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How to Gain Leadership Buy-In for Your Training Program

  1. Presenting Today Rachel Grzeskowiak Client Marketing Specialist BizLibrary Katie Miller Marketing Events Strategist BizLibrary
  3. 1. Top level management support 2. Effective communication and marketing 3. Managing change through program management 4. Aligning program and business objectives 5. Defining key objectives and benefits 6. Setting vision and goals 7. Building alliances and partnerships 7 Key Factors for Learning Program Success
  4. What is Leadership Buy-in? Agreement on objectives Alignment with strategy Access to resources Informed decision making Established Trust Change management Shared Outcomes
  5. 70% of strategic failure comes from poor execution – not the actual idea – having well defined processes and leadership buy-in will be the difference between success and failure SOURCE: Ram Charan, author of Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done Why is Leadership Buy-In Important?
  6. Maturity Model
  7. Leadership Buy-In Maturity Model | YOUR ONLINE TRAINING PARTNER 16 Why are we doing this. I don’t see the value. We don’t have time. I thought this initiative was dead. Regroup Confused
  8. Leadership Buy-In Maturity Model | YOUR ONLINE TRAINING PARTNER 17 Regroup Tell me more about it Does it support our strategy What if we looked at it this way I see the possible benefits Sell Confused Interested
  9. Leadership Buy-In Maturity Model | YOUR ONLINE TRAINING PARTNER 18 Regroup Sell What can we think about to move things Can you provide me with more details The justification seems appropriate Socialize Confused Interested Willing
  10. Leadership Buy-In Maturity Model | YOUR ONLINE TRAINING PARTNER 19 Regroup Sell Socialize I will work to engage my team Let’s answer my remaining questions I’ll do my part to ensure quick approval Commit Confused Interested Willing Supportive
  11. Leadership Buy-In Maturity Model | YOUR ONLINE TRAINING PARTNER 20 Regroup Sell Socialize Commit I can provide resources Let’s manage cultural change Can we accelerate the timeline This is good for the company Execute Confused Interested Willing Supportive Convinced
  12. 10 Steps to Get Buy-In
  13. Road to Success 10 Steps to Get Buy-In 1. Know your leader 2. Identify above or bottom-line indicators 3. Connect to business strategy 4. Clarify problems 5. Make time to show the solution 6. Demonstrate thought behind the scenes
  14. 7. Show collaborative effort 8. Build an accountability plan 9. Know timing 10. Be invested
  15. Know your leader Answer the question in the group chat!
  16. Or bottom-line indicators Identify above the line Sales Revenue Client Retention Employee Turnover Productivity Process Improvement
  17. Connect to business strategy
  18. Identify the strategy Ask Questions Observe Survey Build Relationships Some tips to help
  19. Productivity Dispersed Workforce Competitive Advantage Multi- Generational Workforce New Product Launch Compliance Sales Growth Succession Planning Skill Gaps Agility New Managers Client Retention Employee Retention Change and Uncertainty Types of Strategies
  20. Clarify Problems with Details Anticipate Questions Practice, Practice, Practice! What can you do?
  21. Make time to show the solution
  22. Demonstrate thought behind the scenes Implementation Process Resources Needed Timeline Be able to discuss the following:
  23. Show collaborative effort Don’t miss this step! Type your answer in the group chat.
  24. Build an accountability plan Carrot StickOr What’s Your Mentality?
  25. Knowing timing
  26. Be invested If you’re not 100% invested, do you expect your leadership to be? Ask yourself…
  27. Keep it Going
  28. Align To strategies and business objectives Communicate Market and sell Promote positive change Plan Socialize the initiative Show progress Pushback on unrealistic expectations Leadership Buy-In Maintaining
  29. Communicating how leadership can be supportive? Ensure buy in exists Learn from mistakes and move forward Constant communications Provide ideas Reward success Continued alignment to business
  30. How to manage change or interruptions? Awareness Planning Communication Business Alignment Alternative leadership Continued alignment to business
  31. Leadership Buy-In Best Practices Get Started Communicate Effectively Establish Trust Manage Change Drive Change
  32. Questions?
  33. The Complete Training Program Checklist In this infographic, you’ll learn: • Tasks necessary for a three-phased program approach • Essential components of an employee training program • When to adjust your program and when to keep going Download now from resource widget!
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