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E learning application for medical and paramedical students

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Azilen has developed e-Learning iOS Mobile Application for Medical & Paramedical Students that can be used for exam and learning both. In this application we have used Swift Technology along with MongoDB as Middleware Server and Realm Database.

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E learning application for medical and paramedical students

  1. 1. E-Learning Application for Medical and Paramedical Students
  2. 2. About Client The client is a German company focused on providing innovative educational technology tools to students of various medical and paramedical branches. The client was in need of a solution that effectively helps students in regular learning as well as exam oriented preparation.
  3. 3. • The client had an existing application with several functional and UI limitations. The client wanted to have exceptionally interesting and active user interface • The client had multiple servers to manage user data and content data. Because of these multiple servers, the client used to face few major data management issues • At the times of each version upgrade, the application used to encounter some technical issues and students were facing hindrance • The client wanted add some innovative features to the application so that it can support both systematic routine coaching and specific exam centric preparation in a result oriented manner Challenges
  4. 4. Solution
  5. 5. Solution • A resourceful iOS mobile application from scratch with better technical and functional capabilities • Exceptional UI and various innovative functionalities from scratch: Compartment - Quiz - Challenge • Ultra-advance features as Exam Mode and Learning Mode encompassing text, audio, video and graphical contents • A middleware server using MongoDB as database maintaining automated and periodical sync with other servers • Data migration issues interrupting version upgrade are sorted at coding level • Realm Database for Work Offline support Apple Payment Gateway for flexible price
  6. 6. Business BENEFITS • The multifaceted iOS learning application made the learning process more result oriented, knowledge gaining and enjoyable for students
  7. 7. Tools & Technologies Architecture
  8. 8. Let's Discuss Your Requirement! info@azilen.com | +1-972-325-2243
  9. 9. Original Source : https://www.azilen.com/case-study/e-learning-mobile-application-for- healthcare/
  10. 10. Thanks You www.azilen.com