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BYTE Project Community Overview

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Big data roadmap and cross-disciplinary community for addressing societal externalities
BYTE Community Overview
Edward Curry
Insight @ NUI Galway
BYTE Work Package 8 Leader

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BYTE Project Community Overview

  1. 1. BYTE: Big data roadmap and cross-disciplinary community for addressing societal externalities BYTE Community Overview Edward Curry Insight @ NUI Galway BYTE Work Package 8 Leader BIG Final Event Workshop Heidelberg, 30 Sept 2014
  2. 2. Mobilising found data Big data Data exhaust Dark data @BYTE_EU www.byte-project.eu Found data Data exhaust Dark data
  3. 3. Project details: BYTE •Big data roadmap and cross-disciplinarY community for addressing socieTal Externalities (BYTE) project •March 2014 – Feb 2017; 36 months • Funded by DG-CNCT: €2.25 million (Grant agreement no: 619551) • 11 Partners • 10 Countries @BYTE_EU www.byte-project.eu
  4. 4. Key outcomes •Define research efforts and policy measures necessary for responsible participation in the big data economy •Vision for Big Data for Europe for 2020, incorporating externalities • Amplify positive externalities • Diminish negative ones •Roadmap • Research Roadmap • Policy Roadmap •Formation of a Big Data community • Implement the roadmap • Sustainability plan @BYTE_EU www.byte-project.eu
  5. 5. Process for policy recommendations WP1: Context setting WP2: Literature review of externalities WP3: Case studies WP4: Horizontal analysis @BYTE_EU www.byte-project.eu WP5: Foresight exercise to identify future needs WP6: Research and policy roadmap Building the BYTE big data community
  6. 6. Big data concerns: externalities • The effects of a decision by stakeholders (e.g., governments, industry, scientists, policy-makers) that have an impact on a third party (especially members of the public). • May be positive or negative Economic • Boost to the economy • Innovation • Increase efficiency • Smaller actors left behind • Shrink economies Legal • Privacy • Data protection • Data ownership • Copyright • Risks associated with inclusion & exclusion Social & Ethical • Transparency • Discrimination • Methodological difficulties • Spurious relationships • Consumer manipulation @BYTE_EU www.byte-project.eu Political • Reliance on US services • Services have become utilities • Legal issues become trade issues
  7. 7. Case studies: a sectoral approach Environmental data • European Space Agency • Earth observation programme, Copernicus Energy • Statoil Utilities / Smart Cities • Siemens Cultural Data • The European Library @BYTE_EU www.byte-project.eu Health •GOSgene Initiative, University College London Crisis Response Transport •DNV GL
  8. 8. Roadmap(s) Case study insights will be consolidated and used to build two roadmaps: 1. A research roadmap that focuses on what research, knowledge, technologies and skills are necessary to capture a greater share of the big data market by Europe 2. A policy roadmap for the development, use, re-use and liking of big data These will be produced in collaboration with stakeholders, especially advisory board members and members of the big data community. @BYTE_EU www.byte-project.eu
  9. 9. The big data community Policy-makers Big data community Industry Academics Legal experts Civil society organisations @BYTE_EU www.byte-project.eu •Initially comprised of AB members •Intended to be as large as possible •Final form to be determined •A virtual and physical presence is intended •Possibly organised into different working groups, tackling specific questions •Will implement the BYTE Roadmap(s)
  10. 10. Community building in BYTE Additional, external stakeholders Partners in other projects, initiatives, etc. Case study sectors BYTE advisory board Objectives ◦ To engage different types of stakeholders to capture the opportunities posed by big data and address the challenges ◦ To implement the BYTE Roadmap ◦ To identify new challenges and opportunities posed by big data and mobilise stakeholders to meet these ◦ To capture a greater share of the big data market for Europe @BYTE_EU www.byte-project.eu
  11. 11. Big Data Community: Bringing together social scientists & industrial practitioners Energy Big Data Community: Social scientists & industrial practitioners Utilities Crisis Response Environmental data Transport Cultural Data Health Stakeholders in the Community ◦ Academics ◦ Social scientists ◦ Civil society organisations ◦ Open data activists ◦ Policy-makers ◦ Project partners ◦ Industry representatives ◦ Practitioners ◦ Computer scientists ◦ Statisticians @BYTE_EU www.byte-project.eu
  12. 12. Big Data Community dissemination Big data projects, initiatives, etc. BYTE Big Data Community @BYTE_EU www.byte-project.eu Related projects, initiatives, standards organisations, etc.
  13. 13. QUESTIONS Any questions? Key contacts: ◦ Kush Wadhwa, kush.wadhwa@trilateralresearch.com ◦ Rachel Finn, rachel.finn@trilateralresearch.com Thank you for your participation! @BYTE_EU www.byte-project.eu