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Thought leadership content marketing for B2B organisations

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B2B thought leadership content is a very particular beast. Not only is the content unique, but it has very specific goals during a buying journey that is long, winding and complex compared to its B2C cousin.

Speaking at the Online Influence Conference (OI Conf) in Cardiff in March 2017, Axonn Media's head of social, Catherine Cooke, discussed the topic of thought leadership content for B2B organisations.

These are the slides from the presentation, but you can also read a summary of her presentation on our site, as well as watch a video of her talk.


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Thought leadership content marketing for B2B organisations

  1. 1. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP CONTENT MARKETING FOR B2B ORGANISATIONS #OIConf 30 March 2017 Catherine Cooke Head of Social Media
  2. 2. Introduction ● Over 7 years in digital marketing ● Social & content strategies for B2B businesses of all sizes ● LinkedIn trainings for B2B companies catherine.cooke@axonn.co.uk @catherine1090 @axonnmedia
  3. 3. ● Why content is important for B2B companies ● What is thought leadership content, & why is it relevant for B2B? ● Linking B2B content to revenue generation ● Practical advice for creating & distributing thought leadership content MASTERCLASS WILL COVER:
  4. 4. The importance of content for B2B businesses SECTION 1
  5. 5. 10 pieces of content are consumed along the B2B buyer journey. *LinkedIn: “The Sophisticated Marketer’s guide to thought leadership”
  6. 6. Content Facebook Advertising View product on website SALE
  7. 7. Content The B2B journey to purchase is long and winding Awareness: via press & social media Consult with peers/ network Contact chosen supplier Identify need for a service Search online for specific provider Dialogue with sales team SALE Social media/ press Website / search engines Company website Email/ newsletter Months/Years
  8. 8. JEFF ERNST FORRESTER RESEARCH “Business buyers don’t ‘buy’ your product or service, they ‘buy into’ your perspective and approach to solving their problems.”
  9. 9. of B2B buyers bought from the brand that first demonstrated an understanding of and solution to their problems. RESEARCH 72% *LinkedIn: “The Sophisticated Marketer’s guide to thought leadership”
  10. 10. What is thought leadership content? SECTION 2
  11. 11. Content Thought Leadership Content
  12. 12. JON MILLER VP MARKETO “Ideas that require attention, that offer guidance or clarity … [or are] educational and ideally provocative.”
  13. 13. INDUSTRY ● News ● Trends ● The future of the industry
  14. 14. PRODUCT/SERVICE ● How-to guides ● Best practice techniques
  15. 15. ORGANISATION ● Company culture ● Working practices that drive innovation ● Talent development
  16. 16. Brand vs Individual
  17. 17. Opinion pieces authored by senior people Press/TV appearances Tristan Watkins, UK CEO BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions
  19. 19. Third-party endorsement
  20. 20. CHECKLIST ✓ Relevant to industry & target audience? ✓ Unique perspective? ✓ Backed up by evidence? ✓ Well-argued & clear?
  21. 21. Linking B2B content marketing to revenue generation SECTION 3
  22. 22. The possible... ...and the wise
  23. 23. THE POSSIBLE...
  24. 24. AND THE WISE...
  25. 25. Some practical advice for creating and distributing thought leadership SECTION 4
  26. 26. WHAT TO TALK ABOUT? ● Relevant to target audience? ● Authority ● No conflict of interest ● Aligned
  27. 27. Make it easy for senior stakeholders to contribute and/or approve
  28. 28. Don’t forget about everyone else...
  29. 29. Make the most of events... 3 x video images
  30. 30. Think different mediums... 5 images
  31. 31. 5 images Think different mediums...
  32. 32. Create a distribution plan 5 images
  33. 33. KEY TAKEAWAYS ❏ Get senior buy-in to your thought leadership content strategy ❏ Don’t ignore the expertise of your team mates ❏ It’s not about form - it’s about quality & expertise
  35. 35. Slides are now on our site: where you can sign up to be notified of the video of this Masterclass. bit.ly/oiconfb2b Find us at Stand 18 @AxonnMedia