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Social Project Management 2.0

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The mission of Social Project Management 2.0 is helping project teams to improve the team work by using enterprise social media platforms.

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Social Project Management 2.0

  1. 1. Bitte decken Sie die schraffierte Fläche mit einem Bild ab. Please cover the shaded area with a picture. (24,4 x 11,0 cm) (Social) Project Management 2.0 @Continental Twitter: @Bernd_Siewert Automotive
  2. 2. Continental Automotive 11 July 2017 2Siewert, © Continental AG Mission Doubts What HowWhy
  3. 3. Continental Automotive › World wide team setup › Multiple projects at the same time Why (Social) Project Management 2.0 11 July 2017 3Siewert, © Continental AG › E-Mail processing overload › Bad documentation › Searching informations is difficult. › High stress level of the team E-Mail E-Mail E-Mail E-Mail E-Mail E-Mail Project Manager
  4. 4. Continental Automotive › Project target is changing within the project phase › Customer requests › Technical hurdles Why (Social) Project Management 2.0 11 July 2017 4Siewert, © Continental AG › Frequent planning changes › Team members are not well aligned with the target › Following standards is very challenging
  5. 5. Continental Automotive › The mission of Social Project Management 2.0 is helping project teams to improve the team work by using enterprise social media plattforms. Mission 11 July 2017 5Siewert, © Continental AG
  6. 6. Continental Automotive Traditional Project Management Project Management 2.0 Centralization of control ? Decentralization of control Top-down planning ? Bottom-up planning Authoritarian environment ? Collaborative environment Implied structure ? Emergent structures Limited/Restricted Access to the plan ? Organized/Unlimited Access to the plan Local Access to information ? Global/Live Access to information Limited Communications within team ? Unlimited Communications within team Separate projects ? Holistic approach Overly complex tools ? Easy to use tools Rigidity of tools ? Flexibility of tools (Social) Project Management 2.0 11 July 2017 6Siewert, © Continental AG › Obviously there is a gap between the traditional project management and SPM 2.0. › But there is at the moment no good description how to get there. › The question is what can I do as a project manager, to get closer to the right side of the table. Wikipedia: Link
  7. 7. Continental Automotive Doubts 11 July 2017 7Siewert, © Continental AG „I don‘t have a training“ „This is against our internal processes“ „Why should I like or comment“ „The tool is not self explaining“ „I don‘t like Facebook“ „I am to old for this“
  8. 8. Continental Automotive How to 11 July 2017 8Siewert, © Continental AG Guidelines Training Coaching
  9. 9. Continental Automotive › Creation of a internal Social Project Management 2.0 community in our ESN (2015) containing all relevant informations › Completion of a first SPM2.0 customer project. › More projects running now. › Training Material › How to use the enterprise social network › How to use the ESN tools (Community, Blog, Forum, Wiki) in a project › Working out Loud (by John Stepper). Different Community › Coaching › Open calls for questions and discussions › Forum for questions in the community › Development of Guidelines for ESN in our company › Build up of a PM network What was done 11 July 2017 9Siewert, © Continental AG