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HTC Developer - 2012


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HTC Developer - 2012

  1. 1. Founded May 1997 Global Operations • United States • Taiwan • Singapore • United Kingdom • Belarus • India • China • Japan
  2. 2. Customers 70 Operators Worldwide United States
  3. 3. Customers 70 Operators Worldwide Europe
  4. 4. Customers 70 Operators Worldwide China, Japan, and India
  5. 5. Total Employees Worldwide Smartphone Ranking R&D 11,600 #5 2,700
  6. 6. 2008 2010 2011 2012 First Android phone First Éclair Phone Unibody design First LTE phone First 3D camera First Scribe Pen HTC One Authentic Sound Amazing Camera
  7. 7. 9 200 2M
  8. 8. Events
  9. 9. Events
  10. 10. Workshops
  11. 11. Conferences
  12. 12. Enable great apps.
  13. 13. APIs offered on HTCdev.com • Common Controls • Lock Screen • Sound Enhancer • Mobile Device Management • Stereoscopic 3D • Scribe Pen APIs and coming soon: • Media Link HD, • Video Call
  14. 14. Case Studies
  15. 15. Step 1: Create an account at http://htcdev.com Step 2: From the SDK Manager: a) sort by Repository b) select HTC and install the add-on HTC OpenSense SDK = Android SDK Add-ons
  16. 16. SimpleIdleScreenService MyIdleScreenEngine SimpleEngine MyIdleScreenService Lock Screen Framework Overview
  17. 17. Provide your own content inside public class MyIdleScreenEngine extends SimpleEngine implements OnClickListener, OnTouchListener { public void onCreate(SurfaceHolder holder) { setContent(R.layout.main); mClock = (AlarmAnime) this.findViewById(R.id.clock); mClock.setOnTouchListener(this); ..
  18. 18. Let users interact with it public class MyIdleScreenEngine ... @Override public void onClick(View view) { if (!mStart) { mClock.startAnime(); ... @Override public boolean onTouch(View view, MotionEvent e) { if (e.getAction() == MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN) { skipShowHint(); ...
  19. 19. SimpleEngine Life Cycle
  20. 20. AndroidManifest.xml Library, Service <application a:icon="@drawable/icon" a:label="@string/app_name"> <uses-library a:name="com.htc.lockscreen.fusion"/> <uses-library a:name="com.htc.fusion.fx"/> <service a:name="SamplePreviewService" a:exported="true" a:process=":preview"/> <service a:name="SampleService"> <intent-filter> <action a:name="com.htc.lockscreen.idlescreen.IdleScreenService"/> </intent-filter> <meta-data a:name="com.htc.lockscreen.idlescreen" a:resource="@xml/idlescreen"/>
  21. 21. HTC has developed a suite of customized controls which are part of the HTC OpenSense UI framework. These controls are general purpose controls that extend the existing set of Android widgets and are called common controls. The HTC common controls can be reused by application and widget developers to provide a HTC look and feel in their applications. Common Controls
  22. 22. HtcListView HtcListView control shows items in a vertically scrolling list similar to a common ListView. It includes bouncing and fast scrolling, improving user experience. TimePicker and DatePicker These pickers are controls which are configurable dial selectors that it can be tailored to custom requirements.
  23. 23. Compatibility, Compatibility, Compatibility It’s not About Vendor Lock-In Some Techniques: • Use reflection (expensive but at times practical) • Loading by class name e.g. accomplished by using separate activities (refactor out common code!) • Use the Lazy Loading Pattern! (see ActionBarCompat sample)
  24. 24. Sound Enhancer
  25. 25. Sound Enhancer
  26. 26. Application EAS VPN SD Card Encrypt SD Card Wipe Cert Install HTC DPM Interface Device Policy Managers MDM Framework Overview
  27. 27. add an EAS Account delete an EAS Account obtain ActiveSync device id EAS add VPN adapter delete VPN adapter obtain VPN adapter by configuration id VPN wipe SD cards encrypt SD cards SD Card install certificateAdditional
  28. 28. Media Link HD Easy to install Set up in seconds with the HTC Media Link HD—just plug it into the HDMI and USB ports on your TV, with a simple 3- finger swipe, you can start enjoying your movie on the big screen
  29. 29. Here’s what Media Link HD looks like from top, front, and bottom. The PBC (Push Button Configuration) button only needs to be used if you need to reconfigure the network settings on your Media Link HD. The microUSB port is only used for supplying power to the Media Link HD. The HDMI port connects Media Link HD to your TV. Media Link HD
  30. 30. In this mode, transmitter device would provide the content URL through DLNA protocol to the dongle device. Using this URL, the dongle device would download and playback the contents. The transmitting device would be used as remote controller controlling the media playback on the dongle. Dual Screen Mode Media Link HD
  31. 31. Media Link HD Kick back and multitask With dual-screen mode, you can stream a show to your big-screen TV while you’re checking your email or surfing the Web.
  32. 32. In Mirror mode the device screen of the transmitting device would be transferred to the dongle over Wi-Fi network or Peer to Peer Mirror Mode Media Link HD
  33. 33. – Enjoy all your favorite content on the big screen – Dual screen, Wireless HDMI (mirror mode) – Simple 1-step seamless auto configuration – Share content on the big screen, even on the go – APIs for innovative dual screen applications coming soon Media Link HD
  34. 34. Stereoscopic 3D HTC EVO V 4G - Uses standard image and video standards for 3D content including .mpo, .jps, .mp4 - The sample code includes image, video, camera and OpenGLES examples. - Included is full open source code for anaglyphic 3D (red-cyan glasses) fallback mode to support all non-S3D devices like the emulator.
  35. 35. Stereoscopic 3D The API method to enable or disable the S3D display for a given format: int DisplaySetting.setStereoscopic3DFormat(Surface surface, int format)
  36. 36. Video Call API • H/W H264 codec • H/W based acoustic echo cancellation • Voip call integration with native phone dialer • Lock screen and proximity sensor integration

