drilling fluid test drilling engineering laboratory test chemical: 1) surfactant flooding 3) enriched hydrocarbon gas flooding secondary recovery tertiary recovery drilling engineering test mud test 1989) enhanced oil recovery (eor) mproving oil recovery in fractured reservoirs (eor 2) polymer flooding 3) alkaline or caustic floodin primary recovery thermal: 1) steam flooding 2) fire flooding miscible: 1) carbon dioxides flooding(co2) 2) nitr 2) nitrogen and flue gas flooding primary recovery: recovery mechanisms in fractured reservoirs simulation study and prediction 2) micellar polymer flooding improving oil recovery in fractured reservoirs of nano-technology carbonate reservoirs 3) polymer flooding 4) alkaline or caustic floodin eor classification (eor in iran): case studies & results microbial injection cyclic steam stimulation enhanced oil recovery (eor): classification naturally fractured reservoirs rheological properties of the mud by using model 9 viscometer model 900 measuring yield point. we was familiar with viscom standard api filter press thickness of mud cake drilling engineering laboratory (mud filtration ph meter drilling fluid lab oil and gas determine ph of mud determine a effective porosity helium porosimeter (reservoir lab) grain volume by helium porosimeter devic finding porosity by saturation method clean the core by toluene or ethanol soxhlet extractor core cleaning (reservoir engineering) hydrocarbon composition. reservoir engineering core plugging test fluid saturation find porosity permeability mud balance test mud density test mud duiltion fann viscometer drilling engineering laboratory (viscosity & yield plastic viscosity viscometer or rheometer is a device used to measur marsh funnel quick measurements of fluid viscosity mud properties test oil and gas energy gel strength mud fluid properties bakhtiar star koya university
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