physiotherapy muscle imbalances rehabilitation crocodile tear hyperacusis lacrimation face deviation strengthening exercise facial nerve flaccid tone muscle tone muscle retraining biofeedback cold therapy heat therapy massage therapy electrical stimulation facial muscle exercise facial paralysis bell's palsy mindfullness physical symptoms stress resilience massage coping mechanisms mental well being therapeutic techniques chronic stress holistic approach stress management breathing exercise tai chi mind body connection relaxation techniques muscular tension stress patient treatment plan movement diagnosis trendelenburg test patrick test 90–90 straight leg raise test leg length test flamingo test straight leg raise test knee to shoulder test gapping test gaenslen's test thigh thrust test sacroiliac joint special test orthopedic exercise time exercise mode training heart rate range metabolic equivalent rating of percieved exertion warm up activity cool down activity flexibility training resistance training disease recreational activity endurance training stretching exercise prescription exercise electrocardiogram exercise fitness health
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