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Bala murali sapui5 abapcv

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Updated My SAPUI5 and FIORI Skills to Profile

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Bala murali sapui5 abapcv

  1. 1. BALA CHENNAMSETTY SAP-UI5/SAP-ABAP Senior Consultant Mobile: 404-932-8503 Email: chennam1975@gmail.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXPERIENCE SUMMARY:  Solutions Oriented Senior SAP ABAP Consultant with notable success directing broad range of corporate initiatives in Information Technology.  Over Ten years of extensive ABAP Programming experience includes SAP R/3 Full Life Cycle Implementations, Post Implementation Production Support and upgrade projects in SAP ECC environments.  Has experience in 4 Full life cycle implementations, multiple Global rollouts, Support and Upgrades  Expertise in SAPUI5,SAP FIORI and WebDynpro  SAP ABAP Consultant in SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7EE and ECC6.0 Version  Developed ABAP ALV Reports, BDC, BAPI, Enhancement using User Exit, Customer Exit, Implicit enhancements, Explicit Enhancements, BADI, BTE  Worked for Inbound and Outbound Interfaces using ALE/IDOC  Proficient in Technical Specification design and program development of sap functional modules (SD, MM, FI).  Worked with cross functional teams for SD, MM, FI, and PP and with cross technical teams including Basis, Security, and Interface teams.  Involved in SD, MM, and FI full life cycle implementations projects.  Providing data with SAP Gateway and the ODATA Protocol  Actively interacts with cross functional teams and identify technical possibilities to support complex business processes.  Expertise in ABAP environment, such as ABAP User dialog (Module pool), Business Objects, Batch data / LSMW, Sap script, Function modules, classical, interactive, ALV reports, Customer Exits, IDOC, ALE, Smart Forms, runtime analysis and debugging using SQL trace and ABAP debugger, eCATT, Domains, Data Elements, views, OOP’s, OSS notes.  Testing experience includes active involvement in Component/Unit Testing, Integration, Performance, User Acceptance and Regression Testing.  Experience in providing solutions to standard SAP functionalities and custom driven solutions based on business needs.  Cross Industry experience including Pharma, Cable, Retail, Media and Turbines.  Expertise in preparing Business Process, Functional, Architecture & Technical Designs  Review designs with involvement in strategic decisions.  Experience working with Workflow and Web dynpro areas.  Responsibilities in various projects include Programming, analysis and design required for ABAP development. Expertise on SAP Data Modeling & created data dictionary objects (Customs tables).  Development and modification of Batch Data Programs for Data migration activities also used Call Transaction to develop data transfer programs. Migration of legacy data to SAP R/3 using BDC’s.  Custom development of transaction screens and validations using Screen Painter and Menu Painter.  Developing interfaces for SAP using ALE & EDI technology, IDOC’s and worked on LSMW.
  2. 2.  Extensive testing experience using testing tools such as Rational Team Test Suite, Mercury Interactive Tools. Bug reporting with Rational Clear Quest, Test Director and Mercury Quality Center  Expertise in Runtime analysis and Debugging using SQL trace.  Expertise in working with User Exits across various modules  Development and modifications of scripts and worked on Smart Forms from scratch.  Experience in Java Script, JQuery, oData, JSON and Net weaver Gateway  Experience in SAP FIORI Launch Pad Configuration  Worked for Enhancing SAP FIORI Standard Apps  Good understanding of ASAP Methodologies  Good knowledge of SAP CRM and SAP APO  Good communication and inter-personal skills, accustomed to work in a team environment with tight schedules and capable of working efficiently under pressure, manage multiple project and cross train sub-ordinates in other Functional areas. EDUCATION o Bachelors of Computer Science from Nagarjuna University PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Client : Corning Optical Communications, Hickory, NC Role : Senior SAP ABAP Lead Consultant Period : April 2015 to Present Client Profile : Corning Optical communications, part of Corning’s telecommunications segment, is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic communications system solutions for voice, data and video network applications worldwide. Responsibilities: • Working for bundles, development and enhancement of SAP objects. • Preparing technical specifications. • Integrated Gateway oData/JSON services with UI5 Apps • Custom Apps Development Using UI5,Java Script and JQUERY • Integrated the front end UI5 Controls with models • Developed actively on view layout constructed by dragging and dropping the individual UI elements onto the screen one at a time and by using the “Insert Child” menu option on the Outline view • Developed a new logic for enhancement to populate new fields in IDOC while PO Creation or PO change • Extraction for Journal Entry Data of PwC Audit requirements. It gets the accounting document details quarterly and sent to the share folder. • Translation project for Brazil. Worked for translation of Reports, Enhancements, scripts and Forms • Developed object-oriented Report which adjusts under delivery Tolerance in sales order item with characteristic data using BAPI BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE.
