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Job matching vs_traditional_hiring_flyer_01-2017

Objectively identify & select star performers who perfectly fit the job and company culture with Job Matching. The traditional hiring process is inherently biased, costly and time-consuming. Job Matching helps you objectively identify and select top performers; increase employee engagement; streamline and shorten hiring cycles; eliminate bad hires; and reduce employee turnover.

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Job matching vs_traditional_hiring_flyer_01-2017

  1. 1. Traditional Hiring Job Matching vs. Traditional Hiring  Eliminate Bias From The Hiring Process  Objectively Select Superior Performers Who Match Job & Culture  Increase Retention & Engagement  Streamline & Shorten Hiring Cycles  Reduce Talent Acquisition & Turnover Costs Job Matching 1. START WITH THE ENDS: What are the Business Outcomes this job is required to achieve? 2. DETERMINE THE MEANS: What are the Key Accountabilities for the job that will achieve the ends? 3. IDENTIFY JOB DIMENSIONS: Which Behaviors, Motivators, Competencies, and Acumen does the job require for superior performance? 4. OBJECTIVELY MATCH CANDIDATE TO JOB: Validated, EEOC-Compliant Assessments quickly identify candidates that best fit culture and Job Dimensions. Assess * Select * Develop www.barrypweaver.com barry@barrypweaver.com 202.403.4411 RESUME INTERVIEWS JOB DESCRIPTION JOB PERFORMANCE DIMENSIONS
  2. 2. Emotional Intelligence People who develop higher levels of emotional intelligence (EQ) are higher-performing and more successful. EQ is the sine qua non of effective leadership, measuring 15 emotional and social skills that influence how we function personally and professionally. Uses: Coaching and leadership development; 360 evaluation and group reports; create and maintain high performing teams. Acumen Measure the discernment, keenness and depth of perception talent demonstrates in six dimensions. Accurate world and self views are directly related to superior performance in the job. Uses: Select and develop leadership; executive coaching Behaviors (DISC) DISC measures the four styles of how a person behaves: dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance. Every individual in an organization will find this singular report an invaluable tool to improve understanding and relationships. Use to: Understand communication and work styles; improve teamwork. 12 Driving Forces (Motivators) Discover the why behind an individual’s actions-- understand what drives their behavior and what they are rewarded by. Recognize a person’s singular motivations--personally and professionally. Use to: Elevate employee engagement; determine job and culture fit. 25 Competencies / Personal Skills Understand a person’s ability to demonstrate the competencies required by the job and reveal the gaps to target for development. Use to: Select and develop talent to meet job requirements Assessed Personal Dimensions Predict Job Performance Objectively, easily match talent with job requirements for superior performance! JOB PERFORMANCE DIMENSIONS