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Task 4 analis of photographs

Analising photographs

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Task 4 analis of photographs

  1. 1. Ben Walton • Analysis of professional photographs
  2. 2. Wildlife Composition- The photographer is close to the bear so it is classed as a close up shop the angle is facing slightly down to the bear looking at the water so we can see the reflection off the bear on the water. From our perspective it looks like the bear is slightly looking at us in a playful manner. Foreground- the foreground in this image is the bear its self... The bear in this picture is not a fake image it is very natural this means the bear is in its natural habitat. Content- The image is of a black bear which is very large laying in the water looking like he/she is in a playing manner. The bear takes up most of the pictures space meaning it is the centre of view it has the most attention paid to it Background- The background in this image is what you would expect the bear to be around and playing in because this picture is very natural. You can see green grass the black bear and the water and stone, The green grass shows us that the picture is a bright vibrant picture. Shot type: Long Shot. This means you can see everything from head to toe
  3. 3. Sport This picture is very light the contrast of this picture is nearly all bright no dark areas except some parts of the dark blue area where you can see the shadows of some items on the floor. This picture is of a swimmer who has no legs and is jumping into a swimming pool. This picture is a high angle shot meaning the photographers camera has took the picture using a camera which was above the swimmer once he was jumping into the pool. This picture has a range of colours such as; Blue Light Blue Red Black Yellow This is a very bright colourful picture meaning it stands out and it looks like it would target the ages of adults because some adults may be interested in swimming
  4. 4. Sport His costume is very bright and suits the job role that he has as a gymnast meaning he is wearing bright clothing so he will be able to get noticed more easily. The background to the image is a crowd and he looks like he is standing higher than them meaning he is on a stage of some sort the crowd looks like they are looking at him. Shot type: Long Shot. This means you can see everything from head to toe This picture is a image of a person who is in the Olympics who has just won and completed one of the Olympic tasks for a gold medal. His manner of expression is of a winning manner i can see this because he is placing his arms within the air looking proud and strong and happy that he has won.
  5. 5. Editorial This picture is quite graphic but it still have a meaning. They use red because it looks like danger or death also the blood on this woman's hands looks like her arm has been cut up her arm where we can not see meaning it looks real. The background is white and it makes the red stand out more which is a good thing to have within this picture Shot type: Close Up. This means you can see arms length downwards. You can only see the arms in this photograph because it will create a slight mystery into the image because it will make the viewers think “who’s blood is that?” “What happened?” And other things like that.
  6. 6. Fashion This picture is of a model who is posing for a clothing company the picture here is in a black and white contrast this gives the picture a meaning and more depth to the image. The model is not using direct view he is looking away making him look more dramatic. He also looks like he does not care. Shot type: Mid Shot. This means you can see everything from head to waist.
  7. 7. This picture is took in the city centre because it has a-lot of traffic coming in and out of it, this picture you can see the buildings and a person on his bike riding past the person on the bike looks like he is small because of the size of the buildings. The blue lights leave a glow in the picture. The picture is took in the afternoon when it is slightly dark it adds more depth into the picture. Editoral Shot type: Establishing Shot. This is because it is showing us the surroundings of the image and where the image is took.
  8. 8. This picture is of a person who is being used for a fashion magazine he is in the centre of the image because they want the viewers to see him first. He is not using direct attention into the image which makes him look more assertive. The background on the image is simple to keep the focus on him. The main colours they use in the background is grey to make his black clothing stand out more Shot type: Long Shot. This means you can see everything from head to toe Fashion
  9. 9. Music This picture is a picture of a music CD cover. This picture is suggesting Satanism because of the upside down cross in the image and also the chaos star down below. The colours used in this CD cover are very dark because it suits the bands music. This picture has a very dark gothic style which gives us information about the artists without having to know them. Also it gives the image a-lot of depth. The only other noticeable colour they use in the CD cover is a red rose which can connote death, blood and danger.