  3. 3. • Mass pricing extract report that retrieve cost for all plants that the material is cost • Enhancement to add all open AR Invoices to ABC customers • Developed a Crate Label FORM For VG02 Tcode • Modified the Order Confirmation FORM • Modified the Delivery Note FORM Client : Lexmark, USA, Lexington, KY Role : Senior ABAP Lead Consultant Period : October 2012 to Mar 2015 Client Profile : Lexmark International, Inc. provides businesses of all sizes with a broad range of printing and imaging products, software, solutions and services that help customers to print less and save more. Perceptive Software, a Lexmark company, is a leading provider of process and content management software that helps organizations fuel greater operational efficiency. Responsibilities: • Involved in development and enhancement of SAP objects. • Co-ordination with functional team and onsite team to get the requirements. • Understanding the Functional specifications and preparing the technical specifications. • Unit testing of developed objects and updating the status in HPQC tool. • Implemented BADI for outbound delivery for route determination based on the shipping conditions and weight group. • Implementing the Swiss Invoice using SAP SMART FROM. • Involved in Code Review of Technical Documents and Developments • Attended CRM UI Internal Training • Developed Custom Apps using SAPUI5 which is based on HTML5,Java Script, JQuery along with custom SAP specific libraries like sap.m and sap.ui.commons • Involved in designing the interface according to the UX/UI standards. • Involved in Fiori Launchpad configuration which includes coordinating with Security team for setting up Roles and Authorizations. • Responsible for developing responsive UI screens for mobiles and desktop applications. • Worked on different mobile and desktop controls which include tables, simple forms, text views, dropdown, dialog boxes, popovers, responsive popovers, layouts, ratings, tab filters, forms, inputs and panels. • Worked with team for designing OData services using service builder, OData Model, Data Provider and Model Provider classes as per BAPI and customer Functional Module to generate OData services, mapping of back end BAPI fields to OData model fields to expose data to the front end application. • Integrating the front end UI5 controls with the services (OData, JSON) • Implemented CRUD operations using oData service in SAPUI5. • Developed XML Views using MVC approach to access the model, across the views to store data in the model so that the data can be accessed by multiple views • Written complex screen validations and logics using Java Script. • Conducted end user review meetings to understand the actual requirement and design the screens according to their need
  4. 4. • Implemented a New ASN Process • Enhanced the VLPOD for Post Goods Issue • Developed Withholding Tax Report • Defined logical systems in CRM • Maintained Connections from SAP CRM to ECC • Loading sites and Subscriptions in CRM for OLTP • Worked with CRM BDOC mapping • Involved in CRM Wizard based configurations Client : Woolworths, Australia Role : Senior SAP ABAP Lead Consultant Period : August 2011 to Sep 2012 Client Profile : Woolworths Limited is a major Australian company with extensive retail interest throughout Australia and New Zealand. It is also the largest for food retailer in Australia and the second largest in New Zealand. Woolworths is 19th largest retailer in the world. Responsibilities: • Co-ordinate with client and assign task to off shore team and check its progress. • Tracking the tickets raised by users from the SRS (Ticketing tool) and assigning them to the concerned persons and also solving them in severity basis in the area’s FI and Retail. • Monitor all the batch jobs , if any error ,check it and provide the solution .If required check with mainframe team and basis team and make sure all the batch jobs are running correctly. • Dump Analysis and providing solution for the problems. • Implementing new enhancements for customer requirements. • Created Custom report for PO Creation for excel data using BAPI_PO_CREATE1 • Created a custom function module to display GL Accounts data based on posting keys. Client : The Home Depot (THD), Canada Role : SAP ABAP Lead Consultant Period : Feb 2010 to July 2011 Client Profile : Home Depot Canada is the Canadian unit of the Home Depot and one of Canada’s top home improvement retailers. Responsibilities: • Technical Specification Preparation for new enhancements • Development of reports, RFCs, BDC programs related with MM and SD module • Developed program to trigger IDOCs from SAP R3 to Legacy System • Significant development includes creating or updating the MM purchasing documents PO, SA, RFQ, Contract, Info records, Source list.
