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Beef in Supermarket Foodservice

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Understand the opportunity for beef in retailer's prepared foods departments.

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Beef in Supermarket Foodservice

  1. 1. © 2015 Technomic Inc. 32.3% of fresh meat and poultry volume sales in supermarkets 35.1% of meat and poultry volume for all foodservice operators But just 5.3% of volume for retail prepared food  Customers want to see more beef in the prepared-foods section  Convenience is the top driver behind meat purchases  Bold seasonings and sauces for beef are highly preferred  Specialty beef burgers stand out, especially for lunch Beef and the Retail Consumer 76% 46% 33% 30% 19% Convenience— quickand easyoption Taste and flavor Don't want to take the time to do at home Variety, something different Quality and value of the products Top reasons consumers purchase ready-to-eat/heat meat items from supermarkets © 2016 Technomic Inc. About 7 out of 10 (69%) of the most frequent preparedfoods shoppers want to see more beef. CONSUMER DEMAND IS HIGH Beef accounts for… Source: IRI/FreshLook; Technomic Inc.
  2. 2. © 2015 Technomic Inc. 29% 51% 66% 28% 25% 33% 41% 75% 33% 29% Beef dish/steak Beef burger Chicken Fish/seafood dish Pork dish Lunch Dinner What type of meat dish are you most likely to order from supermarkets? (at least occasionally, for lunch or dinner) Growth opportunity: Play up the convenience factor with unique specialty beef burgers for lunchtime takeaway and grab-and-go dinner options © 2016 Technomic Inc. ConsumersWant Big, Bold Flavors The most preferred sauces, glazes and marinades for beef dishes 1. Barbecue (55%)—showcasefor smoked brisketdishes 2. Teriyaki (41%)—usein Asian-stylebowls with flank steak 3. Bourbon(35%)—highlightas a flavor for family-style ground beef or shredded products 4. Black pepper (35%)—for roastbeef in sandwiches 5. Chipotle (27%)—for skirtsteak in tacos and fajitas