immunity crown lengthening classification dental implant surgery conscious sedation ortho-perio periodontics orthodontics antimicrobial potential bifidobacterium probiotics tissue engineering in perio palatine suture hemorrage autograft problems in 1999classification endo-perio lesions nercotizing periodontal d abscess in periodontium acute periodontal infections acute gingival infections intra-bony defects periodontal regeneration chorion membrane fdba dfdba allografts diagnosis gray zone case 2017periodontal classification injectable platelet rich fibri connective tissue graft clinically advanced flap treatment diagnostic methods evidences sars cov-2 human papilloma virus human cytomegalo virus epstein barr virus herpes simplex virus herpes virus hiv host response replication evolution review of literature trauma history tfo vestibular depth ridge augmentation papilla reconstruction frenectomy root coverage width of attached gingiva complications healing incisions flap techniques immune cells access therapy resective therapy mucogingival surgery periodontal surgery netosis host cells surgical regenerative therapy furcation defect health and medicine microneedling i-prf gingival augmentation local treatment esthetics loss of interdental papilla gingiva periodontium cementum periodontium nutrition study designs research community dentistry
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