  5. 5. • Worked for Web dynpro components in support project modifying views for layout change and context mapping etc. • Created Report in Material Master that outputs Material Valuated Stock grouped by Material type and Plant. The output shows Material No., Storage Location, Unit of Measure and Description in addition to group totals. Data was extracted from MARA, MARC, MARD, MAKT, EKKO, EKPO, MKPF, MSEG and T001W. Client : A.C.NIELSEN, India Role : Senior SAP ABAP Consultant Period : Jan 2009 to Jan 2010. Client Profile : Nielsen is the world leading marketing and media Information Company. It is passionate about measuring and analyzing how people interact with digital platforms, traditional media and in-store environments locally as well as globally. Nielsen provides the most complete understanding of how consumers get information, consume media and buy goods and services. Responsibilities: Support for Work flow issues • Workflow for sending notification mails to the employees for the return of objects taken on loan when he is leaving the organization. • Develop workflow template/tasks, related containers/interfaces. • Proficiency in different workflow steps and methods of processing. • Worked on Material Master Class Change Workflow (BUS1001). • Worked on triggering events programmatically with business object bus1001006 (material). • Worked on Condition, Multiple Condition and Personnel substitutes in workflow. • Developed Workflow for Customer Master. • Created Task for sending mails, decision making and order change. • Developed Workflow for Sales Order. • Configuration of Extended Notifications for sending work items to Outlook. • Developed BDC programs to update and change Material Master Data. • Distribution models, Generating Partner profiles, Message types, IDOC types, and Ports. • Developed BDC programs to change vendor Master data. • Created an inbound interface to upload the data into Personal Details. • Modification for FI Dunning and Customer Statement SMARTFORMS Client : TREVENI INDUSTRIES AND TURBINES, India Role : Senior SAP ABAP Consultant Period : Oct 2008 to Dec 2008 Client Profile : Triveni started the manufacture of steam turbines in 1968, to provide steam turbine solutions for Process Industries and Power Plants. Today Triveni is a market leader in India with a Market share of more than 60%. In 1975, Triveni started producing high speed gears and Gearboxes for turbine applications as well as for other Industrial applications. Triveni currently has strategic alliance with Lufkin Industries Inc., USA to produce Responsibilities:
  6. 6. • Created SMART FORM for Time Ticket (Job card printing) For PP module. • Barcode printing for Confirmations. • Created Utilization Report for Machine using Object Oriented concepts. • Created Efficiency Report for Machine and Labor. • Implemented enhancement for CO1V Transaction. • Modification of screen fields for Activity Types using SAP Access key. • Modified CO1L Transaction list screen fields using Zstructure. • Developed SMARTFORM for Personal number Barcode Printing. Client : Johnson & Johnson, India Role : Senior SAP ABAP Consultant Period : Feb 2008 to Sep 2008 Client Profile : Johnson & Johnson was founded more than 120 years ago on a revolutionary idea: Doctors and nurses should use sterile sutures, dressings and bandages to treat peoples’ wounds. Since then, we’ve brought the world new ideas and products that have transformed human health and well-being. Every invention, every product, every breakthrough has been powered by generations of employees who are inspired to make a difference. Responsibilities: • Developed BDC programs to update and change Material Master Data. • Involved in setting up and Maintaining Customer Distribution models, Generating Partner profiles, Message types, IDOC types, and Ports. • Developed BDC programs to change vendor Master data. • Created an inbound interface to upload the data into Personal Details. Client : ALSTOM KK, JAPAN Role : SAP ABAP Consultant Period : January 2006 to February 2007 Client Profile : ALSTOM is a global leader in equipment and services for power generation and rail transport. The Group is present in more than 70 countries worldwide and employees 65000 people. Alstom Treasury Management System interfaced with SAP for automatic generation of accounting entries. Alstom Japan is playing a critical role in manufacturing, selling and servicing heat exchangers and environmental protection products for utility and in various Responsibilities: • Worked as a Team Member, Responsible for analyzing development requirements from functional consultants. Preparing technical specifications and involved in development of the same. • Generated ALV Reports. • Uploaded Vendor Master Data and Info Records using BDC
  7. 7. • Modified Layout set for sap scripts. • Critical Developments in FI, MM and SD. • Compliance to ALSTOM project and quality procedures • Analyzing development requirements from functional consultants. • Code Review and Quality Check for every development. • Involved in developing SMART Form. • Developed BDC program for XK01 to upload data onto R/3 system using session method • Implemented a BADI (CUSTOMER_ADD_DATA, CUSTOMER_ADD_DATA_CS) which added tab and sub screen to customer master XD01. Client : Siemens, Ulm, Germany Role : SAP ABAP Consultant Period : April 2004-December 2006 Responsibilities: o Developed material master details report. Inputting material and plant as select- options and material type as parameter. Output list will have total quantity by material group and plant. o Created an interactive report for displaying plant status report to know the status of a particular material. o Handling support issues. o Developed interfaces for both sales & material related data. o Created reports in SD module such as sales order report, which covers all organization levels, delivery status, invoice status, shipping details and partner function details. o Purchase Order Release Workflow: Customized a custom workflow for purchase order (Two Level & Single Level) release. o Purchase Requisition Workflow: Customized a custom workflow for purchase requisition (Two Level & Single Level) release. o Developed dialog program (table maintenance) for sample allocation by region. o Created an interactive report for displaying plant status report to know the status of a particular material. o Developed technical specifications for existing objects. Client : Future Software Ltd, Chennai, India Role : SAP ABAP Consultant Period : April 2001-March 2004 Responsibilities: o Participated in new implementation project as SAP ABAP developer. o Developed Custom screen at header level and item level on sales order and implemented user exits for validations o Created classical report for displaying Accounts Payable detail aging data.
  8. 8. o Created classical report for displaying Accounts Receivable detail aging data. o Created some custom Z tables, data elements, domains. And append structures. o Developed report to analyze purchase orders created after EDI load in the night and sends an e-mail to multiple people using classes with PDF and excel attachments. o Developed ALV report to compare Sales Order Header/Item text to Customer Master Text and Material Master text o Developed user exits to re-trigger sales order pricing on change in line item data for z field in user exit. o Developed workflow for approval for portal orders based on change in incoterm values when compared to customer master with multiple levels of approval. WF developed using classes o Experience in workflow trouble shooting, analysis, Workflow tracing.