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • Monkey Write is an app, now on the Android Market, that came from a single person, Chiu Ki Chan, who was inspired by our OpenSense SDK at a hackathon we sponsored with AT&amp;T in San Francsisco, to write an app that allowed a person to learn written Chinese in a fun and engaging way. The app itself tells you in what order to draw the stroke and corrects you if you’re wrong. As you can see it is fully integrated with HTC’s Scribe Pen technology, allowing for seamless launching from our Pen Menu, pressure sentitivity for accurate Chinese character reproduction, and palm-rejection so that you can rest your palm on the screen and draw with the Pen without worrying if it is going to smudge. Needless to say Chiu Ki won the hackathon and our Jetstream tablet. Now she is the poster child for AT&amp;T and HTC and is receiving accolades and a lot of press interest. We continue to bring her out to events to share with people at trade shows and hackathons, she is featured on HTC Hub and HTCdev.com, and she is a great example of how one person who has a great idea, working with us can get that idea off the ground and find an audience with the help of HTCdev.com. You could be the next success story!
  • The annual Big Android BBQ yielded big results for HTCdev in 2011, with very excited and excitable Android enthusiasts Orbotix showing off their Sphero product. Sphero is a water proof ball powered by a gyroscope and bluetooth. With this ball, and a companion Android app, you can do a number of really amazing things. One of these things is the result of a collaberation with out team – Scribe N Drive. Using our Scribe Pen you can draw anything, and have the Sphero follow that exact path, spelling out or drawing whatever you desire. Since partnering we have brought Sphero along with us to various events, included them in keynote presenations, and had them listed in HTC Hub - even helping them get press attention. Spheros are currently so popular they can’t even keep them in stock – so if you want one, get on the waiting list now, if you can. http://bit.ly/mowran
  • HTCdev’s partnership with DocuSign, the worlds leading eSignature company in the mobile space, began with a cold call, and a pick up from the airport. We were looking for eSignature partners to take advantage of our Scribe Pen technology, and DocuSign was equal to the task. Eric Bohren not only returned my call, he picked me up from the airport when I came into town. Talk about going above and beyond to establish a partnership. Ever since, Eric and his team have worked to quickly implement Pen functionality in their consumer facing Android App, Ink, which lets you easily and securely sign documents. Now with Scribe you can sign and have your signature look how it would look in real life – using our paint controls strokes get darker, lighter, thinker and thinner depending on pressure, just like in real life. You can erase with your writing tool, just like a pencil, and rest your palm while you write. We rewarded DocuSign by inviting them to several events, including the Sprint Open, AT&amp;T Developer summit and more, and we offered them prime location in our media buy in through AT&amp;T with Engadget. They are also listed on HTC Hub, at HTCdev.com, are connected with HTCpro, our global Enterprise Sales group, and are in the audience today!
  • Meeting Domenica from Wyse at the Verizon Developers Conference was instant magic. Her energy was infectious, and she had the “make it happen” attitude that helped quickly enable Pen functionality, for the first time on a mobile operating system. The change was subtle but profound. Now you can, using Wyse’s state of the art remote desktop app, easily emulate mouse functionality using the buttons on the Scribe Pen – one for “right clicking” which is otherwise impossible without extra UI features, and another for “hovering” – also impossible without extra UI input. This makes for a very seamless user experience. We have since included Wyse in our various developer summit activities, as well as listed them in Hub, at HTCdev.com, they’re connected with our HTCpro global Enterprise Sales group and they’re also here in the audience.
  • Pierre and Peter met Dario of HTCdev at Google IO in May of 2011. After reconnecting at the DreamForce conference, it became clear that we could help Catch, a small start up company, create a much requested feature for their expansive and feature rich experience and idea collecting app: doodling. Using our paint controls on our tablets and our SDK, they were able to quickly create an add-on that allows anyone with an HTC tablet and a scribe Pen doodle in the app, free. They’ve been a part of several presentations, events and trade shows with us, and obviously they’re on HTC Hub, in this presentation… and also in the audience! We’ve got a bright future with Catch, and we’ve just begun to probe the beginning of what we can do together.
  • Here’s what the initial release will encompass – there will be much more to come in future releases.
  • Here’s some of the apis available for these MDM components
  • For developers who like flow diagrams, here’s oneillustrating integration with ICS DM support. And with this MDM API we wrap up the upcoming APIs to be made available soon.