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Re skilling presentation


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Re skilling presentation

  1. 1. Creating a New Learning Curve © copyright 2005 Educomp Solutions Limited 1 RE-SKILLING PROGRAM
  2. 2. Educomp Solutions Ltd. © copyright 2005 Educomp Solutions Limited EDUCOMP EDUCATION + COMPUTER
  3. 3. Creating a New Learning Curve © copyright 2005 Educomp Solutions Limited VISION To solve critical education problems by applying innovative solutions focused on “Quality of Education” and “Access to Education” MISSION REACH OUT TO 15MILLION LEARNERS BY 2010. BE AMONG THE TOP 5 K12 COMPANIES WORLDWIDE BY 2010
  4. 4. IInnddiiaa’’ss PPrreemmiieerr EEdduuccaattiioonn CCoommppaannyy • Educomp Solutions Limited , founded in 1994 is a globally diversified education solutions provider and the largest education company in India. • Educomp Group reaches out to over 26,000 schools and 14 millionlearners and educators across the world. • We have 27 offices worldwide including an office in Canada, 20 in India, two in Singapore, one in Sri Lanka, and three in the United States.In addition, the Company operates through its various subsidiaries including authorGEN, Threebrix eServices, Learning.com, USA, AsknLearn Pte Ltd, Singapore and via its associates such as Savvica in Canada. • We are now India’s number one education company. For many years, we have been at the forefront of various pioneering initiatives in the e-education space. © copyright 2005 Educomp Solutions Limited
  5. 5. RECOGNITION AND RATINGS Over the years, Educomp and its affiliates have won recognition from many institutions. Educomp ranks Number 1 in Education & Training in the study: India's Best Companies to Work For 2009. This study was conducted by The Economic Times in collaboration with the Great Place to Work® Institute, a US-based institute that ranks Best Workplaces globally. In 2008, Educomp Solutions was named in the 200 Best Under a Billion for the Asia-Pacific region by Forbes magazine and featured in BT 500, 2009 list of most valuable private companies in India. © copyright 2005 Educomp Solutions Limited
  6. 6. K12 Strategic Initiatives ICT Solutions Brick n Mortar © copyright 2005 Educomp Solutions Limited Turnkey IT computer aided learning for government schools 6 Established Business Units that are Market Leaders Online Initiatives Global Initiatives Distinct and diverse revenue streams focused on Innovative and Research based products
  7. 7. HIERARCHY OF THE COMPANY © copyright 2005 Educomp Solutions Limited CEO Director / President Vice-President Zonal Manager Regional Manager ASG manager Asst.ASG Manager SmartClass Coordinator
  8. 8. WHAT IS SMART CLASS ? • Smartclass is a technology oriented initiative for schools. • It provides tools and content for interactive self- paced learning by students, as well as rich-media presentations for teacher-led classroom learning. • Smartclass is available for teachers and students over the web, and can also be installed on the school’s local server for faster and more reliable access to the content. © copyright 2005 Educomp Solutions Limited
  9. 9. WHAT IS SMART CLASS ? • The content available consists of pedagogically sound and visually rich curriculum resources mapped and customized as per the school's Scheme of Work. This content can be streamed into the classroom and shown by teachers in the classroom to make abstract concepts real. • Teachers may also include their own learning materials for use by their students. • The optional SAS engine available with smartclass supports creation and management of question bank and eTests. With this tool, teachers will be able to create multiple choice questions and deliver them to students. © copyright 2005 Educomp Solutions Limited
  10. 10. WWhheenn wwoouulldd wwee uussee SSmmaarrtt CCllaassss eevveerryyddaayy??  Clarity in understanding  Engage the learners  Summarize the concept  Abstract Concepts to be brought to life © copyright 2005 Educomp Solutions Limited
  11. 11. WWhhyy sshhoouulldd wwee uussee SSmmaarrtt CCllaassss  It adds more clarity to conceptual understanding  Majority of children are strong visual learners  It makes learning simple and retention higher  Learning becomes interesting  Teaching becomes easier  Students look forward to the learning experience  Global education - today’s students will identify with it. © copyright 2005 Educomp Solutions Limited
  12. 12. DEPARTMENTS IN SMARTCLASS A. Business Development B. Operations or Implementation Team C. Academic Support Group (ASG) ** © copyright 2005 Educomp Solutions Limited
  13. 13. SSMMAARRTTCCLLAASSSS CCOO--OORRDDIINNAATTOORR --RROOLLEE && RREESSPPOONNSSIIBBIILLTTYY  Representative from Educomp to give good Service and Support to the client  Trainer for teacher  Support to teachers and maintain good relation with them  Bridging a good relation with the company as well as with the school management  Maintaining all the Registers according to the company system.  Giving Reports and sending mails on time to the respective ASG manager © copyright 2005 Educomp Solutions Limited
  14. 14. SSMMAARRTTCCLLAASSSS CCOO--OORRDDIINNAATTOORR --RROOLLEE && RREESSPPOONNSSIIBBIILLTTYY  Technical Support  Encouraging, Guiding, Supporting and Inspiring them  Process Knowledge  SmartClass Management System  Server Maintainance  Content Searching and Mapping that with the respective school curriculum  Preparing presentations for the lack of contents  Keys management, Knowledge Centre Maintainance © copyright 2005 Educomp Solutions Limited
  15. 15. SMARTCLASS CO-ORDINATOR SSHHOOUULLDD BBEE MMAAIINNTTAAIINNEEDD  DRESS CODE : Formal way of dressing  PUNCTUALITY : Coming on time  REGULARITY : No max. number of Leaves  COMMUNICATION : Communicate with others in English  CONDUCT : Relationship with Students, Teachers & School Staff  ATTITUDE : Be Positive, Think positive  ACTION : To be confident  BE DIGNIFIED : Look like a Corporate Employee  COMPARISION : Don’t compare with school staff © copyright 2005 Educomp Solutions Limited
  16. 16. THANK U… ACADEMIC SUPPORT GROUP (K-12) EDUCOMP SOLUTIONS LTD © copyright 2005 Educomp Solutions Limited