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The Smart Cities Mission, India

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Bfonics is a digital content delivery platform that utilizes real time messaging as a tool to empower businesses to create powerful advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Our platform uses Beacon technology, web and mobile application to seamlessly integrate the digital and physical world.

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The Smart Cities Mission, India

  1. 1. Connectivity and digitalization is the key to a smart city : The Smart Cities Mission, India
  2. 2. ● The smart cities mission launched by the government of India is a mission to develop 100 smart cities in the country. ● The smart cities are meant to be citizen friendly, connected and sustainable. ● Cities are the engines of growth for every nation, including India. ● India is a fast urbanizing country with 40% of India’s population expected to inhabit the cities and contribute 75% of India’s GDP by 2030. ● Government of India has a comprehensive development plan for these growing cities across the country. ● Physical, institutional, social and economic infrastructural development plans are underway to attract people and investments to the cities.
  3. 3. ● Technology infrastructure is an inevitable factor for any city that plays a crucial role in its development. ● bfonics is working towards providing a smart network of connectivity in cities making them smarter. ● The implementation and utilization of beacon technology will soon be part of any smart city project as it enables better reach and connectivity among citizens. ● Every institution, government or otherwise, stands to gain a lot from the incorporation of beacon technology. ● A beacon based platform can be easily incorporated into the city’s official app which the citizens carry on their phones. ● There are various scenarios wherein beacons can become a friend, philosopher, guide to a city.
  4. 4. Beacon technology can be used :-
  5. 5. Public Transport
  6. 6. ● Citizens can get updates on timings, routes and fares of all public transportation system running in the city. ● Beacon technology helps integrate easy ticketing system and mobile wallet, making public transportation system an easy mode of travel.
  7. 7. General Updates and announcements
  8. 8. ● Public authority can send real time and location specific notifications on any work going on in the city. ● Commuters can get latest updates regarding traffic blocks and other road hindrances onto their phones. ● Provide News updates, event details and other important information.
  9. 9. Promoting civic culture and community action
  10. 10. ● Beaconized cities can bring together citizens from various strata for a common cause pertaining to the city. For example, a garbage truck could pass by a beacon integrated area and receive notifications about where they need to pick up the trash. Or citizens could be alerted of areas where garbage dumping is prohibited. ● Beacon network will act as a medium for communication between people and authorities, keep citizens informed about civic duties and responsibilities, help run social campaigns and spread awareness on issues relevant to the city. ● Authorities can make citizens vote and give feedback on their activities and enhance citizen engagement.
  11. 11. Enhanced safety and security measures
  12. 12. ● It is difficult for tourists to find their way in a big unknown city. ● Beacon based navigation facility at public spaces and inside buildings help tourists and others locate places with ease. ● Also when a citizen is in a troubled situation, the city app on his/her phone will trigger alerts, thus notifying the authority to identify the person and the location and dispatch necessary support.
  13. 13. Better facilities for tourists
  14. 14. ● Open up better services to Tourists and Visitors by providing information on tourist attractions in the city on arrival. ● Security and emergency support using beacons is an important method to ensure tourist safety and security. ● Relevant push notifications on tourist guideline and guidance, information about nearest hotels, restaurants, shopping centers etc. is possible using the city’s beacon network.
  15. 15. Brand awareness and advertisements
  16. 16. ● Local, small and large businesses operating in a city can carry out brand promotions and advertisement campaigns through the city’s beacon network. ● Companies can notify shoppers about the latest running discounts, deals and offers when they come in close proximity to the shop/store. ● This can lead to more sales and better brand visibility.
  17. 17. Data collection and analysis
  18. 18. ● Beacon technology platform can be used for generating useful data on various campaigns run in the city and to understand citizens’ interaction with facilities and infrastructure provided in the city. ● This data can be utilized for making strategic decisions and further improvements.
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