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Magazine cover presntation

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Magazine cover presntation

  1. 1. Magazine Front Cover Analysis Beth Melia
  2. 2. Title of Magazine The title of this magazine is NME. This is the stone roses special for the 20th anniversary of what NME say is ‘the greatest debut album ever’. The target audience for NME is music fans, aged 17-30.
  3. 3. Masthead & Selling Line The logo is the name of the magazine, ‘NME’. This stands for New Musical Express. The selling point line of this particular magazine is “The Stone Roses. 20th anniversary of the greatest debut album ever. The appearance is appealing to the target audience because the picture of The Stone Roses is the unique selling point, and they genre of music that the audience usually listen to. To make the important information stand out they put the fonts bold and use bright colours. To tell the audience that the magazine isn’t just all about The Stone Roses, they use the names of the other artist involved, such as; Eminem, MGMT, The Virgins, Dizzee Rascal and Blur.
  4. 4. Main Image The main image is a photo of the band The Stone Roses. This is the main and only imagine because this particular episode of NME magazine is aimed at the 20th anniversary of The Stone Roses debut album. This issue was release on the 18th April 2009.
  5. 5. Cover Lines & Main Sells The biggest caption on this magazine is to promote the 20th anniversary of The Stone Roses debut album. All the other captions are small. This is to tell the audience that there are other things included in the magazine. Most of the writing is on the left third. The colour of the cover lines are yellow, this is a colour that stands out and catches your eye. Especially next to the blue colours on the back ground. Bold is used on the cover lines and on the masthead. This is to dominate over the photo.
  6. 6. Do the same thing for another magazine…select one with a different genre to make a good comparison.
  7. 7. Comparisons I have decided to compare this ELLE magazine with the NME magazine because the whole look, idea, target audience and concept is different. Firstly the image is just of one person. There is just one focus point. The masthead is still in bold but is in white, as is all the text. In this cover the colour scheme is white and blue, whereas on the NME cover there is no colour scheme.
  8. 8. Masthead and Title The title is ELLE. “Elle is a worldwide lifestyle magazine of French origin that focuses on fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment. Elle is also the world's best selling fashion magazine. It was founded by Pierre Lazareff and his wife Hélène Gordon in 1945. The title, in French, means "she" or "her".” The title is bold but not overpowering. The font is classy. Like the people that they are aiming this magazine at.
  9. 9. Main Image The main image of this photo is a close up photo of Katy Perry. Katy is portraying a classy, powerful look. This is because ‘ELLE’ is a classy, powerful magazine, and that is the type of people they are aiming their magazine at.
  10. 10. Cover Lines & Main Sells. The cover lines tell the reader what stories are going to be inside the magazine. This is to attract the readers into buying the magazine. Readers are more likely to buy the magazine if they have an idea of what is going to be inside before they buy it.