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With BUSY, business expansion became easier for Jainsons

A short case study on how BUSY helped Janisons Megamart in expanding their scope of business by taking care of all its accounting, inventory and statutory requirements.

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With BUSY, business expansion became easier for Jainsons

  1. 1. Customer Success Story With BUSY, business expansion became easier for Jainsons Mr. Sumer Chand Jain started Jainsons with a small kitchen appliances shop in Sagarpur, Delhi. The venture proved to be profitable and the business was taken to new heights by his sons and the present owners, Mr. Sanjay Jain and Mr. Naresh Jain. The business acumen of both owners led to huge expansion and Jainsons was able to venture into multiple domains. Today with an upscale 5 storeyed showroom in the heart of Delhi, Roshini Jainsons Megamart offers multiple JAINSONS products in kitchenware, tableware, garments, cosmetics and many more daily utility products. The store experiences a huge footfall everyday which multiplies over the weekends. Key Challenges Jainsons has expanded manifolds since its inception. Managing business manually became a challenge for its owners. They wanted a software solution that was easy-to-use, scalable and could handle following concerns. Stock Tracking Due to different product offerings with multiple attributes such as size, color & article number, maintaining stock became very difficult. Manual maintenance involved considerable overheads. Fast and Quick Billing With the increase in footfall, the frequency with which bills were generated also increased. Daily 400 to 500 bills were prepared. Traditional form of billing proved to be cumbersome as it was slow to execute. There was requirement of a system through which automated and quick billing could be done. Barcode Printing Jainsons wanted to print labels for the stock purchased & paste them on each item. Later at the time of sale, the same must be read by the Barcode scanner. Statutory Compliance Owners of the company wanted all statutory reports such as VAT returns and registers to be created automatically so that they could just submit them to government authorities. Salesman-wise Tracking The goods sold by different salesmen also needed to be tagged with respective salesman for incentive calculation & distribution. Otherwise, there was no way of mapping incentives to salesman.
  2. 2. Solution Mr. Sanjay Jain & Mr. Naresh Jain, owners of Roshini Jainsons Megamart, were introduced to Channel Partner of BUSY, Mr. Sachin Jain of Arihant Softwares by their CA. Mr. Sachin Jain suggested Standard edition of BUSY to Jainsons. The concerns of the management were effectively addressed by BUSY & the following solution was implemented: • Parameter-wise Stock maintenance module of BUSY was implemented to maintain stock on different attributes like size, color & article number. All Sale / Purchase transactions were done on the basis of these parameters & opening / closing stock could also be viewed or adjusted accordingly. • POS (Point of Sale) module of BUSY was implemented for faster data entry and billing. Using POS features, they were able to enter most of the fixed billing details in advance resulting in minimum data entry at the counters. This helped in quick generation of bills. • Item Barcode Printing Add-on was implemented to print Item Specific Barcodes & Labels. The Add-on was also compatible with all Barcode printers. • All VAT returns and registers were maintained in BUSY. This lowered the overheads involved in generating and checking of VAT returns. • Salesman-wise module of BUSY enabled maintenance of salesman-wise details by tagging different Salesmen with vouchers & accordingly calculating the incentives to be paid. Today, the owners are happily using BUSY for last three years and are also recommending it to many of their acquaintances. Benefits • • • • • Maintenance of stock on different parameters Faster data entry and billing Barcode Printing Distribution of Incentives on the basis of sales Easy Statutory Reports creation “BUSY is the lifeline of our business. We cannot think of operating our store without using BUSY. It is a very user-friendly product and can be operated by any person. I really want to appreciate the owners of this product for making our business so simple and easy to manage.” Sanjay Jain, MD, Rohini Jainsons Megamart