • Google – The truth is that Google and the other search engines are indexing blockchain companies of all sizes; this is unavoidable. Your reputation is what the search engines say it is. • Recruitment – A negative online reputation will ultimately starve your company of the best talent. Nobody wants to work for – or be associated with – a business that has a bad image. In such a completive space such as blockchain, attracting the right people is critical. • Negative Impact – People are naturally drawn to negative information which can define how you are perceived online . Unfortunately, when this human tendency mixes with Google’s algorithm, the likelihood is that negative content will be featured prominently. • Value – Investors should always be kept in mind when analysing the online reputation of a business. A PR crisis which negatively affects your company’s reputation can decimate coin trading prices over night. WHY DOES YOUR CRYPTOCURRENCY REQUIRE ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT? There are many significant problems that your blockchain company can encounter due to a negative reputation. of ICOs from 2017 have failed despite raising over $110 million in funds. of reputation damage is due to mismatch between buzz and reality. of Directors rate managing reputation risk higher than other strategic risks. of a company’s valuation can be directly attributed to its reputation. 46% 80% 87% 25%
  3. 3. COMPETITORS The industry is saturated with an overwhelming number of coins that are in direct competition with each other. Due to these projects offering the same solution, only the very best will survive and thrive. Having a solid reputation is the key to survival and a deciding factor in an industry where technology is so closely matched between competitors. As part of our BlockchainDefender campaigns, we regularly conduct competitor comparisons against metrics such as: • Marketcap – How does your coin value fare in comparison? • Negative Count – Do your key search terms contain more/less negative listings? • Sentiment Score – Is the general consensus more positive/neutral? • Hype Factor – Does your project have as much excitement behind it? THE CRYPTOCURRENCY SPACE The industry attracts negative press on a regular basis that can be amplified during times of fear, uncertainty and doubt. The industry as a whole has a painted target on its back which the mainstream media is more than happy to fire at. Legitimate projects are often labelled as scams and Ponzi schemes by people who do not yet understand or appreciate the technology and its potential. The organisations and institute that are scared and intimated by it respond in a defensive and aggressive manner. The bad press within the industry can often be attributed to: • Regulation/authority intervention • Disgruntled ex-employees • Threatened industries defences • Mainstream media • Underhand attacks from competitors and their investors • Scams and hacks • Black Swan events
  4. 4. How Does it Work? What Can BlockchainDefender Do for You? • Online Reputation Management – With BlockchainDefender, we will manage your reputation online throughout the SERPS, limiting the coverage and visibility of any negative content. • Promote –Pushuppositiveexistingmaterial and increase the overall online strength of the brand by designing new assets with high-quality bespoke content designed to positively reinforce the brand’s image. • Consultancy Roles – Our team of experts can advise the best course of action for your project to take and give you advice, direction and reassurance during challenging times. • Protect – Protect the future reputation of your blockchain by solidifying positive items and maintaining the presentation of a positive set of search results to your current and potential investors. ReputationDefender, the world’s leading authority on online reputation management, uses patented technology to help you create a true and accurate reflection of who you really are as a blockchain company online. ReputationDefender will promote relevant and desirable material while limiting the coverage and visibility of any detrimental material which will most certainly be detracting interested parties and investors.
  5. 5. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT WE DO, CALL ONE OF OUR EXPERTS OR VISIT OUR COMPANY WEBSITE The importance of a positive online reputation cannot be underestimated. If you are worried about your online reputation, contact the experts on 0800 131 0700 or email: info@blockchaindefender.io